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2007 Japanese Grand Prix, Fuji International Speedway, 2007, 570150

Disgruntled Japanese F1 fans are suing the Fuji International Speedway, home of the Japanese Grand Prix. And an even more disgruntled ex-F1 tester is suing his former team.

Read my selection of F1 highlights from around the web below including James Allen reacting to criticism of his comments about Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna, Jacques Villeneuve on why he wasnts to be in F1 and Audi on why they don’t.

Canadian Grand Prix photos – Milos shows off his excellent collection of pictures from Montreal.

Test driver sues Force India for $2m – Ex-Spyker tester Giedo van der Garde takes the team’s new owners to court.

Three cheers for the underdog – My latest article for F1-Pitlane looking at great moments for F1 underdogs – from Adrian Sutil’s excellent drive at Monaco, to Damon Hill’s near-win for Arrows in 1997, Jacky Ickx’s stunning debut at the Nurburgring, and Michele Alboreto interrupting a world title-decider to break a four-year victory drought for Tyrrell.

F1 fans push ahead with Fuji lawsuit – 109 spectators who were at the rain-soaked Japanese Grand prix at Fuji Speedway last year complain about poor spectating facilities. If you ask me what it really needs is a roof. Ollie has more reaction to the story.

I’ve never given up hope to re-enter F1 – Villeneuve – Jacques Villeneuve admits the new regulations for F1 in 2009 make him want to return to the sport. Villeneuve was by far the most vehement critic of grooved tyres among the drivers when they were introduced in 1998 and earned a censure from the FIA for it.

James Allen answers your questions – James Allen hits back at criticism of his Hamilton=Senna remarks: “Sorry if it bothers people, but like many old pros in the sport, I see that Hamilton has some qualities, which we have not seen since Senna.”

Standard engines in Formula 1 – Are the FIA really trying to harmonise engine power? Clive’s article from F1 Insight that inspired this post from me on F1’s engine regulations.

WBLG: Two years in – Nostalgia mixed with salient words of warning from Ed Gorman.

Professional fan for Alonso unveiled – Looks more like a full-time blogger to me. Hope the site will be in English as well, should make for interesting reading, especially if Alonso ever decides to explain his version of events from last year.

Reutemann: The most gifted driver ever? – Nigel Roebuck on Carlos Reutemann (requires registration).

Formula 1 diary 2008 June part 2 – Simon Arron’s always excellent F1 diary.

Go motorsport – Get involved in motor racing as a driver, fan or marshal. This new website, launched with support from Lewis Hamilton, shows you how.

Le Mans winner Audi again rules out F1Audi won the Le Mans 24 Hours for an eighth year (at a reported cost of ??200m this time) but are still not interested in F1. I still think Audi should enter Formula 1, but with the engine rules being what they are I understand why they won’t.

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16 comments on “F1 blogs & more: At least two lawsuits”

  1. James Allen hits back at criticism of his Hamilton=Senna remarks: “Sorry if it bothers people, but like many old pros in the sport, I see that Hamilton has some qualities, which we have not seen since Senna.”

    The quality of wearing a yellow helmet?

  2. TommyBellingham
    19th June 2008, 22:01

    Here comes the Hamilton bashing…

  3. Terry Fabulous
    19th June 2008, 23:03

    James really spoils the experience of watching a GP for me when he says rubbish like this. He is so biased towards Lewis that I find myself wanting Lewis out of the race just so I don’t have to listen to such an obviously heavily favoured commentary. I watched the last 5 laps of Monaco with the sound off.

  4. Paul Sainsbury
    19th June 2008, 23:04

    Think it is more likely the ‘other worldly’ ability to go much faster than all the other drivers at times.

  5. I’ve avidily followed F1 23 years, the first race I ever saw was the 1985 Australian GP in which Senna in a JPS Lotus drove like a man possessed; crazy fast and entertaining. I was an instant Senna fan :)

    I thought Senna was so good, so fast and so entertaining that when he died it was devastating. Because of that I, and I think many others, hold a special place in our heart (OK this is getting a bit soppy now, but stay with me) for Senna.

    I don’t care if Hamilton compares himself with Prost, Stewart, Fangio, Schumacher, whoever, but I don’t like when he compares himself to Senna, that cuts a bit too close. To compare himself when he has achieved comparatively so little so far is frankly ridiculous and offensive.

    Unfortuantely I’ve been turned off Hamilton for just this reason, I like some humility in a driver.

  6. Teamorders – it was James Allen, the ITV commentator, comparing Hamilton to Senna, not Hamilton himself. At least, that’s what the article was about.

  7. Keith, part of James Allen’s justification though is that Lewis compares himself with Senna

    “It was interesting that in Monaco he not only encouraged comparisons after the race between himself and Senna, but actually spoke of himself in comparison with Senna.”

    I remember there was an interview last year when Lewis compared himself with Prost & Senna.

  8. Hamilton is a young, naive boy who happens to be an
    excellent driver.

    He’s come into unimaginable levels of money, sycophant’s, hype and such like at a young age.
    He isn’t yet mature enough to not start believing some of it.

    The best approach is to enjoy his driving and not listen
    to a word he says. He’s the F1 Beckham.

    James Allen is an old naive boy that someone irresponsibly gave a microphone to.

  9. I agree with you. I just wish James didn’t have a mic, unfortunately in Australia we get the ITV feed. Martin is terrific, but James and Loiuse are painful to listen to.

  10. michael counsell
    20th June 2008, 3:36

    To be honest I thought the James Allen questions were all interesting and generally well answered. I’d much rather read what he has to say that listen to his commentaries whic hare half premiditated and dumbed down and half blurted out on the spur of the moment.

    His answers on the other hand seem well thought out and argued. There is still conjecture and gut feeling about it but mostly he’s not saying anything too ridiculous.

  11. I read somewhere that it was Sennas wife that make a comment that Lewis was very similar to Senna when he was at that stage.

  12. Oh by the way Keith,
    Great website.

  13. Teamorders – Ah I see what you mean. If any of it has been reported I’d like to read it.

  14. TommyBellingham – get over yourself. What Hamilton bashing? No-one is denying he is a fast and talented driver. No-one is bashing him.

  15. Calm down Fred it was a joke.

    Also David its true that Sennas sister said she could see he was similar to Ayrton when she presented him an award

  16. Sorry Tommy, I must have read it in the wrong tone of voice. :)

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