Mercedes and Auto Union Silver Arrows (Goodwood Festival of Speed pictures)

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Stirling Moss at the wheel of a Mercedes W196
Stirling Moss at the wheel of a Mercedes W196

Among the anniversaries being marked at the Goodwood Festival of Speed is 75 years of the German ‘silver arrows’. This name was first applied to the cars raced by Auto Union (fore-runner of the modern Audi) and Mercedes-Benz from 1934.

Former Red Bull driver David Coulthard is among the contemporary F1 drivers piloting the cars, and Jenson Button will drive one on Sunday. Sir Stirling Moss, who drove for Mercedes in the 1950s, demonstrated a W196 model in the same outfit he wore when he was competing.

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More pictures will be added to this gallery during the weekend, so check back later. If you have a request for pictures of a particular car at Goodwood this year, please let me know below.

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7 comments on “Mercedes and Auto Union Silver Arrows (Goodwood Festival of Speed pictures)”

  1. Fab pics Keith, thanks! The W154 is without a doubt the most beautiful F1 car ever made…

    The Auto Unions don’t look as monstrously big as usual though – not sure why…

  2. Right on. I’m very envious of you — wish i was there.

  3. Fantastic photos, Keith, especially of the AutoUnion cars.

    Amazing when you think of it, really–the mid 30’s and these cars were mid-engine supercharged V-16s capable of over 220mph on the straightaways.

    I’m absolutely knocked out by the C and D series, and do so wish Audi would get back into Formula 1.

  4. Great pics Keith,

    These cars are beauties, can’t imagine what they would have sounded like.

  5. Timo glock doing donuts In 2008 F1 toyota.

  6. This is retro car. Amazing design and turn us back into the past

  7. Without a doubt THE most beautiful automobiles ever built.Would love to see photos of the mountain cars.If you know anything about F1s early years you should know what i’m talking about.

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