Who should get the second Mercedes?

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Heidfeld could move from one German team to another
Heidfeld could move from one German team to another

Mercedes Grand Prix announced their first driver yesterday and few were su[prised to discover it was Nico Rosberg.

Who will end up in the second car run by the championship-winners is a much more interesting question as it’s probably the most coveted vacant seat in F1. Who do you think should get it?

Who should drive the second Mercedes?

  • Michael Schumacher (15%)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (26%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (11%)
  • Adrian Sutil (4%)
  • Robert Kubica (41%)
  • Someone else (3%)

Total Voters: 5,959

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Michael Schumacher – Does Michael Schumacher really want a comeback with the team that gave him a leg-up towards F1? When he missed out on his chance with Ferrari this year it was clear how badly he desired a return. But this would be for a full championship season, requiring more commitment than just filling in for a few races.

Kimi Raikkonen – Raikkonen’s only realistic hope of staying in F1 next year, assuming Mercedes aren’t after an all-German line-up.

Nick Heidfeld – Many would like to see Heidfeld get the seat purely because despite being quick he doesn’t attract attention the likes of Robert Kubica do. And he’s been passed over for top-line drives before – notably when McLaren picked Kimi Raikkonen over him for 2002, despite Heidfeld’s history with the team.

Adrian Sutil – Shown some promise at Force India but has been erratic.

Robert Kubica – Could well end up back on the market as Renault weight up their future in F1.

Which of these drivers should get the second seat at Mercedes? Or should it go to someone different? Cast your vote above and leave a comment below.

Mercedes Grand Prix in 2010

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167 comments on “Who should get the second Mercedes?”

  1. I’d have to say there are advantages to each of those. Even to Sutil. If only to finally asses if he really can drive.

    1. I’d say Jochen Mass :P

  2. How about Kobayashi.

    1. what have u been smoking?

      1. Has he got Kobayashi fever? Haha

      2. i was thinking the same, balsy and good marketing to for merc in asia

    2. To me it would be a good idea, instead.

    3. not a bad idea actually.

    4. I vote Kobayashi too….

    5. How about Enrique Bernoldi? He managed to keep Coulthard behind him …

      1. I don’t think the people above are joking about Kobayashi. Kobayashi has done very well.

      2. Monaco 2001 :P

    6. Mussolini's Pet Cat
      25th November 2009, 0:10

      with you there paul, the rest on the list are sooooo yesterday!

  3. Hope its Heidfeld. He deserves to get a win. He always beats his team-mates and then they go on to be seen as future champions.

    1. Assuming that Renault stays and Kimi and Michael are unavailable (all very likely) he will not only be their best option, but pretty much their only option. If they don’t want two german drivers (“we are an international brand…”) they’ll have to take Trulli or Kovalainen since all other half-decent drivers are unavailable.

      This shows how hard they were hit by Button leaving. If they’d anticipated that, they would have kept Barrichello.

      1. i want heidfeld. i think he deserves a good drive more than ‘half asleep raikkonen’ and ‘win everthing schumi’.

        yes heidfeld had a good car in 08′ but there were always better mclarens and ferraris on the track. i think Heidfeld has had a harder carrer than Kimi and he has beat him in the past.

        1. Heidfield!

          1. what are you yelling about Mp4? are you trying to correct the spelling because im pretty sure its Heidfeld, not Heidfield

    2. yeah right. He’s this same type of diver like Button. 10 years nothing and now he’s trying to get god car thats all. I don’t think so he will be ever world champion

  4. I don’t know why people are voting for Michael and Kimi as Huag has already denied reports regarding Michael and Kimi himself has made it clear that he is not in the talk with Mercedes.
    Haug also said that it is a surprise so It can well be a completely new face and not even Nick and Adrian. So who knows?

