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New Approach To Promote F1 Event

'Sepang International Circuit spokesman Azhar Ghazali said SIC target for spectators for the F1 race remains at 120,000 people for Race Day. "The current sales figures are a little short than the previous years in view of the current economic situation but we are confident that there will be a late rush for the race tickets as the event gets closer," he said, adding that for the first time, SIC was offering a sports car – a RM232,000 Mazda RX8 – as a prize for fans to win by buying the F1 race tickets.'

Father of Lewis Hamilton's former girlfriend 'in £78m fraud'

"The father of Lewis Hamilton's ex-girlfriend has been charged with money laundering and fraud involving tens of millions of pounds." It's in the Daily Mail, so handle with care.

Formula One's Mark Webber's life on the track

Mark Webber: "It’s an absolutely hardcore sport, mate, no question. We were testing in Valencia recently and my trainer went out in a car and did a lap. He came back and said, ‘God, you guys earn your money!"

Williams improve rear wing efficiency

"Williams have come up with a new solution to optimise the airflow around the driver's helmet."

BMW Robert Kubica laptop

For sale on eBay

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12 comments on “F1 links: Sepang tries to drum up interest”

  1. Sepang is hamstrung by Malaysian Airways charging megabucks to those who live in the region to get in ($600 tickets from Melbourne + $700 in taxes!) and the doubly-triply megabucks charged by the hotels. Then there’s getting to and from the track, it becomes an incredibly expensive weekend. I don’t recall even the race tickets being all that cheap.

    Pity, KL is a real lark, I’d love to go to that race.

    1. Interesting. With ticket prices being so high I guess everyone sees an opportunity for a fast buck.

    2. Looking at the KL hotel rates, they seem very similar to the hotel rates we have here in Manila. Also, we got our KL flight this year for very cheap – way cheaper than the SG flight we took last year.

      As for going to and from the track, looks like the best option is to go by train. It’s cheap and you don’t bother with the traffic.

  2. Unrelated question, but does anyone know of a good Fantasy F1 Website?

    I’m looking to drum up some interest in the new F1 season among some friends and co-workers that normally wouldn’t watch F1, ideally looking for a free competition.

  3. I’d go to Malaysia if it wasn’t the week after Melbourne, too close together for me! That’s why I did Melbourne and Singapore last year, they were spaced nicely.

  4. Sush Meerkat
    9th March 2009, 18:52

    is Kubica’s laptop faster than any other laptop gone before it?, if not, not interested.

    1. Yes, but it crashes if you take it to Canada.

  5. guys..i’m not sure sepang tickets are expensive compared to other euro races..for us locals it is expensive…maybe you guys could get a local to make arrangements, sometimes it’s cheaper..don’t get the local agencies or anything, get a friend to help out

    almost every year the sepang race is touted as a sellout but in fact we know they won’t be able to sell all the tickets because petronas gives out so many free tickets..this year a lot of people got free tickets…hell sometimes i get free tickets but i don’t go – too hot..

    problem is i get these tickets on sat only so confirming tickets is difficult..but in any case if anybody need help for this year’s race do let me know and i’ll see what i can do..

    email me at akhnsx@yahoo.com

  6. Air Asia is only $100 USD return for me with taxes, the the race weekend is very badly organised, been there and really not interested in going again.

  7. sepang has one of the best and affordable prices in asia. I have been to Singapore, China & Mal GPs last year and the money is worth for the ticket.
    Well, i have seen everywhere the prices of the hotels are highly charged during F1 weekends.
    I live in manila and the tickets to KL are cheap.
    Considering this an european gp costs lot more.

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