Honda win ‘Grand Prix’

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Rubens Barrichello, Honda, Interlagos, 2007 | HondaRacingF1.comNot a real Grand Prix, of course, but the top prize in the Green Awards that go to companies who promote sustainability.

Honda’s Earth Car livery was intended to raise public awareness of climate change. Unfortunately the car will also be remembered as disastrously un-competitive, the team scoring six points compared to last year’s haul of 86.

The chair of the judging panel Eric Falt said the campaign was: “The most creative all round, with a multiplicity of messages. It was an imaginative response which really got people thinking, and had many reappraise their relationship with Formula 1.”

Awareness is one thing, but action is another. What will Honda do next year?


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  • 3 comments on “Honda win ‘Grand Prix’”

    1. this campaign would have been alot more effective if the car want so slow

    2. I think the sponsors will be glad they weren’t featured on this years car. In a way, it was good timing, the car didn’t really need to perform up to sponsor expectations…but I’m sure Honda weren’t expecting to show the world images of the planet burning up when their cars let go.

      The problem with this sort of awareness campaign is that it’s hard to pull out, to many it will seem like going back on word….afterall, a season is nothing really in such a grand and ambitious campaign. F1 serves as a good platform for such a message, people make strong associations with a cars livery for many different reasons, but is one season enough?

      Reverting back to sponsor logos and livery is one thing. Will sponsors want their name on a(nother) potentially dismal car is another.

    3. AmericanTifosi
      30th October 2007, 12:30

      Honda’s mesage is so hypocritical, I don’t see how it won any award. If Honda really wanted to make a orthwhile statement they’d pull out of the sport.
      “It was an imaginative response which really got people thinking, and had many reappraise their relationship with Formula 1.”
      What people? The only fans I can think of who would be swayed by the earth cars masage are Honda fans, and their only “rerappraisal” would be finding a better team.

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