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Massa clarifies food delivery past

So he wasn’t a pizza delivery boy after all. Shame – that was a good tale!

Engines are at the heart of F1

“I think the FIA should be careful what it wishes for. You can’t turn back the clock, make F1 a cottage industry once more and continue to expect it to be taken seriously around the world.”

Mark Hughes on the title showdown

“In many ways McLaren may hope they are a little adrift of Ferrari’s pace around Interlagos. That way it makes it easier for Hamilton not to get involved.”

F1 Racing reader panel

Send in your questions for James Allen to F1 Racing

Alesi backs Ferrari over F1 quit threat

“Jean Alesi said even the global financial crisis is no justification for the proposal.

‘It has nothing to do with it,’ he said, ‘but rather it is a very deep and very complicated political issue, about which I do not want to say any more.

‘It goes for all manufacturers. It is in effect asking BMW, Toyota or Mercedes to sack their engineers and buy an engine from the supermarket.'”

Quitting time?

“For the FIA to remain relevant it would surely be best for the federation to have a different style. Trying to encourage consensus rather than seeking to divide is a better way to go forward. The FIA should not be seen as the enemy but rather as a helpful ‘marriage guidance counsellor’ for the teams.

“There is still a role for the FIA as the policeman of the sport but work needs to be done to improve the image of the race management in F1. Is that possible given the people involved?”

A deeper look into the standard engine

“Against all odds, the FIA have recently launched a tender to attract firms for the design of a standard engine or transmission for Formula One from 2010 until 2012. Although the teams are not happy with the idea, what is it that the FIA is actually looking for in a standard engine?”

A question of communication in F1

“It kind of makes you wonder why there is such bad communication between these two essential parties that make up the Formula One series at this important time. I would like to think that it has to do with being a method of the sport’s organizers purposefully testing the waters and trying to force the parties to agree quickly on the sport’s future. But I fear there is no such forethought going into this apparent breakdown in communication.”

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  • 14 comments on “Links: Massa was not a pizza boy”

    1. So he wasn’t a pizza delivery boy after all. Shame – that was a good tale!

      Ahahaha, you´re right Keith…

      But, another great news has emerged today in our high skilled F1 press. Felipe will use the same underpants in qualifying and race. It will be his talisman to help him win the championship…


    2. Terry Fabulous
      28th October 2008, 22:01

      Nice Becken

      In support I will also wear the same underpants for the race and qually. Just don’t let me wife know!

    3. Ahh i think that’s a nice story of massa’s

    4. I read Mark Hughes’ report and its obvious that he favours Massa although claiming no preference. How he can state that Massa has had more ill luck this season is beyond me, especially with all the free points he’s been given.Maybe I’m biased but that sounds like nonsense to me.

    5. Different pizza delivery boys:
      Massa: quick during the after hours but hopeless during rush hour and when the weather is bad, the pizza might get stuck in traffic!

      Hamilton: most often really quick during lunch and dinner time. Brilliant when raining. The pizza might end up at the local police station though when the delivery boy runs against red or overtake in an offensive manner.

      Kimi: not particularly interested in delivering the pizza but when he is he is the fastest.

      Alonso: best only if he is the undisputed nr 1 pizza delivery boy.

      Adrian Sutil: the only times he tries to deliver the pizza he gets run over by another pizza boy like Kimi or Massa.

      David Coulthard: favorite occupation is not delivering the pizza, it is running over others as he is quitting his job soon anyway.

      After this rundown I think I prefer my pizzas to be delivered by someone from BMW, both Kubica and Heidfeld will do but I wouldn’t say no to Super Mario!

    6. Jian – wonderful!
      Terry – too much information!
      Hmmm, if Massa wears the same underpants, presumably Hammy has to have underwear designed by Hugo Boss….
      On a more serious note:
      Why are the FIA only ever this contentious about F1? They do after all govern lots more motorsport across the world, but even the highly complex series like WTCC, WRC and DTM never have as much hands-on control as F1.
      Sure, you can say that F1 is supposedly the top of motorsport, but the last few years have shown that it is hardly the best shop-window to induce new drivers, sponsors or manufacturers into motorsport – in fact mostly the opposite. And Max’s little powerplay earlier in the year has just shown what a nasty little man is capable of when he doesn’t get his way.
      Yet none of this appears to have affected any other motorsport under FIA control – strange or stranger?

    7. Jolene – He probably just meant Massa had lost more potential points through mechanical failures, which I think is fair. But I do agree some of the decisions that have gone against Hamilton were very dubious and for Spa alone he should be champion already.

      Jian – nice one :-)

    8. DG – probably because 90% of their profit comes from F1. I dont understand why they feel the need to have such a tight grip around it either, end of the day it’s not even theirs and bernie if he feels the need to could let someone else govern it. they dont ‘run’ the events, they just set and enforce the rules and regulations.

    9. Massa lost a win to a engine and a couple of podiums (Canada and Singapore) due to huge pit mistakes by Ferrari. Hamilton lost a podium at Monza due to a mistake strategy. I’d argue that both Lewis and Felipe had four races in each they were clear much better than anyone else and both had already the same number of races when they did a lot mistakes, FIA helped Massa to make up for the points he lost for things Ferrari did and the 7 points lead Hamilton has is accurate from how better he was during the races which weren’t perfect nor disasters. Of course Lewis losing points to FIA is much more unfair than Massa’s losing his due to Ferrari.

    10. hahaahah at Jian, beautiful.

      After this rundown I think I prefer my pizzas to be delivered by someone from BMW, both Kubica and Heidfeld will do but I wouldn’t say no to Super Mario

      unfortunatly Heidfield has trouble delivering warm pizza on time during saturdays, now wheres my free bottle of Pepsi Nick?.

    11. Keith,

      Oscar Niemeyer (I think he designed something at London, did he?) has designed the trophy that will be delivered to the Brazilian GP winners Sunday.

      What do you think?

      I liked it and I think it looks too much with the Mercedes Benz logo (must be fantastic see Lewis and Ron Dennis taking this one at the podium Sunday!).

      Considering the ones that’s was delivered to Lewis at Shangai and at Hockenheim, it is far better…

    12. Isn’t that the Star Trek logo? Is Oscar a Trekkie?

    13. DG – I think Oscar has used the Column from “Palácio da Alvorada” (Sunrise Palace) built in Brasilia and a steering Wheel as inspiration to Design the Trophy.

    14. Thanks for saying so, see you then. Thanks

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