I will drop Sky if they don’t put Indy Car on live

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Indy Car Motegi 2008

Sky aren’t showing this evening’s Indy Car race live again, and once again it’s because they’re showing live NASCAR instead. On their many other sports channels at the same time they appear to be showing non-live events and even one non-sporting event (wrestling).

When I got a SKy subscription a few years ago it was impossible to watch many motor racing events anywhere else: Champ Car and GP2 were both on Eurosport.

But now Champ Car is gone and ITV4 have picked up GP2 (along with an excellent roster of other motor sport including BTCC and FIA GT).

With no live Indy Car I now only watch WTCC, DTM and F3 Euroseries on Sky. And, of course, none of these are on Sky’s own channels – WTCC is on Eurosport and DTM and F3 Euro are on Motors TV.

The WTCC is a bit of a joke and I could watch it online anyway. If I could watch Motors TV on a non-Sky channel then I’d junk my subscription tomorrow. And frankly, I may well do it anyway.

Sky should either put the Indy Car on live or drop it outright. I am sure there are more people in Britain interested in watching Indy Car than NASCAR. If they aren’t going to show it properly, then let Eurosport or someone else have it. Eurosport did a magnificent job with CART in the ’90s.

Click here to complain about the lack of live Indy Car coverage on Sky

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