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Fernando Alonso, Renault, Shanghai, 2004Promoters of the third Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai have come up wih the unusual step of offering separate seating for fans of title duellists Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso.

Schumacher fans get stand H and Alonso fans stand K which are opposite each other on the entrance and exit (respectively) of the hairpin corner which is the penultimate corner on the track. The stands are emblazoned with cartoon images of the drivers – Schumacher’s has “defending” written on it at Alonso’s has “challenging”. It seems the organisers are not familiar with the outcome of last year’s championship…

Promoter Yu Zhifei had this to say:

If you are a fan of Alonso, but find that your seat is booked on the ‘Schumacher’ stand, we will change the seat for you. The spectators on the ‘Schumacher’ stand may receive special greetings from their beloved racer during the opening ceremony of the match, if there will be one.

Joking aside, this sounds like good fun, even if it smacks of the football terraces a little bit. Let’s hope the title battle is still going by the time they reach China.

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