    1. Denials often mean the opposite in F1 ;)

    2. The poll doesn’t say “who will” or “who is most likely”, but “who should”.

      1. Sorry I just missed it.

  5. Who should as opposed to who will. The only realistic contender on the list is surely Heidfeld.

  6. Pedro de la Rosa is the best option until Vettel is going to Mercedes GP in 2011 or 2012.

    1. De la Rosa over Heidfeld?


      1. Because De la Rosa has been linked to Mercedes-Benz F1 programme since 2003.

      2. Why not Alex Wurz? he’s an Austrian(almost German) & he too has had a past relationship with Mercedes-Benz.

  7. I would like Schumacher to be the driver. I think Kimi would be the best driver. However, i think Heidfeld will be the driver.

    1. Why would Mercedes want to tarnish their brand image by hiring an old hag who’s a proven cheat ?

  8. I have to agree with Paul, personally I think kobayashi, based on his performance in a substandard car, he’d be a race winner in an average car, and other than heidfeld noone else on the list is either realistic or worth the trouble.

    1. Substandard car?

      That car took two second places in the few races prior to Kobayashi’s appearance (Japan and Singapore). In Brazil Trulli qualified P4 and if Sutil had been a bit more observant or Trulli a bit less daring, he could have gotten another podium with it.

      Trulli performed poorly in Abu Dhabi yes.

      1. It also locked out the front row in Bahrain.

        1. It came last and second last at Monaco.

          1. so what’s your point? do you forget that everyone else struggled at some point this year? how about ferrari’s winless first few races? i can go on an on but the point is that Toyota was the car that could have delivered Toyota it’s first win in the hands of a capable driver. too bad toyota Got screwed their driver lineup. that car deserved 3rd spot on the WCC.

      2. Yes, the evidence is that the Toyota was one of the fastest cars over the course of the year. However, the team and drivers proved experts at turning that silk purse into a sow’s ear. Kobayashi was no where in GP2 and there is no reason to expect that this record will be shown to be misleading based on his two F1 performances driving an excellent race car.

  9. If all those drivers were available and willing to sign for Mercedes then my choices in order would be


    However I don’t think Schumacher or Raikkonen will sign, and would Mercedes be prepared to wait until Renault decide its F1 future to see if Kubica is free?

    I think the choice for the second seat could well be a surprise and someone who hasn’t been rumoured yet, but at the moment I think the favourite is Heidfeld.

    1. would Mercedes be prepared to wait until Renault decide its F1 future

      That could take months. I wish they’d stop the flip-flopping about and make a decision. Unfortunately a signature on a contract no longer means anything about manufacturer commitment.

    2. would Mercedes be prepared to wait until Renault decide its F1 future to see if Kubica is free?

      Would Mercedes want to be seen to be picking up the left overs of another team?

      1. Mercedes? Picking up the leftovers of another team? Heaven forbid…

    3. Kimi will not & should not sign!! He’s blow up too many of their engines :P

  10. If they want to start the season looking like contenders, they need the only realistic top driver available, Raikkonen.

    1. yes correct

  11. Nuthin, Kimi and schumi are both pipe dreams, neither will ever happen. Sutil Is avg at best, kubica is a pointless pick, heidfeld would be worth it though, but I’d still pick kobayashi.

    1. Based on two races, over Heidfeld?

      1. indeed, in two races he has shown bigger balls than quick nick has in years of driving around in circles

      2. Unbelievable huh?People would chose a two race rookie over a professional that has shown he is reliable and can bring in steady points.HEIDFELD HAS EARNED HIS CHANCE AT A MERCEDES SEAT!I hope he gets a seat and shuts everybody up by proving himself.If he doesn’t prove himself then I will shut up.

        1. He’s already proved himself. He has beaten 4 top drivers as team mates

          1. Very true Tommy…..I suppose I should have said “prove himself by getting some WINS.”

          2. Nick could be the next Webber. Remember, the latter was also win-less before this year, but look what happens when you give him a quick, (more) reliable car.

  12. If Schumacher wins in a Mercedes then the story is about him not Mercedes. There must also be doubts about his fitness and motivation to come back full time.

    Raikkonen would be a good option if Mercedes are willing to overlook the lack of a German passport and cough up the necessary cash.

