F1 in the blogs 45: Made in Japan

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Sakon Yamamoto, Spyker, Fuji, 2007 | Spyker / EgmondIn the F1 blogs this week there’s paranoid, delusional, conspiracy theory claptrap.

But that’s just one article – the rest are rather good including a great piece on Japan’s F1 drivers and a brand new feed from the Sidepodcast team.

F1 Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Japan and Formula 1

A very interesting article over at No Fenders looking at the history of Japanese drivers in F1.

More F1 in the blogs

Psy-ops – A Spanish Mercedes employee has vandalised the Lewis Hamilton entry on Wikipedia.

Bernie Ecclestone: Lewis Hamilton is F1’s miracle worker – Commercial guru glad for a new audience draw after the departure of Michael Schumacher.

A1GP smacks around Uncle Bernie – Menawhile Full Throttle reckons A1 Grand Prix CEO Tony Teixera is riling Ecclestone by signing a deal with Ferrari and looking to get his own F1 team.

Old school racing – Another rFactor fan – I rate it myself.

FIA scrutineer to keep eye on McLaren – I don’t remember anyone being called in to make sure there was equality between Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello at Ferrari? Or for that matter Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella at Renault?

Gone in sixty seconds – Don’t miss Sidepodcasts excellent new one-minute round-up of the F1 news, every day.

What’s in a name? – The surnames you don’t want to have if you want to be F1 champion.

Hamilton keeps the home fires burning – A ‘true British sporting hero’?

So what now for Prodrive? – Might the new entrants not make it onto the 2008 F1 grid?

The most biased article about Lewis Hamilton I have ever read – Maybe, but for me this one’s worse:

Formula 1 2007 – a corrupted championship – Paranoid, delusional, conspiracy theory claptrap.

Photo: Spyker / Egmond

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5 comments on “F1 in the blogs 45: Made in Japan”

  1. The link for the Hamilton/wikipedia story is the same link for the Japanese driver story.

  2. Thanks I’ve fixed it now.

  3. Are they their to guard against potential sabotage, or to ensure the pair get equal treatment?

    If the latter, then as I said they probably should have been hanging around the Ferrari and Renault pits in recent years.

    But either way it’s a preposterous move. If McLaren wanted to nobble Alonso do you really think he’d still be in contention for the championship? No, he’d have parked up at Shanghai with a blown engine. All the FIA are doing is giving credence to bonehead conspiracy theories.

  4. “I don’t remember anyone being called in to make sure there was equality between Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello at Ferrari? Or for that matter Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella at Renault?”

    Point taken, but I think the idea is that they’re being called in not to mess with Alonso’s car.

    … And that maybe isn’t the FIA’s responsibility, or is it?

  5. It is mad. McLaren don’t even have to race Alonso do they? A team should be able to bench him if they chose to. McLaren don’t even have the normal argument not to do this (that Alonso has more chance to win constructors points than a test driver). And the fact that they’re still racing him is sign enough of their determination for equality. I wonder if the FIA would fine McLaren for bringing the sport into disrepute if they benched Alonso?

    I think a more credible conspiracy theory would be that at this particular moment McLaren would actually prefer Alonso to win. They would probably get more money from Renault if Alonso is world champion when he goes there and they would probably not have to pay Lewis as much next year. But it’s all hogwash, McLaren are fair between the drivers.

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