One comment on “Nick Heidfeld, BMW, Interlagos, 2009”

  1. How interesting that car manufacturers are all but avoiding coming into F1,Can any body inform me of the relative prices involved for all areas of comparison such as building a rally car from blank paper&building an f1 car from the drawing board with blank paper,tyre prices,drivers specific race licence prices,wages for the crew annually even vip access etc,i would be very interested in comparing all costs against all different motorsport as it seems to me that car manufacturers want to be more associated with easily accessable motorsports that relate to the products they sell the most of,their cars.Touring cars is definitely the way forward,the cars are similar (to the eye) as in rally,a tag (perhaps undeserved) given to f1 is that it is elitist,even after all the cost cutting,there is a core of f1 fans who appreciate the sport for the amazing engineering involved as it is the pinnacle of motorsports,I include myself in that group but I also wouldn’t miss brittish or world touring cars,rallyWRC,moto gp(with support races)or even the dtm highlights, with the same passion I have for f1 afforded to them all.
    It seems that most big car companies not in f1 now have been and then gave up or burned out,its all about bang for your buck,look at honda wen it metamorphosed into brawn,they did not realise(they would have if they had went another year in f1)they had outwitted the whole paddock with the car that they hard worked hard to design while there car they were racing was hobbling round the track in its last year in f1,Ross Brawn did not let that one go thankfully and after “gaffer taping” the merc engine last min it was the fastest car at the test,The honda management must have threw up all year watching jenson romping the field,they proved it can be done as have red bull with a lot of cash,bmw,honda,porche,toyota,peugeot and the rest of them all continue in Motorsports with success,why are they not successful f1 teams,is it Bernie or the fia,is it that f1 has peaked and sky will reverse its trend of Pinnacle peak trendsetting,I only hope that there is a reason behind why car manufacturers are not in f1 that has nothing to do with 1 reason or 1 organization,we the people hold the power no team would survive without the fans,the history and prestige is important(look how hard Tony Fernandes fought for a name) As long as touring cars etc remains free to air I will be happy.
    The lemans race has history and prestige and has allowed diesal amongst other hybrid and green tech entries enter and win,ferrari,mclaren and Renault don’t dominate that,poss Bernie needs to take a page out of the lemans orginisers handbook of veriety and new and historical teams with equal respect and no favouratisms to anybody or teams.
    It should be about the fans,I’m just going to stay loyal to bbc and pray for continuanty,in vain prob but I hope the overpriced(to the fans)deal with sky falls on its **** and in 2018 f1 returnes to a free to air channel in the meantime all other Motorsports should brace therselves for fantastic viewing figures and u never no somebody might have proof one day of a sertain ringmasters way of getting what he wants.This msg is for and on behalf or the real fans in the real world

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