Barrichello’s helmet designed by his children

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Rubens Barrichello is using a special helmet design for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

His children Eduardo (eight) and Fernando (four) helped with the design. It’s Fernando’s birthday this weekend and Barrichello sent him a special message (and posted a picture) on Twitter.

The sign on the back of the helmet is the design of Barrichello’s tattoo on his arm. His tribute to Felipe Massa is still there as well.

Here’s some pictures of the helmet. Do you like the design?

Rubens Barrichello’s Italian Grand Prix helmet

More special F1 helmet designs

Lots of F1 drivers have used special helmet designs this year – here are some more of them:

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16 comments on “Barrichello’s helmet designed by his children”

  1. I don’t like the helmet changes this year. Maybe allow a one-off for a special occasion. But as Martin Brundle often says during commentry, helmet designs used to be sacrosanct. They were the one way fans could instantly tell who you were. You used to know where you were with a drivers helmet design. I know it’s not the be all and end all of telling who is in what car at a glance, but To have a different helmet at almost every race. It’s just losing the spirit of it all.

    Maybe the FIA should take driver’s helmet designs as seriously as liveries when it comes to sticking to a design throughout a season, or even a driver’s career.

    1. I’m not so sure now, I would have agreed with you in previous seasons, but this year I think the changes have brought i another interest. I don’t think it should be reserved for special occasions, why not allow them to have a change if they feel like it. This year there has been all kinds of discussions based on history and tradition and in a lot of cases this is right, but the drivers lid is their only expressive visual input, so i think its good to break with tradition on this one.

      1. I hate the helmets that matches the cars. Hamiltons is the best because you can see him so clearly. Most drivers are so hard to tell apart because they match the helmets to the cars.

  2. I can’t see what’s changed! apart from the wide red bits along the side are now white…

    1. how about the orange on top rather than the blue? or the black he had at the start of the season. but essentially the same design. i don’t understand how his children designed it. did they just tell him to make it orange?

  3. Sato the top of his helemt is different, it used to to be the star of David

    1. the star is still there…

  4. The top is red instead of blue, the sides are white instead of red. Clearly his kids aren’t all that imaginative.

  5. ok sorry sato i couldn’t see it on tv just the top was red, and according to autosport

    Barrichello said the newly painted helmet that he was using at the Italian Grand Prix was in part a homage to say how much he missed Piquet, and fellow Brazilian Felipe Massa, in F1.

    1. nor could I! look at the pics above.

    2. I saw that bit in Autosport and was surprised the person I contacted at Brawn didn’t mention it. I’m making more enquiries…

  6. I wonder whether if Brawn get a different livery next year, Button will keep his new yellow design or go back to his old red, white and blue design? I hope for the latter as I liked his design almost as much as Mansell’s…

    My all time favourite helmet though was Damon Hill’s (and as a result Graham Hill’s) – simple and the fact that it was his father’s design also appealed to me!!

    1. i heard that with the mercedes partnership, the brawns will be silver next year. if so, i wonder what that will mean for mclaren

    2. Damon/Graham’s design was from the Oxford rowing club I think…

      1. Correction: London Rowing Club :)

  7. It’s pretty obvious his children did not design the helmet! What kind of kid is going to design an all white helmet! I think BrawnGP didn’t want the media to know that Rubens is siding with Nelsinho!

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