Make your predictions for the first ever Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Can the new world champion end the year with a win?
Can the new world champion end the year with a win?

It’s the last race of the season and while the drivers’ and construcotrss titles have been won, we still have the thrilling denouement of the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship.

Make your predictions for pole position and the podium below.

The prizes

First place prize

  • An original F1 painting by Rob Ijbema
  • Five F1 DVDs from Duke Video: “Formula One 1970: The uncrowned champion”, “Formula Villeneuve: A tribute to Gilles Villeneuve”, “The World’s Greatest F1 Cars”, “Champion: Hill” and “Nine Days in Summer”
  • ??60 to spend on F1 merchandise at

3x Runners-up prizes

Here?s how the game works:

1. Predictions have to be made before the beginning of final practice on Saturday.
2. Only one set of predictions per person.
3. You have to predict (a) Who will be on pole position and (b) What the top three finishers (three different drivers) will be.
4. Players score:
a. ten points for correctly guessing the pole sitter
b. ten points for naming one of the top three in their correct position, 25 for naming two of the top three and 50 for naming the whole top three correctly
c. five points for correctly naming any other driver in the top three (but not in the correct position)
5. Predictions must be entered as described below and either posted in a comment below or emailled to
6. Whoever scores the most points over the 15 races from round three (China) to 17 (Abu Dhabi) wins the grand prize.
7. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by who picked to most race winners correctly, then second places finishers and so on.
8. In the event of a dispute the editor’s decision is final.
9. For the purposes of the competition the pole sitter is the driver who starts the original race from pole position. The race classification is that issued by the FIA.


See the current predictions championship scores

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64 comments on “Make your predictions for the first ever Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

  1. I’ve rushed mine and taken a gamble.
    This is last one of season then. Thanks Keith it has been a brilliant idea!

    1. Guilherme Teixeira
      30th October 2009, 14:42

      Steph, our predicitions almost got messed up again! =O

      I’ve sent mine prediction just one second before you!

      1. steph90 HAM HAM VET RAI 2009-10-30 14:38:00
        Guilherme Teixeira HAM HAM VET WEB 2009-10-30 14:37:59

        What’s up with you two? :P

        1. Telepathic. Well at least about when we want to do predictions. :p

          1. this is gay!! :-p

  2. Lots of symmetry for the pole and first predictions! Thanks for running this Keith!

    1. Wow! 36 entries so far, all have chosen hammi for pole! wondering who’ll break the trend. saloolas maybe? :P

      1. Me.

        Seriously, people, what does Kovalainen have to do to get some respect? Top P2? I think this is his time.

        1. I’ll be the happiest person on F1F if he manages a race victory. He has underperformed too badly, needs to go out with a bang.

          1. I think I would be the happiest person, I’m his big fan :)

        2. what does Kovalainen have to do to get some respect?

          Good question, two answers:

          1) Not load his car with 5-15Kg of more fuel than his team mate car. (But this is something not depending on him)

          2) Make some good races. Point 1) would have been a point for him if Kova would have performed better during the races.

  3. No Kabayashi :-( I wanted to predict a 3rd place for him.

    1. Sorry, have added him.

    2. Yeah same!

  4. Everyones gone for Hamilton pole so far!… I should have gambled I need a top score to take me into the top 3!

  5. Marcus, ur the first brave one to NOT choose hamilton for pole.

  6. ive gone for a mclaren 1,2 with the rapid rookie of Kobayashi taking 3rd :)

  7. Keith I matched you.

    1. just realised i’ve done the same

  8. I am rooting for a Brawn-free podium.

    I hope I get my wish.

  9. Buemi FTW, Kobayashi on the podium.

    I serious about my picks.

  10. Vettel FTW
    and Webber for a strong finish too

  11. I predict that the race will be as dull as ditchwater. Watched the practice earlier – apart from the two long straights it’s a carpark with pretty paint and shiny lights.

    And someone’s going to stack it on the pit exit.

  12. Lots of ham on that list :)

  13. I think Hami’s gonna kill it!!

  14. Hi Keith
    I just wanted to check if you had managed to update the Predictions standings after Brazil, because I e-mailed my prediction on the Friday before the Grand Prix which should have got me 5 points and put me joint 4th but on the table in the article after the race it had me as getting no points for Brazil, and I thought it would best to mention it now rather than after the final race.

    Also thanks for running the competition this season.

    1. Yep that’s been done.

  15. well my first prediction is the last race of the season.
    ah well ill be here for next year.

  16. Kova for pole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hamilton em 1º e Kovalainen 13º ….


    My prediction seems to have been mixed up.My choices are:

    same as Charles Fox…did they possibly get switched?

    1. Looks like someone else posted a prediction using your name. That one’s been changed to “Wesley2” and yours has been added.