    Heidfeld is quick, experienced and under-rated. He’s also German. Nick usually brings his car home in one piece and he’s a pretty good racer on the quiet. If the Mercedes is quick enough he can make it a winner. A good choice.

    Sutil has hardly set the world alight these last couple of years. Do Mercedes really want a driver who was blown away by then team mate Lewis Hamilton in F3? I don’t think so.

    Kubica would have been a great choice a month ago but now he’s under contract. Until that changes he has to be considered out of the running.

    1. Great analysis Tim, I agree

      1. If Schumacher wins in a Mercedes then the story is about him not Mercedes.

        Too True!

  13. If Mercedes want a lightning quick race winner, they’ll snap up Raikkonen.

    If they want a race winner that’ll bring in the bucks (although isnt the sharpest tool in the box now…) they’ll get Schumacher

    Kubica is already signed with Renault, and I doubt any party wants to be involved in all the contract negotiations that will follow.

    IF Mercedes wanna fail, they’ll get anybody else really. The team needs race winners to draw the PR and to stand a chance next season. I have good faith that Ross Brawn has developed a cracking car, all they need is someone to get the most out of it.

    1. If Mercedes want a lightning quick race winner, they’ll snap up Raikkonen.

      If they want a racer that will be lightning quick every 4 or 5 races.

      1. That would be Massa?

      2. If you’re basing your argument on this year, the car was terrible and developed in favour of Massa.

        If you’re talking about last year, the car was developed in favour of Massa. When he has the car set up roughly (not exactly) how he likes it, he’ll deliver the goods.

        1. When will Hamiloton betray McLaren? I’d be glad if he does it now.

          1. He wont. He’s in a well paying contract until the end of 2012. If he were to break that contract and leave another team he’d be on much less money.

  14. keepF1technical
    24th November 2009, 12:55

    what about anthony davidson? he is very well known to the team and is well thought of.

    but then that would mean three brit drivers out of four for merc so its unlikely.

    raik would be my bet. He has a few scores to settle with both ferrari and mclaren now.

    1. Well that would definitely be a surprise, but Ant is even more unproven than Sutil, and he seems more of a Heidfeld-like driver than a race winner

      1. what about anthony davidson?

        He’s doing a superb job with BBC, so…

  15. i really would like Heidfeld to be picked up, and hopefully the header picture for this article suggests that he has the greatest chance for this. it’s gonna be his 11th season, without a single win nor a chance for the WDC title. he deserves this chance, he waited more than anyone else, even Fisichella has got his topcar in his 10th, and Barrichello in his 8th season.

    i have to say, that although Räikkönen is a bloody good driver, and delivered a stunning performance since Massa has been injured, i don’t really like his approach to the F1. “I’d stay only if I can fight for the title” – he says. but if every other driver would follow his approach, there were only about 4 drivers on the grid.
    and considering that he doesn’t contribute too much to the car development (although he is extremely fast with any car), i don’t think he’d be the best choice for Mercedes.

    i still don’t get how Sutil comes into question. okay, he is German, but that’s all.

    Kobayashi showed promise on 2 GPs. he is obviously talented, but that’s such a short period of activity that could be judged. Buemi started the season with 2 pointscorings then NOTHING for 13 races. and after the experienced drivers left the team, with a cummulated 458 grand prix starts, i don’t think it’s a good idea to sign a rookie with 2 starts. i hope that Kobayashi could find a seat next year, and if he performs well, he will make his way to a top team either way.

    Kubica? he’s under contract and i hope he’ll be in a cockpit of a Renault in Bahrain next March. it would be so unfair to ignore Heidfeld again, and again in favour of literally anyone. no offence to Kubica, but Heidfeld could provide the experience the team just threw away.

