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This is probably only useful for readers in Britain I’m afraid! If you want to see F1 cars in action in Britain for a lot less than the price of a Grand Prix ticket, you can get into the pre-Grand Prix Silverstone test from as little as ??12 (although that is an increase of ??2 on last year if I remember correctly).

The test is on 24-26th June and you can get a ticket for all three days from ??30. Tickets will not be being sold at the gate on the day. To get yours contact Silverstone circuit.

You can keep up-to-date with other F1 events coming up using the F1Fanatic Google Calendar – you can even embed it into your on website.

2008 British Grand Prix information

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  • 32 comments on “Silverstone F1 test tickets on sale for ??12”

    1. Scott Joslin
      7th May 2008, 23:09

      Thanks for letting us know about the change in ticket availability, I was just going to turn up on the day.

      Guys I cannot reiterate what Keith says here, this is the best value for money, If you cannot get the the race weekend or can afford to go, get along to one of these days it’s bargain

    2. Jake Archibald
      7th May 2008, 23:22

      Seconded. You don’t get full access to the full track but if you’re an amateur photographer and want to get some piccies of the cars, really recommend it. Luffield’s open and it’s a great place for pictures.

    3. Will definitely be going this year. £12 is still great value for what’s on offer. Now to decide on which day out of three to go!

    4. Went when it was free in 2005? I think. Saw one of Nico’s first tests for us. Shame it was only us and Jordan there, though.

    5. hey,

      im off to the silverstone test on the thurs, just got ma tickets today, never been before so dont really know what ta do, does anyone have any advice on getting around the circuit, taking pictures, the best places ta stand etc etc, and alos any tips om photohgraphy, plus does anyone know when gates open?

      appreciate any help people can give,


    6. Hi Andy – these were written for the Grand Prix but they should give you a few useful tips:

      British Grand Prix – where to watch
      British Grand Prix – what to take

    7. Hi,

      Thanks for those above links, ive only been to Silverstone once before, for the Ferrari Anniversary last year.

      Someone mentioned online that because of building work only Farm was open to the public for testing with standard tickets, thus we could only sit there. Does anyone know if this is true?

    8. Last year you couldn’t get to the south end of the circuit, I’m not sure what the situation is this year.

    9. Farm is only open to those with tickets as the rest of the circuit is being prepared for the GP. Bit disappointing that we won’t be able to roam around for good vantage points.

      Received my tickets this morning. I’ll be going Thursday. Wasn’t impressed that they neglected to actually provide me with any information about testing at all, so one phonecall later…

      Gates open 8am. Testing between 9am-1pm and then 2pm-5pm.

    10. Thanks for the swift response. Your information Dank is very useful indeed.

      It is a little disappointing that we are only going to be around Farm, im guessing that is why tickets were so limited.

      What is the space/viewing like there?

    11. Farm isn’t too bad. In fact, I bought silver grandstand tickets for the Grand Prix situated in the very same place!

      The cars bomb it up from Club and there is optimum viewing time as they negotiate round Abbey.

      For those wanting to know whereabouts it’s situated on the circuit:

    12. That sounds fantastic for my first proper F1 up-close-and-personal racing experience.

      I can’t wait, only ordered my ticket today but the chap on the phone said it would be here for Friday. They have been selling like hotcakes!

    13. thanks for your help guys, much appreciated!

    14. Does anyone know which teams will be attending?

      I go most years and know that usually the majority of the teams test – weather dependant!

    15. Just checked the McLaren website and they have confirmed Heikki will be testing on Tuesday, Wednesday with Lewis testing on Thursday.

    16. Does any body know what drivers will be there?
      Especially the ferraris?

    17. it is soo annoying!! All the tickets have sold out i was really looking forward to going and now i can’t go, does anyone know if you cna get ticket from anywhere other than the silverstone website ??

    18. thx for your help!!!
      but unfortunatley i need two tickets not 1 and i can’t afford to buy 8 hehe
      so annoying last year we brought them on the day.
      not a gd day today at all first Kimi’s exhaust now this

      Dank, thx for your help though

    19. Scott Cornelius
      23rd June 2008, 12:33

      I have two adults and 1 child ticket for Thursday I will be selling.

      Only problem is I cannot post them as I need the tickets to attend Tue/ Wed.

      But will be listing them for collection on Wednesday afternoon.

      I’m from Northampton btw.

    20. Scott Cornelius
      23rd June 2008, 18:06

      Tickets are online now.

      Bidding ends Tuesday at about 6pm.

      Cannot post the ticket out, but I only live 15 miles away from the circuit, so you can meet on Thursday morning to pick up!

    21. annoyingly i don’t have an account with ebay my dad does & the bidding wil probs gte quite fierce
      this week just ain’t going to get better
      thanks anyway

    22. Scott Cornelius
      24th June 2008, 17:51

      #1 Felipe Massa ——– FERRARI
      #4 Robert Kubica —— BMW SAUBER
      #6 Nelson Piquet Jnr — RENAULT
      #7 Nico Rosberg ——- WILLIAMS
      #10 Mark Webber —– RED BULL RACING
      #36 Kamui Kobayashi – TOYOTA
      #15 Sebastian Vettel — TORO ROSSO
      #16 Jenson Button —- HONDA
      #40 Antonio Liuzzi —– FORCE INDIA
      #23 Heiki Kovalainen — MCLAREN

      were there today (TUESDAY)

      anyone that went hear/ remember the listing as announced over the speakers for wed/ thu, as i cannot remember.

    23. Can anyone tell us which areas of the circuit were open today and was there plenty parking?

    24. I understand that from Club to Luffield was open today. Saw a video on Sidepodcast which looked like it was filmed form Luffield?

    25. KIMI is driving on Thursday with massa again tomorrow

    26. just read alonso and lewis on thursday too

    27. Scott Cornelius
      24th June 2008, 20:09

      Club to Luffield… though I notice quite a large number made their way to pit straight, by climbing over a small gate.

    28. Scott Cornelius
      24th June 2008, 20:09

      and yes, lots of parking… the main one was used, next to entrance 49 if i remember correctly, next to luffield

    29. Anyone know what the attendance were this year?

    30. I heard there were only 5,000 tickets per day.

    31. Very true, and I think it sold out.

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