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A1 Grand Prix Brands Hatch grid, 2008

Just arrived at Brands Hatch in time for the A1 Grand Prix season finale. Switzerland’s Neel Jani has got the title all-but won and as he’s starting third on the grid with New Zealand rival Jonny Reid tenth, his chances look very good indeed.

Robbie Kerr has kept the home crowd happy with pole position (see the picture I just snapped from the media centre above) but has Jonathan Summerton of the resurgent United States team alongside him.

It’s a rolling start for the first race and you’d expect Summerton to get away well, but Kerr has that all-important inside line for Paddock Hill bend – and he won this race last year.

It’s a bright, warm, sunny spring day here in Kent and we’re all looking forward to a great race.

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