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BMW has confirmed it will retain Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld as its F1 drivers for 2009 according to Autosport.

The news ends speculation Fernando Alonso would join the team from Renault.

Kubica scored his and the team’s maiden Grand Prix win at Montreal earlier this year. He has remained an outside contender for the championship but misfortune with the safety car at Singapore means his chances of winning the title are now very slim.

Heidfeld has bounced back from problems in qualifying earlier this year and is still mathematically in contention for the title. He also surpassed Michael Schumacher’s all-time record for most consecutive race finishes at Singapore with his 25th consecutive classification. Heidfeld had been linked to a move to Honda.

Christian Klien will also remain a test driver for the team. It is not clear whether 2007 British F3 champion Marko Asmer will also continue in that role.

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4 comments on “BMW confirm 2009 F1 drivers”

  1. “Heidfeld has bounced back from problems in qualifying earlier this year to move ahead of Kimi Raikkonenin in the drivers’ championship standings” – not yet. Räikkönen 57 points, Heidfeld 56 points.

  2. Silly mistake – fixed now, thanks.

  3. BMW would want to keep a German driver I’d have thought, just as Toyota do. Nike may not like BMW’s car this year but he’s still a safe pair of hands.

  4. schumi the greatest
    6th October 2008, 13:30

    So now alonso has to choose between honda and renault…..think hel stayt at renault now

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