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Formula One turning to younger drivers

"[Esteban] Gutiérrez easily would have taken my vote for the young talent of the year, had it not been for the final meeting of the Formula BMW series on Dec. 7, an event in Mexico City with the top drivers from the series around the world taking part in a world final. Gutiérrez took the pole position and won an early heat. But the title went to an American driver, Alexander Rossi, 17, who earlier in the year became the first American to win the Formula BMW America series, with 10 victories and half again as many points as his closest rival."

Hamilton is still revelling in the daddy of all Formula One triumphs

Yet another 'season in review' article, this one made more amusing by the obviously wrong photograph…

2008 sport review: Byron Young Top 10 moments of the year

"Lewis Hamilton was robbed of a brilliant victory by the controversial meddling of the FIA. Their questionable dabbling overshadowed one of the best duels of recent times as King Lewey beat Kimi Raikkonen in the rain." I really hope 'King Lewey' doesn't catch on…

The Runoff Area

New F1 humour blog

Formula 1 was not always quiet on New Year

"The first five South African Grands Prix between 1962 – 1968 were all held at the end of December and early January. Two of these races were held on January 1st – the season opening GPs in 1965 (East London) and 1968 (Kyalami)."

British GP: East Midlands Airport the key?

"Proximity to the airport may prove to be a bigger issue for the circuit than the more easily-predicted planning, transportation or finance."

BBC Pushing F1 at Every Opportunity

"A most unlikely guest appeared on Jools Holland’s annual New Year’s Eve television show – none other than McLaren’s very own Ron Dennis."

Bernie raps Hamilton claims

Bernie Ecclestone has slammed critics over claims he did not want Lewis Hamilton to win the Formula One world championship.

Kubica: Title is all that matters to me

"The best driver is the one who scores the most points. That's what is important. It's nice to see that people can see what you are achieving, it's a good feeling. But it's a much better feeling to win the world championship because that is what counts. It would be better for me to win and have people saying that I have not been such a good driver, than it is to finish fourth and have people saying that I did a good job."

Service to commemorate Hawthorn

To mark the 50th anniversary of his death, a service is to take place at St. Andrews Church in Farnham on January 25th.

Bourdais to Penske?

Mark Hughes: The 10 best drives of ’08

Good to see Davidson's Bahrain drive get a mention but what about Glock at Hungary?

A change at Red Bull Racing

"Red Bull has announced that Eric Silbermann will relinquish his role as Head of Communications at Red Bull Racing, but will remain in charge of the communications at Scuderia Toro Rosso."

The Plausibility Of A Career Change

"I got a major surprise when reading F1 Fanatic this evening. In the article about F1 Fanatic's arguments of 2008, Keith Collantine wondered why McLaren hadn't employed me on their legal team yet. It's the first time I've received career advice from a web site suggesting I do anything other than be the FIA President… in theory I could be a qualified legal secretary in two-and-a-half years (next academic year, I would need to do the Legal Text Processing Course, followed by the ILEX in 2010/2011). If I really wanted to, I could do a legal conversion course in 2010 to really cement the paper credentials. So I could theoretically be ready to join an F1 legal team (albeit in a junior capacity) in 2011 in readiness for the 2012 season. However, it is very difficult to get a job in F1, so I'd need to be prepared for some tough competition."

Formula One: What to watch out for in 2009

"This will be the first year without a North American race since the 1950s. Ecclestone and Mosley need to address this."

F1 champion Lewis Hamilton doesn’t mind being anonymous superstar in U.S.

"Losing Montreal really hurts," Hamilton said. "I love the historic courses, and that was one of them. I hope that can we return as soon as possible, but I know they have some things to work out." "They didn't pay their bills," Dennis added, visibly disappointed. "Their economic model didn't work for them, so now perhaps they will find one that does and we can go back soon." (Thanks to Gman for the link)

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  • 6 comments on “F1 links: tomorrow’s F1 drivers”

    1. Thanks for the mention Keith- I was obviously very disappointed to see Lewis mention America as a place where he expects not to be noticed by the local populations. As a fan of the new champ, I chalk that up to his love of privacy (see: move to Swiss getaway)and hopefully he will become more of a mainstream fixture on our shores.

      Indeed the sport has two budding talents on their hands in the form of Rossi and Gutierrez- hopefully both will continue on the path to F1 and develop into real contenders. Add Robert Wickens to the mix, and in a few years we could have one top driver for each country in North America- Bernie, are you reading this?

      Finally, very nice note on the Hawthorne service- best wishes if anyone reading this attends.

      1. Lewis’ view of America is shared by a certain M. Schumacher, who loved that he could go around the US like any other guy the week before the GP.

        Finally, it seems F1 will get Rossi! Just not THE Rossi Bernie had in mind. Oh well… let’s just hope Alexander is as… animated as Valentino.

    2. With regards to the last article:
      Eddie Jordan is Irish!!!
      Bloody Yanks…

    3. Journeyer – I remember him saying in an interview once that he and Ralf once turned up to an oval track when on holiday in the US to see if they could drive a NASCAR around the track on one of their arrive & drive public days.

      While he never got to have a go in the NASCAR because they were already fully booked he said he loved going to a race track and having no-one know who he was as he was able to talk to everyone there as just another racing fan.

      I always thought it was a shame he never got to have a drive, imagine the look on the instructors face had some German tourist put his car into top gear and blasted it around the oval like a pro.

    4. Quite a funny story on the Schumi brothers- I would really like to see what would happen if they ever do pull off such an arrangement.

      Journeyer: Good point about Rossi- I hope he stays on the path to F1 and isn’t picked off by another motor racing series. While he’s still got a great deal left to prove himself, he’s off to a great start. On that same note, I would hope that if Valentino ever did want to give it a go in F1, he would get as fair of a shot as any of the young guns like Buemi or GrosJean. I really like the drivers like Bourdias, who drive at a high level in other series and really earn a crack in F1, and if a guy like Rossi or Loeb wanted to try F1, he should get a fair shot.

    5. Yep, Big Ron and Jools Holland, a strange combination indeed for New Years Eve, but Ron was enjoying the music. For those who don’t know, the BBC is big on crossovers, so expect to see F1 stars (especially Hammy) on childrens TV and early morning shows in 2009…

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