More pictures of the stunning retro Renault

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Renault 30th Anniversary 3Renault is teasing us with more pictures of their fabulous retro-designed 30th anniversary car.

It would be nice if Renault could run one car in their usual livery and one in this great design. But F1 rules dictate that teams must run their cars in liveries that are substantially the same. I think this great looking car is a good reason why this rule should be allowed to lapse once in a while. More pictures below.

It will be on display at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix this weekend but the team won’t be racing it – presumably because they can’t get out of their contractual obligations to sponsors ING.

Renault 30th Anniversary 2 Renault 30th Anniversary 4

Amazingly there is at least one crazy person out there who thinks this looks good:

Renault, R27, Launch, 2007, 5

It’s not me though.

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  • 13 comments on “More pictures of the stunning retro Renault”

    1. “F1 rules dictate that teams must run their cars in liveries that are substantially the same.”

      Seriously? I did not know this.

      So how have Renault and Honda managed to run with such significantly different (and ugly) designs this year? Why can’t the FIA come down hard on them for this breach of rules and good taste?

    2. It must be substantially the same livery throughout the season.The colour scheme remains the same while they can add some designs to it like Renault had done at last year’s Canadian GP or even the change in Ferrari’s livery this year.

    3. No, sorry, I worded that poorly – each car’s livery must be substantially the same in a single year. For example, BAR wanted to run a different livery on each car in 1999, but they weren’t allowed to, hence the bizarre split livery that year.

      I meant that Renault could run one car in the conventional livery and one in the (far better) retro one. But they can’t. Shame.

    4. That retro look Renault is great! Shame they can’t run the livery at Silverstone. Red Bull’s “Faces for Charity” livery looks interesting.

    5. Crazy, crazy people…

    6. Robert McKay
      5th July 2007, 14:33

      Pity they can’t even do it in practice like when BAR had a third car in different colours at the Chinese GP one year.

    7. Robert McKay
      5th July 2007, 14:34

      Oh, and am I the only one who thinks there’s something very Jordanesque about the new “retro” livery?

    8. I was thinking the same thing Robert.

      Amazingly there is at least one crazy person out there who thinks this looks good

      Make that two!I liked the old livery(the blue and yelllow) and never liked the new one.But for somer reason,I am starting to like it now.I think my eyes are tuned to it now.

    9. True. The car looks like the old Jordans…really similar.

    10. Looks, looks, looks and didn’t we go through the F1 sound, sound, sound? They don’t pay points for looks or sounds. National coulours should returned to F1 even if the sponsors get to besmurch the cars with crass advertising.

    11. The retro Renault design looks cool. I also agree with Robert and Abinhav about the colour scheme looking like one of Jordan’s later colour schemes, with the black and yellow inverted (and as a Jordan supporter, that makes me like it even more!)

      Trust ING to have an orange corporate colour scheme rather than a yellow or black one…

    12. I like this retro design. Yellow would be an awesome color to have on the track!

    13. I think the retro design was ugly and anyone who liked it must be crazy.

      How’d that come-across?

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