Is Monaco dangerous?

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Rubens Barrichello and Juan Pablo Montoya gave interestingly different verdicts on whether the Monte-Carlo circuit is too dangerous in Wednesday’s press conference. Barrichello reckoned:

It is a very difficult circuit and it is dangerous everywhere… I don’t think there is any place for overtaking and it is dangerous everywhere.

But Montoya answered:

Dangerous [parts]? There is none. You know, you make a mistake and you hit the wall and that is it. Get out of the car and deal with it.

You wonder what Barrichello would have made of 1950-style Monte Carlo, with unguarded lamp posts and spectators standing at the roadside. Montoya went on to say that it was a shame there weren’t more street courses on the F1 calendar where the cars got to run close to the walls, like in Monaco.

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