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Athletics: Grand Prix forces switch of big event to Stanford Hall

Looks like the redevelopment work at Donington Park is going ahead

Formula One News – Times Online

Autosport seems to have done a deal with The Times (and The Sun) to put its video player on their motor racing pages.

Nürburgring redesign in the works with rollercoaster, steak house and a disco!

Nürburgring to get world's fastest rollercoaster

Heavier drivers worried about KERS

"The integration of heavy KERS technology, but with no increase in the minimum allowed weight of cars, means that smaller and lighter drivers will be better able to play with the positioning of extra ballast."

Bernie Ecclestone’s wife Slavica breaks from racing boss

"According to pals in Switzerland, where the couple have a second home, she has already consulted divorce lawyers. Should the split be final, it offers the intriguing possibility of Ecclestone fighting for a financial settlement because he has made over the bulk of his vast fortune to his wife. 'Nearly everything is in her name,' I am told. 'She is non-domiciled in Britain and therefore it made sense for tax reasons.'

"For his part, Bernie says: 'The reason she has moved out is because they are doing building work next door and it is impossible to live in the house. She can't stand the noise. I don't know if she wants a divorce or not. She has moved into an apartment belonging to Petra's boyfriend. We have people in the house taping the noise so we can go to the council to get something done about it.' "

It's from the Daily Mail, so treat with caution, but if true it could have implications for F1.

Tonykart release official statement on Camponeschi

“The Tony Kart Junior Team came to know with great regret the results of the anti-doping tests its driver Flavio Camponeschi was subjected to…The Team Manager Paul Spencer and the whole Team completely understand the seriousness of what happened, however they would like to underline that the driver resulted positive to cannabis, and this is not an advantage, especially in a karting competition." How not to climb the ladder to F1…

Crazy D is real gone

It's goodbye to Sniff Petrol's Crazy Dave – if you've not discovered his columns before, find more here: http://www.sniffpetrol.com/category/crazy-dave/

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  • 9 comments on “F1 links: KERS concerns”

    1. You sure you’ve got the link to the Times Online correct? Only the webpage has nine different pictures of Lewis Hamilton and I thought I’d gone through to one of his fan clubs?

      I jest! ;-)

    2. “Heavier drivers worried about KERS”? Sounds like Webbo is getting his excuses in early for being slower than Seb Vettel

    3. “Autosport seems to have done a deal with The Times (and The Sun) to put its video player on their motor racing pages.”

      that was done a long time ago. i think we first saw it in the summer.

      the company who hash together the autosport vids (used to be called PTV, now rebranded cause they had a reputation in the industry for making awful content) have been bundling the player on a bunch of sites along with the other sports they cover (mostly football).

    4. however they would like to underline that the driver resulted positive to cannabis, and this is not an advantage, especially in a karting competition.” How not to climb the ladder to F1…

      reminds me of the Australian athlete that was banned from running for testing positive to cannabis, its detrimental to performance you muppets!

    5. Interesting about the KERS story. Surely the lighter drivers already have the same advantage now. Kubica lost 5 kilo’s before this season and said at the time that it helped him to get a better balance in the car through ballast positioning. Looks like they should raise the minimum weight at first glance, but teams that aren’t running the KERS system will be at a definite advantage with regards to ballast if the systems don’t give a great “boost” in performance.

    6. The KERS packages will weigh anything from 25kg to 60kg. On a typical track, each 10kg of extra weight can cost around 0.3sec of lap time and with less ballast for teams to play about with to vary weight distribution, some of the bigger drivers may face new challenges in 2009.

      With a KERS system in place, it will be beneficial for teams to move any weight further forward than they do at present. And with ballast at a premium, Webber, Heidfeld and co. could suffer more than their team mates next year.

      The difference in size and weights between Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel for example means that there will be only a handful of opportunities for Red Bull to be able to push weight distribution forward and on to the front tyres. On aerodynamic circuits the Aussie may well suffer as a result of less than optimum weight and aero distribution and the likelihood of wear to his rear tyres could result in more drag.

    7. No wonder Massa can set pole, he’s like 5’5.

    8. “I don’t know if she wants a divorce or not”
      Sounds like a great marriage! If I were her, I’d cut and run – leave the greedy tax-avoiding little berk out in the cold.

    9. I’m sure I read somewhere that in all the power dealing which gave FOM to CVC, Bernie created companies in his wife’s name, for whatever advantage that gives.
      Now I hope she is still in control of some of them, and makes him work to get them back! hehe

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