Renault’s gorgeous 30th anniversary livery

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Renault 30 ansSo Renault can design good looking race car liveries after all!

This gorgeous yellow and black design commemorates 30 years since their F1 debut in 2007.

Surely everyone can agree that it looks infinitely better than the yellow, blue, orange and white mess that covers their 2007 cars?

The livery harks back to their earlier F1 car designs – seen below on Rene Arnoux’s car at Interlagos in 1980.

If only they were running the race cars in those great colours…

Rene Arnoux, Renault, Interlagos, 1980

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5 comments on “Renault’s gorgeous 30th anniversary livery”

  1. That livery is absolutely cool! Slick, high-visibility and contrasting-but-effective colour combinations make this livery a winner.

    It would be nice if the sponsors’ wishes as regards colour scheme could be ditched in favour of this one, but where would Renault get the money from to make their car quicker?

  2. It’s nice, the retro-look always seems go well on modern cars for some reason. But I must say a word in support of Renault’s current livery: I actually like it. It isn’t as well put together as the old yellow and black, or as instantly recognisably as the yellow and blue, but I still like it.

  3. Ah, what a shame. This is much better than what they have now.

    It’s a shame F1 can’t do retro-livery races, like the NBA has retro-jersey games. You know, let the teams race in a 80s-spec livery. Too many sponsor complications.

  4. Ollie – I met you at Goodwood the other day and you didn’t have a walking stick or a guide dog?

  5. This year you got your wish.

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