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Here are all the details on the F1Fanatic Live Blogs for the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend covering practice, qualifying and the race.

What is it?

If you missed the F1Fanatic Live Blogs during the Australian Grand Prix weekend you can look back at them here: Australian Grand Prix Live Blog.

The live blogs allow you to share thoughts, opinions, comments and insights into what’s going on on the track as it happens with other readers of F1Fanatic.co.uk.

Why can’t we just use a regular blog post? Well I tried that and it crashed the site. During the race alone over 84 people joined in and posted over 1,100 messages, plus we ran live polls throughout the race, build-up and aftermath.

Best of all because people follow the coverage on different television stations and internet sites everyone is able to share information that different channels had missed. F1Fanatic Live Bloggers knew Rubens Barrichello was going to get disqualified a long time before James Allen and Martin Brundle did!

F1Fanatic Live Blogs: Malaysia times

Live blogging will be open at the following times during the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend. To join in, just come to F1Fanatic.co.uk during the session and look for the special Live Blog post. You don’t need to register or pay anything.

Friday 21st March

Practice Session 1 and F1Fanatic Live Blog starts 2am British time
Practice Session 2 and F1Fanatic Live Blog starts 6am British time

Saturday 22nd March

Practice Session 3 and F1Fanatic Live Blog starts 3am British time
Qualifying starts 6am British time, F1Fanatic Live Blog starts 5.30am British time

Convert these times into your local time

Sunday 23rd March

Race starts 7am British time, F1Fanatic Live Blog starts 6am British time

Wanted: moderators

Duncan from Doctorvee and Ollie from BlogF1 helped out with moderating last time – they did an excellent job but we will need some more help this time around.

If you want to lend a hand during either the race or qualifying or both please let me know below or via the contact form. It won’t stop you from being able to enjoy the race or the Live Blog as usual.


Look forward to seeing you online over the weekend! You can sign up for a reminder about each of the Live Blogs below.

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  1. Hi Keith, I’m interested to help out moderating.  What do moderators need to do? :)

  2. Cheers mate I’ll drop you an email!

  3. Hey Kieth, my interest in F1 is all time high this year, and I can help you moderate qualifying & race. Drop me a comment/mail and I’d be more than happy to help you..

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