Honda launches F1 web TV on new site

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Honda launches F1 web TVHonda have re-launched their F1 website with a video section bringing behind-the-scenes footage of the team to fans.

The web TV channel includes a series of special features on the team presented by journalist Alistair Weaver.

It also includes a section encouraging F1 fans to upload their own video content.

Although that will surely not include any material filmed at actual Grands Prix as that would breach Formula One Group’s extremely stringent broadcasting rules.

The site also features a large image archive which fans can download pictures from.

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    1. how about a url?

    2. In the list of links! >>> Honda Racing F1 team (external)

    3. I like the idea of Honda doing a video section. At last a team is prepared to challenge Renault for the web crown! However, I hope the admins are prepared to do a lot of file deletion in the early days before people figure out this isn’t some back-of-internet semi-legal common file store…

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