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I’ve just updated F1 Fanatic to the latest version of WordPress. The biggest change that means for everyone following the site is that you can now leave a comment next to any comment you choose.

For example, if you want to reply to the 12th comment out of 29 you can now click ‘reply’ next to that comment and leave you response directly underneath it.

Other readers can then post further comments in the new thread you have started or start other threads elsewhere in the discussion. It’s very similar to the comment facility used on Youtube and many other sites. Click here to see an example of the threaded comments in action.

At the moment I’ve set it so that there are only two ‘levels’ of threads, but if I think the new system works well and would benefit from being expanded further then I will make that change.

Hope you find the new system useful, as ever, please do leave any feedback below.

Thanks as ever to F1 Fanatic site designers Dreamfly.

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  • 17 comments on “Commenting on comments”

    1. Test! :D

      Thanks Keith! Threading comments is incredibly useful during arguments…

      1. Terry Fabulous
        3rd January 2009, 7:12

        I agree Cyanide! (Is it working?)

    2. “please do ‘levae’ any feedback below?” Wrong spelling Keith….

      1. Fixed :-)

      2. HounslowBusGarage
        3rd January 2009, 9:21

        So here’s my direct reply to the post by Anirudh.
        Let’s see what happens.

        Hmm. I think I have misunderstood. I thought my reply would appear under the post from Anirudh, rather than just in date order as before.
        Anyway, nice to have the edit facility back.

      3. Guess it sorts replies to a comment on date.

      4. has changed a lot since I first visited this site at the starting of this season. I was looking for an article bout Force India(was very excited those days).
        The site was very much different, it had navy blue theme… I liked it when you changed the theme, the green and blue theme looks unique. I hope this blog grows into a big Brotherhood!

    3. ok, this is very usefull, but if you quickly read through the comments is it a bit hard to see which ones are reply’s. so is it possible with a line or something else on the left side of the comment that shows: this is a reply to a comment?

    4. I can’t reply to HounslowBusGarage’s comment. Why is that?

      And as HounslowBusGarage said; his comment should be right below Anirudh’s; with a slight right indentation.

      Previously; the comments were by green and blue lines; now, they are all a mess.

      Do fix these 3 bugs; Keith :)

      1. that is because in the article stands that there are only 2 levels, 1 which can be replied and the others are the ones which are the reply’s. and at this moment it is not possible to reply an reply…

      2. As Bassfighter says, right now you can’t ‘reply to a reply’.

        We had a look at doing the indentation thing as you suggest, Sumedh, but I didn’t like the way it looked.

      3. Now; this looks awesome; with the gray-green-blue job!!!

    5. keith, if you make it possible to reply on a reply, and on the left of the message print some lines… then it looks well doesn’t it?
      I mean:
      someone posts a comment.
      If I want to reply gets my comment a line on the left of the comment
      and if someone after that wants to reply my comment, that comment gets 2 lines.
      and after that if any one wants to reply the first comment than this comment gets 1 line on the left too…

      just think about it…

    6. Woah, what sort of witchcraft is this :-D

    7. graham wright
      4th April 2009, 8:44

      I begin to see that there is no problem with lying (cheating?) to improve your position, the problem is in getting caught out!
      “He made me do it” and “I was following team orders” did not work in any court case that I know of or at the Nuremburg trials, so why should it work here?
      I even hear the BBC commentators adopting the stance that “It is the sort of thing that goes on all the time” ..So that makes it OK?
      The team representative and the driver lied to a direct question, that is the top and the bottom of it.
      Why did the driver not get suspended as well?

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