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With the reliability of the Mercedes FO 108 V8 engine (pictured) still suspect, McLaren are still running their V10-engined cars with just one week left until the start of the new season. According to F1 Linksheaven Pedro de la Rosa completed 115 laps in a V10 McLaren only yesterday.

Mercedes FO 108 V8, 2006Aside from the obvious explanations why – that useful tyre testing can still be done on the previous season’s car and may even help them better undetrstand the changed dymanics of the 2006 compounds – there is a more interesting answer. Scuderia Toro Rosso will run a rev-restricted V10 this year, and if it proves quick, McLaren may use the V10s already at their disposal ‘just in case’.

And even if they don’t, they’ll want to know they can rely on the old car in case Renault or Ferrari show up with a V10.

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