    Schumacher is still the dark horse. he says no, but as we’ve seen it in August, it can change soon. Mercedes looks much more promising than Ferrari did, and he shouldn’t have to perform against a WDC like Raikkönen. however, he couldn’t be a long term solution with 41 years old. Heidfeld with 33 could race for them at least 4-5 years, Schumi could 1-2 maybe.

    if one of this years drivers would have stayed, i would have sid to give a chance for the teams long time test driver Anthony Davidson, but with so few GP starts it wouldn’t be ideal to pair up with Rosberg.

    so my final choice would be: Nick Heidfeld

  16. Heart says Kimi (just to keep him in F1) but my head says Heidfeld.

    1. Same. Kimi has had his chances, while Heidfeld needs a chance in a top car.

  17. It’s about time that team gave Anthony Davidson is fair chance.

    1. could not agree more

  18. I can’t see why people rate Sutil so high.

    He has showed speed but unconsistency and an alarming tendency to crash (okay, Kimi may be out next season so Sutil won’t have problems crashing to him)

    But still. He’s accident prone

    Better to stick with Nick Heidfeld, a extremely reliable driver who still has speed (come on, even his much rated team mate couldn’t really beat him)

  19. I don’t know why they don’t grab Sutil, I think he’s a decent driver and he will do well in a race winning car (or former race winning car).
    I would give Sutil a chance at mercedes

  20. As this is who I think “should” get it, as opposed to who “will” get it then…

    Raikkonen …simply because if it hadn’t been for the unreliability of Mercedes engines he would have been a triple World Champion already… Mercedes owe him this drive.

    However in reality, I would have said Heidfeld for the reasons Keith gives and that he is truely underrated… but can’t help thinking about Haugs “surprise” and it could well be Schumi or Kimi.

  21. I would say Raikonnen, if he is wiling to of course. Schumacher is just too old and he said he didnt want to be a grandad in F1. I would rather go with proven winners. I dont always assume that drivers who did well with an average car will be succesful when they are in a top team, seen a lot of drivers who did wonders in average cars and failed when it mattered. Fisi is the prime example. Remember DC was matching and often beating Hakkinen when Mclaren wasnt the top team, but when it mattered it was Hakkinen who rose to the challenge.

  22. Come on people… Schumacher in a Merc, Alonso in a Ferrari, Hamilton in a McLaren, Vettel in a Red Bull. Who wouldn’t love to see that? Then you also have Massa, Button, Rosberg, Kubica…

    1. Yeah, I have the same opinion, Mr Outsider.

      1. Just replace Schumi with Kimi in the Merc and we still have a smacker!

        Alonso wants revenge on Hamilton, Kimi wants to beat Ferrari, Hamilton and Button will be fighting for the upper hand at McLaren… Vettel wanting another shot at the WDC… *drooling*

        1. Add to that Massa wanting to prove himself against Alonso, Webber against Vettel and who knows, maybe Williams will surprise and have a competitive car and Barrichello can get in the mix.

          The cream of F1 is certainly rising to the top.

    2. Totally agree. Besides, Merc have made it clear they don’t have money to burn, so Kimi is definately off the list. Schumacher in a Silver Arrow would be a remarkable thing to see and Willi Weber stoked the rumours further today by telling German magazine Bunte he was “absolutely fit” and “could drive for victories”.

      Got my fingers crossed. Bet Hamilton wants this with a passion too…

  23. I think it’s gonna be Heidfeld – but why haven’t they signed him already? His salary can’t be an issue.

    1. Because if they sign him right away, then it’s settled and nobody will be talking about Brawn/Mercedes until March. Whereas if they keep the Schumacher rumour going, that’s all anyone’s gonna talk about, bringing attention to the team and away from McLaren.

      1. haha so true!! All this “Silly season nonsense” is purely publicity related. My heart and head say Nick Heidfeld. He’s proven to be faster than Kimi and he got passed for good race seats a few times too often. I’d like to see him up against Rosberg too, not because the’re 2 Germans, but more because everybody thinks highly of Rosberg (including myself) and I’m curious to wether Heidfeld will do better than him too! I still think it’s hard to tell wether Mercedes Gp is going to be a top team next year – they started out as the no. 1 car this year but later on the RBR and McClaren were the better cars.. Anyway let’s hope they give Nick a chance, he so deserves it!

