Non-F1 cars at the Goodwood Festival

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Peugeot brought its Le Mans-winning 908 HDi FAP to Goodwood
Peugeot brought its Le Mans-winning 908 HDi FAP to Goodwood

By popular demand, I’ve put together a small selection of pictures of non-F1 cars that I took at Goodwood.

The collection includes rally cars, sports cars, supercars and more.

Do let me know if I’ve labelled any of these wrong – they aren’t F1 cars after all!

More pictures from the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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27 comments on “Non-F1 cars at the Goodwood Festival”

  1. Jaguar D type, Bugatti Veyron, Audi R8 LMS are best looking cars.

    Great collection, Keith. Apart from a prolific writer, you are quite a photographer as well.

  2. Jonathan102
    8th July 2009, 7:52

    The “Nissan GTR” you posted isn’t a GTR. Its a 350Z

  3. Did you see any of the action on the Rally Stage over the weekend Keith? I wasn’t there on Saturday to see Sebastian Loeb (yes, another Sebastian!) set a new fastest time in the C4 WRC…..

  4. StrFerrari4Ever
    8th July 2009, 8:15

    Dayum lovely cars there :)that Jaguar Bonnevile Special car is very interesting

  5. Great! F1 and Non F1.
    Some are rare pics, great effort.
    Too bad the resolution is too small and I cant print a decent one. Any suggestion?
    Thanks again.

    1. 1,680px wide isn’t enough?

      1. I noticed that if I click on a picture and print from the enlarged pic, it is quite ok.
        If I save the pic first, than print from the saved copy, the print is 1/2 size is.
        Is it intended to be this way?

    2. Click on the picture – then click on it again when it reloads.

  6. Pagani Zonda R?

    Isn’t it the Zonda F? could be wrong. Anyway the Zonda F sounds amazing – sounds like a 70’s f1 car!

    1. No, its definitely a Zonda R… the final extreme version of the brilliant hyper-car.

  7. The Audi R10 wins the ‘Honda-inspired crap paint job’ award.

    Lovely photos Keith. I saw the DBRS9 at last year’s FoS, and they’d not cleaned it since the LeMans win. Made the car look even more appealing :)

  8. Great set of pictures!

    Love that Audi R8 LMS. The Audi Quattro just above it has to be the ugliest car ever.

    Amazing how you know the name/type of all these cars.

    I have to agree with Jonathan though. I’d say that car labeled as a Nissan GT-R is in fact a Nissan 350Z.

  9. The D- Type is surely an Aston Martin DBR1. Certainly isn’t a D Type.

    1. I think you are absolutely right on that one.

  10. These are excellent pics Keith. However, the first of those Audi R10s ain’t an Audi R10… ;)

    1. Yep, it’s an R8 from 2000.

  11. I love the Ferrari F40 soooo much. my dream car. that one needs to be red though!

  12. I love the white F40!

    And of course the McLaren F1 GTR, and the 917s…
    What an incredible gathering of machinery! The closest we have on this continent is the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca — it was good last year, I’m hoping it’s better this year as Porsche is the featured marque! (And I’m praying that they bring the ’98 GT1)

  13. Ferrari 512S and Porsche 917L are my favourite. But all Le Mans car and incredible Pikes Peak prototypes are great looking.

  14. Wow..two Veyrons,and one is a Pur Sang!I believe there are only five of the Pur Sangs in the world.(unpainted,polished aluminum,carbon fiber body)

    The Bentley Speed 8 looks like what Batman would race.The BMW LMR V12 is one of my all-time favorite race cars though,beautiful.

  15. Were you able to snap any shots of Takuma driving the March 707? I sure envy you the opportunity to be there.

  16. Cool to see the Porsche 917, Ive got a couple slot cars from way back then modeled after that car and have always been fascinated by the huge rear wing.

  17. keith dykes
    15th July 2009, 11:10

    when is the festival next year 2010? so i can book the time off

  18. Thanks for the non-F1 photos, but that ain’t no D-Type Jag so gloriously sideways up the hill, it’s an Aston Martin DBR1 in Aston’s version of BRG.Marvelous!!!

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