  18. Younger Hamilton
    30th October 2009, 21:51

    These are my predictions

    1st Lewis Hamilton
    2nd Jenson Button
    3rd Sebastian Vettel
    4th Heikki Kovalainen
    5th Mark Webber
    6th Rubens Barrichello
    7th Nico Rosberg
    8th Sebastian Buemi
    9th Robert Kubica
    10th Fernando Alonso
    11th Kamui Kobayashi
    12th Kimi Raikkonen
    13th Jarno Trulli
    14th Jaime Alguersuari
    15th Romain Grosjean
    16th Giancarlo Fisichella
    Ret Adrian Sutil
    Ret Vitantonio Liuzzi
    Ret Kazuki Nakajima
    Ret Nick Heidfield

    1. Lol, even with retirements and all.

      Too bad you forgot the pit stop schedule ;)

    2. If that all comes true it will be mad…

    3. Wow. Imagine that – Heidfeld was classified around 40 races in a row – and now he would retire three times in 4 races? Incredible.

  19. I figured to joke around with this being the final race of the season. =)

  20. I hope Heidfeld doesn’t retire on what could be his last F1 race.

  21. Talk about lame, I just went HAM HAM BUT VET. Stamp my ass Mister Conformist!

    Hope the lights bring this circuit to life, feels a little flat so far despite the pit exit “tunnel of terror” and rather Daliesque hotel smudged over the circuit. Just can’t quite see where they gonna get close enough to overtake. Prolly just me feeling a little jaded. Last race, both champs decided, yadda yadda.

    Hmmm – just had a reflective pause there. This circuit needs a look. The blue stripes just arn’t doing it for me. Hate Valencia, but love the artsy balcony over the pits. Malaysia has it’s beautiful sails over the grandstand. China, the magnificent bridges over the main straight. Paris – the Arc de Triomphe. Ah…

    …yep, just got a whiff of Bernie hyperbole. F1 needs viable circuits. The backdrops should reflect a ‘world’ championship, but not in themselves detract from the racing.

    Racing happens at Spa, the best test of drivers. Do long straights and slow corners work? Hell yes. Want fast corners? Silverstone gives it in spades. Does it work every year? Nope. When its dry and hot, the current F1 cars struggle to hang to the car in front out of those quick corners. Monza? The original flat out circuit. The first chicance his the beautiful hiccup! Best chance to steal a lead, though the entrance to Parabolica is kewl to. Don’t shoot me – plenty of good circuits out there. Personally looking forward to the probable return of Montreal.

    Yas Marina? Dunno yet. Still think the pit exit under the track is unnecessary and risky. The Dali hotel thing is a nice gimmick, but adds nothing to the circuit itself. The mock corkscrew doesn’t seem to offer any surprises. Can they overtake in the dry? Only God and Herman know I suspect.

  22. StrFerrari4Ever
    31st October 2009, 0:07

    Last race of the year why not go out with a bang ey so I’m putting my faith in Buemi for pole & the win if it happens you’ll all be saying wow StrFerrari4Ever is the chosen one! :D

  23. I abandoned the predictions game long ago, but am very curious about the final result. Can anyone explain the combination of points each one of the top players need to win the “WPC”?

  24. So many Hammys??? Wow… Me choosing Seabass, gamble!!

  25. I haven’t made a prediction for quite a while, I like the new system for prediction. Good work! I love it!

  26. yeah … my entry has been saved :D

    according to the last free practice (fp1 & fp2) i’ll bet hamilton will take the pole and get the victory.

  27. Do we have to predict in next 15 minutes or 75 minutes? Which one is it?

    1. Before practice 3 isn’t it. So in about 47 minutes?

      1. Yes – and I’m just debating mine over breakfast myself!

        1. Well at around 10 a.m. it said it’s 30 minutes to go…not sure about it

          1. Wow serious thought going into this. Suppose it is the final race :P
            Just do it soon then to make sure you don’t miss out.

  28. It won’t let me upload mine
    Richard Evans

  29. Can’t make my predictions for some reason Keith?

    Have to make them here I guess…

    Pole: Hamilton
    P1: Hamilton
    P2: Vettel
    P3: Button

    1. Posted my prediction, and the 10 previous predictions were the same as mine (or rather mine was the same as theirs)…. To obvious for it to happen?

    2. Dank – added!

  30. Had the same problem with predictions, so I’ll post mine here too.

    Pole: HAMILTON
    Winner: HAMILTON
    Second: BUTTON
    Third: VETTEL

    Would like to be unpredictable, but it’s hard to see that happening this weekend!

  31. hahaha … my prediction of the race result had shown in Free Practice 3 : 1. Button 2. Hamilton 3. Barrichelllo … Does it mean the sunday race result is the same as FP 3 … ? i wish it’ll be like that :)

  32. Predictions screwed up my end too:


    1. Sorry Icthyes but looks like this one was posted too late to enter.

  33. dibble


    know i had left it late hope you can include thx

  34. Just a little late eh? ;-)


  36. Had a look through the list (because I’m sad :P) and I think I’m the only one who got the top 3 right! Although Webber and Button were the wrong way round.

    Great result for Red Bull! :D

  37. Congratulations S. VETTEL

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