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F1 champ Lewis trashed my car

Hamilton had a road crash near Geneva last month.

Kubica urges BMW to improve quickly

"Some of the teams have moved forward and some of the teams are already, after the decision of the FIA, adjusting their cars to the clear idea of the regulations. We have exactly the same car that we had in Australia."

Ecclestone certain of renewing China deal

"We are here forever, As long as there is China we will be here. It is a fantastic race. Everything is good here. It shows the world what we can do in China." Whatever that is, attracting a decent crowd certainly isn't it.

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13 comments on “F1 links: Hamilton in road crash”

  1. “everything is good here.”

    it disgusts me to read that.

  2. The Sun typically used a large dose of Artistic Licence there… yeesh! give the guy a break!

  3. The Sun are a joke. Last year they were like Lewis is a God now they are hating him about anything and making up crap. Look what they did with Jade Goody! She was a fat pig but then when everyone loves her they are like Oh my god shes amazing. GRRRR I HATE THE SUN!!

  4. It’s funny that the Sun and others can run this story, but not one single media big gun decided to pick up on what Adrian Sutil had to say last week. I wonder why?

    1. We know why don’t we Lynn? Lewis is now public enemy no. 1, and racism doesn’t exist anymore. The British media only focus on what they want to in their own corrupt, immoral world. Drag a decent man down, but don’t discuss what is a very possible reason for Lewis’ discrimination and targeting by the FIA. This is the upside down, immoral world we live in, where the British media are quite possibly the worst in the world.

  5. bernie’s comments are truly scary…maybe in 10 years we will have no European races.

  6. bernie has 2 faders and der both strippers!

  7. The Hamilton crash headline makes it seems worse than it was, he actually seems to have comforted the women and not left her in tears, I really hate the sun. I guess Jenson is there new hero.

    1. True! They’re despicable, but so is The Times.

  8. I found the Times coverage really over the top. It felt as if I was reading the Sun ( which I don’t). And judging by a lot of the comments, people are fed up with it.

  9. Kubica whining already? Maybe he should try not to run into other cars. I’m sure that would help a lot.

    I wonder how BMW managed to drop so far down the grid though. Apart from McLaren and Renault, the other teams haven’t developed much so what gives?

  10. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one to notice that Sinopec hadn’t continued their title sponsorship deal…

    From what I hear, Bernie has reached a new deal to keep the race at Shanghai. If that’s true, I am curious to know if he’s given them a break on the prices, or if they will continue to pay the escalating cost that seems to be his standard.

    I’m not opposed to the expansion of F1 into China, or anywhere else in the Far East for that matter. But that fact that Bernie is willing to do whatever it takes to keep what can be viewed as a less than popular race on the schedule- while the likes of the U.S., Canada, France, and others fall off the schedule- is a borderline criminal policy.

  11. Bernification
    23rd April 2009, 19:46

    I really liked Kubica to begin with, but to be honest, now I just wish he’d stop complaining.
    Churchill once said if you put a polish man in a room on his own, he would start an argument. I’m beginning to see what he means.

    Mr. Ecclestone, you truly are vile.

    He will love to go to China, for ever and ever. (Until the money dries up).
    And the governments and commerce should realise that they need to give him more money. That will make their countries better.
    Mr. Ecclestone, Robert Mugabe on the telephone for you- wants to know how much for a race, and a makeover?

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