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As usual F1Fanatic will be live blogging every session of the 2008 Bahrain Grand Prix – practice, qualifying and the race itself.

Join me plus Ollie from BlogF1, Duncan from Doctorvee, John from F1-Pitlane, Milos from F1 Wolf, Journeyer and Arun for detailed live coverage of every lap as it happens.

You can sign up for email reminders of each of the sessions below. If you have any feedback on how to improve the Live Blogs, see this post.

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7 comments on “Bahrain Grand Prix Live Blogs”

  1. Instead of email, about about IM’ing to aim or msn. Email is soo 20th century. :-)
    I guess you will announce it on twitter, so I hook up there.

  2. I don’t understand, Scott, wouldn’t I need everyone’s IM contact details to do that?

    This way only those who are interested can sign up, I don’t want to go spamming people.

    I probably will post it on Twitter but not enough people follow me on that for me to rely on it as my sole means of promotion.

  3. Woohoo!  Live blogging time again!  Alas, I’m in the office on Friday.  I’ll definitely join the discussion on all 3 days, but my level of activity will vary from day to day.  :)

    I’ll be able to do moderator duty on Saturday, not so sure about Friday and Sunday, though.  :)

  4. My first chance to see what this live blogging thing is all about – Australia and Malaysia were a bit too early for me!

  5. can someone tell me wat times are the bahrain qualifying and the race scheduled to begin (GMT) please??

    (and no i cannot visit f1 official site to find it out, thanks to my office rules)

  6. Zed details on all the Grands Prix are at the bottom of this page.

    See here for Bahrain:

  7. unfortunately wont be able to catch the blog until raceday – grandad duties – showing my grandson how to use remote control boats – dont think worthy of the press though – catch you and the guys on sunday – Keith

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