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Jenson Button, BAR-Honda, Suzuka, 2005The Suzuka circuit, gave us esily the best race of last year – if not the decade – voted second best circuit in Formula One by the fans in 2005, will not be in the Formula One calendar next year.

The first details of the 2007 calendar that came out today indicated that when the Fuji Speedway takes over the Japanese Grand Prix from next year there will be no second race in Japan for Suzuka.

The circuit that was voted number one by the fans last year – Spa-Francorchamps – will return to the F1 calendar. But Suzuka, the place where we have seen so many memorable championship deciders and epic races, is gone.

The Honda-owned, John Hugenholtz Suzuka circuit is renowned and beloved for its fast, flowing, demanding corners. The Fuji Speedway, recently redesigned by Hermann Tilke, has about eight corners worthy of the name, five of which are very tight. Compare: Suzuka vs Fuji (both external)

This is a sad day for Formula One.

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