  24. Its Hammer time
    24th November 2009, 13:59

    I think it will and should be Heidfeld and that’s an end of it. Remember Silverstone 2008? I loved being there and watching Hamilton win which is what is remembered by all. Few remember that Heidfeld came screaming up the order and was reeling Hamilton in at 2 seconds a lap in parts which was not down to extreme wets like Barrichello’s Honda.

    Kubica is over-rated. The media seem to have portrayed that when Kubica performs he’s talent and when Nick performs he’s lucky.

    I am so sure Heidfeld will get the drive I have put money on him to win his first race in the 2010 season. You heard it here first. Kimi and Michael will enjoying watching it with the rest of us next year.

    1. I can’t agree more :)

    2. Very well said Hammer time!!! :)

      Hope you win your money.I’m not a betting man but,I will be having a toast to the first Heidfeld win.

  25. Please Raikkonen if only to keep him in F1, though Heidfeld deserves a decent team.
    Don’t see Kubica or Sutil going there and Schumacher is yesterday’s jam.

    1. Scrape the mould off the top and it’ll be fine?

  26. How about this – Mercedes sign Kimi then swap him to Red Bull for Vettel…

    1. Yeah, I’ll bet they are signing only a 2 year deal.

  27. Sutil needs a break so let him have a go…

    1. Sutil has broken so many cars already …

  28. with the kind of money merc/brawn were showing button, i doubt michael s was their real target. sure it would be a dream for ross brawn, but i think he’s more than willing to show how good his cars are even if they arent driven by a superstar. my money is on RALF as the merc surprise. ralfy didnt just go into hiding after 07- he drove dtm for merc….

  29. I’d like to see Heidfeld get the place, I want the guy to hav a proper chance in what wil probably be a very decent car. Although I’m sure he was thinking the same thing about this season himself.

    If not him, then Schumacher, that would be pretty special.

  30. If you want to win… get a Finn!

    I want Kimi to be in the Merc, but if he is determined to sit 2010 out, then I’d like to see Kovalinen or Trulli added to the list.

    Hope it’s Kimi.

  31. I want Heidfeld to get the seat. I believe this would be exactly the step he would need to get his first win and prove that he can do the job as well as anyone. He’s also cheap to pay and would get along well with the team.

    After he priced himself out of a drive, it amazes me that so many people still think Kimi is the best guy for the job. The Kimi of 2010 isn’t the Kimi of 2003/3005 everyone…..

    1. 2003-3005, wow that’s some career!!

  32. Mercedes will give some of the DTM drivers a chance during December testing. Paul di Resta is confirmed on a Force India. Maybe also Bruno Spengler, Jamie Green or Gary Paffett could get a drive.

  33. Ok lets have either Schumacher or Kimi.

  34. Sutil won’t be a bad idea.

    1. That’s right. He won’t be a bad idea, he’ll be an absolute shocking idea.

  35. I say kimi if a new team motivates him. (grass is greener on the other side?) but then again, if brawn can make jenson a champion, then they might as well pick any halfway decent driver lol. although i highly doubt brawn/merc will have the advantage they had at the beginning of 09. so back to my first choice kimi (the motivated version) if they want a driver to squeeze every drop of performance out of the car and create results…nico will be useful to pick up a few podiums this season i suspect

  36. Kimi might be the best option available for Mercedes.
    But I still want Heidfeld in that seat. I really want to see how he fares in a top team. This might be last chance for Heidfeld before he retires or gets permantly stuck in a smaller team.
    Kimi has had best cars for year and managed to win WDC once in 4 or 5 attempts. Plus his most other cars were race winners too if not title winner.

    Best car Heidfeld had was 3rd best car that year, with BMW in 2008. I really want to see Heidfeld fail, to believe he is not good. Hope Mercedes dont do injustice on him again. He was their development driver. They brought him to F1 and left him stranded.
    Heidfeld had an off year in 2008. He struggled with qualifying just the way Kimi did. At end of year Kubica who was title contender was just 15 points ahead of Heidfeld. Infact if you compare their records together than Heidfeld has outscored Kubica by around good 20-30 points but Kubica gets all credits due to a pole and a win. He has beaten Raikkonen, Massa at Sauber, Alesi at Prost, he surely deseves better seat.

