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McLaren debut 2009 front wing and nose

"The test car [was] sprayed with green oil paint to mark the airflow around the car's bodywork. This method is often used to verify simulations from the wing tunnel and CFD tests and indicates McLaren's desire to clearly understand how the new front wing influences the car's airflow."

More on Honda F1 departure

"The current issue of AutoHebdo, the French motor racing magazine, which was published today, adds an interesting layer to the theories of exactly why Honda may have pulled out of Formula One…. the part that really grabbed me was the a quote on the perception that the Honda Formula One team had turned into nothing but “an English team, directed by the English, of which we are nothing but the bankers and the engine makers.” The story suggests that the Japanese employees of the team themselves felt like nothing other than obedient functionaries to the English. The English, according to the story, took control of the team and felt immune to any kind of implosion. The story, therefore, concludes that the Honda withdrawal was a kind of response to this. I should say that in my interviews with key – English – team members in the final races of the season, that was not the impression given to me. But I was unable to arrange a meeting to speak to a Japanese team member."

F1 at a crossroads

Mark Hughes: "A 16-car entry is the threshold at which the commercial rights holder can request teams to field additional cars."

Honda will assist buyer – Mosley

Max Mosley: "If a serious buyer came along then Honda would help to keep it going. Any person would then be on their own in 2010, but they would get some help in 2009. It becomes a reasonable proposition for an entrepreneur."

The future of Formula 1

"Sometime is peddling the line that half the teams would support the idea of a standard engine. It is hard to see who this would be except those who have an axe to grind. […] There is no doubt at all that there are some who simply will not accept a standard engine, because it undermines the fundamental principles of why they are involved in F1. It is in no-one's interest to push these teams out of the sport at a time when it is very hard to find sponsorship and losing more teams will have disastrous repercussions on the image of the sport.

"If they are willing and able to spend money then the sport would be mad to exclude them. Scare stories about teams having no money and not being creditworthy must be seen simply as attempts to destabilise the union that exists in FOTA in order to undermine the power that the teams have."

Those Cosworth engines – Something does not add up here

Milos questions whether Force India would renege on its newly-minted McLaren-Mercedes deal to take up Mosley's customer Cosworth engine offer.

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  • 9 comments on “F1 links: McLaren run 2009 front wing”

    1. Now, that Mclaren looks a bit better. The rear wing is still 2008 spec, but overall it looks quite racey compared to the BMW. When Christian Klien said “race cars don’t have to look pretty…”, it took me back a few years to when Ross Brawn said, I think about the F2002, ‘the fastest cars will always have the cleanest lines, and therefore look beautiful to the eye.’ Something to that effect.

    2. I hesitate to say that the Mclaren front wing looks great, but it certainly looks better, much better than the lawn-chair-strapped-to-a-Benetton that BMW are running.

    3. To be honest the McLaren wing looks quite good in my opinion. Part of me actually thinks I prefer it to the 2008 spec due to the simplicity of it. I find it a lot easier to understand the aerodynamics as a novice looking at the new compared to the old. I feel I may be in a minority in my views but if it improves the racing of the sport I’m all for it :)

    4. FINALLY a 2009 spec wing that doesnt look like a freaking BOX! I was afraid all the curves of the recent wings was going to be gone. I am happy to see something that isn’t all that ugly. There is hope for 2009, yet. Now for Ferrari and what they have come up with….

    5. Here is a cool comparison between 2008/2009 wings:


      Great site.

    6. Now that McLaren’s front end looks a lot better than the BMW’s front wing and nose. Me like! :D

    7. The car looks beautiful now, but with a skinny back wing, i’m not so sure!

      However, i’m all for overtaking overtaking overtaking!

    8. It looks better than the BMW front wing thats for sure, at least they have managed to keep some of the curves. The only fault I had with the 2008 McLaren wing/nose was the bridge part.

      Does anyone think that the paint scheme could be making the new McLaren wing look better than the BMW’s. When McLaren had the horns on the air box a while ago I liked them but the same features in plain white on the BMW just didn’t look as good to me.

    9. What the the regulations concerning the front wing end plates?

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