Mosley warns of F1 fuel threat

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Is Max Mosley about to pull another rabbit out of his hat by forcing F1 cars to become more fuel-efficent? Remarks made to the Sunday Mirror this weekend seem to suggest so:

Some time in the next few years we are almost bound to have a major oil crisis, for political reasons that have nothing to do with Formula One. When that happens all those politicians will say, ‘We must show the public we are serious about fuel economy and we must stop Formula One’.

Renault RS26 V8

Mosley has already suggested that future engine restrictions could centre around giving teams a limited amount of fuel to use during the race.

If this were combined with a ban on refuelling and drivers were able to alter the richness of their fuel mixture while driving to briefly increase power output, this could well promote better racing and races that are easier to follow for spectators at the track.

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