Jenson Button to use fan’s helmet design

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Jenson Button is using a special helmet for this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

It was designed by Bernie Zohl, a fan whose ‘Push the Button’ theme won a competition run by the Brawn team.

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20 comments on “Jenson Button to use fan’s helmet design”

  1. Cool, Lewis is doing the same thing too. Not see a picture of his yet though.

    1. I think he’s just got a Union Flag on the top of his helmet, but it’s not a hugely different design otherwise.

      1. Oh right ok thanks for the info :)

        1. really earth-shattering news – thanks.

  2. I think Glock is doing this – wearing a fan designed helmet. Is it just me or does it get to be a bit traditional that drivers wera fan-designed helmets at Silverstone. If I recall correctly Wurz had it too in his last ever Silverstone race and frankly it was way better then his usual helmet-design. Despite being made by a 10-year old…

    1. Aww, I really like Wurz’s helmet design. The black and yellow, red and white stripes with all the jagged and torn edges. Really stands out.

      1. one of the worst F1 helmet designs in recent years. good call.

    2. one of this worst formula 1 helmet designs in recent years . good call

  3. Heidfeld is doing one for Germany GP too. I have entered! :)

  4. I think i will have ago …now where’s my crayons

  5. I’m very impressed!!

    I entered, but really couldn’t get the hang of the graphical interface you had to use to design the helmet. I thought I had a few good ideas (though none as cool as the winning one!) but couldn’t translate them onto the screen. I wish they’d offer a downloadable template that you could do your design on and then email to them…

  6. I like it. If you are going to have a special design anywhere it should be at your home Grand Prix.

  7. vincentaltair
    19th June 2009, 12:24

    Oh no! This is a disaster – Hasn’t he realised that whenever a driver has a special helmet, or a one-off car paint-job, that that car will not finish the race!!

      1. vincentaltair
        22nd June 2009, 12:46

        Ha! Well, looks like I was right. Hopefully he’ll be back to his normal helmet for the next race.

  8. get a life, whats the point in all your stupid comments. how old are u?

    1. i’m bored today. i don’t hate you.

  9. Push the Button?
    Wasn’t that a Sugababes song?

  10. can I get a pic of the freakin helmet w/o the douche?

  11. button changed his helmet and got his worse result this year! I think he should go back to the other design and back to winning :)

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