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How did Heikki Kovalainen’s McLaren stand up to his 140mph crash in the Spanish Grand Prix? This week’s F1 review video explains what makes F1 cockpits so strong.

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  • 6 comments on “Video: 2008 Spanish Grand Prix review”

    1. Did anyone else notice Mark Blundell saying after the race that Heikki Kovalainen’s impact was 100g !

    2. Here’s some more to add to that review…,18954,3265_3484826,00.html (my apologies on posting an external link Keith)

      It is not a video just some interesting tid-bits from the weekend past. The most interesting(and just as damning) are observations on Team McLaren and Renault(6 tenths’ of a second puzzle solved it would seem). Plus there’s always Mosley.

      Thanks for your patience with us Keith and your efforts…

    3. I’m actually not very impressed by that article at all Sri – at least not their assertions about the relative speeds of the cars which aren’t backed up by any references to lap times or fuel loads. This is something I’m going to try and look at in the Spanish Grand Prix notes in a day or two.

      D Winn – You’d think Blundell would know a bit more a big impacts after this!

    4. I definitely thought it was worthy of bringing attention of people to the same none the less and let them make their own mind.

    5. I wouldn’t take the six-tenths claim in that article on face value. Even a glance at the fastest laps chart from the weekend would give you cause to doubt it. They haven’t explained how they’ve arrived at it so there’s no reason not to believe they plucked it out of thin air because they thought it would make a good story.

    6. Those six-tenths are becoming a standing joke, aren’t they ;)

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