    1. You are assuming that Merc will be a top team ,,, No it will at best be a third best team similar to BMW so Nick wont be good enough even in a Merc to win WDC.

      The only hope (by a long shot) is Kimi who is proven to be faster than anyone else – and if he is fired up against Ferrari and also gets a dose of luck (not his best friend) – Well if Luck was with Kimi he would be WDC multiple times by now.

      Thats why I guess Kimi is the best bet (and its a bet) Merc shud take…

  37. Anybody but Michael the Cheat. In my opinion there is no justice unless only those who are honest and upright are graced with success. I know that life is nothing like this: Bush Jr. became president of the U.S. (twice), Schumi the Cheat became F1 WC seven times…. nonetheless, one can only hope that neither he nor any driver with a caracter like his come into F1 for many, many years. Even Kimi-borefest would be a better option.

    1. So true ,,

      That guy is slimy

  38. Juan-Pablo Montoya?

    1. C’omon! give the guy a break, he is so much happier running the stock cars than ever before …

      On the other hand, I think the one who should and will end up at Mercedes is Schumacher. They want him desperately and (apparently) have offered any job he wants at Merc (even driving the F1 car).

      – Raikkonen? is out of the question, he will come back, yes, but to drive a Red Bull.

      Heidfeld? Hope not, he is boring to dead and has no wins to his name. That would mean a win-less line-up for the German team

      Sutil? Maybe in the future, he hasn’t proved he’s right for a big team just yet

      Kubica, other? Not likely

    2. Montoya or Raikkonen!
      One of these 2 guys should come and join Mercedes.
      Montoya actually would be a very big surprise!!!

      1. Montoya will not join Mercades. He is battling for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship at the moment, he is 3rd or 4th in championship.

    3. Excuse me…JPM could’nt fit in the car anymore.

      1. They must have bigger windows for Juan Pablo to fit through.

    4. I’d love to see Montoya make a comeback. But judging from his regular Tweets from the various fast food eateries of America, I don’t think he’s up for it.

      1. As much as I would love to see JPM back, there’s no way thats going to happen. He’s officially made it clear he hates F1, just watch his interviews on youtube, he seems to love it in NASCAR.

        Mercedes should just sign on Kimi, after Alonso, he’s the best driver out there!! Kimi’s relationship with Merc in the past during the Mclaren days were fairly successful, so why not?

        But Norbert Haug could look at it differently. They’ve already signed Nico, who is fast, an out and out racer. The best driver to form a complete team would be Nick Heidfeld. He will bring the car home every race, score you points and podiums…might be the best person to complement Nico.

        Still…nothing would beat JPM back in F1!!

        1. Haug wants Kimi End Of… And they have to show that the car is a winner and not like the car we saw towards the end of season 2009..

          Its Kimi who has to decide now…

    5. I dont think Montoya could fit in an F1 car, let alone drive it

  39. The flying jap:
    Ayrtom Kobayashi for sure.

  40. Heidfeld should get the seat. Kubica’s over-rated, he never would won in Montreal if Nick had not let him through.

    I just don’t Schumacher or Raikkonen agreeing to race for Mercades GP. Sutil is not consistant enough to deserve a drive there.

    If not Heidfeld then hopefully Kobayashi. But maybe could be someone that no one suspects. Possibly Ralf, Davidson, Sato…

  41. According to someone off twitter the finnish station Mtv3 and helsingin sanomat kimi has signed a contract with mercedes gp for 2010. However I don’t trust the person reporting at all but surely if it is true someone else would confirm as they would have heard too?

    1. In fact if it is true I’ll eat my socks. I’m backing quick Nick. Would love Kimi to get seat but just don’t see it happening

  42. Purrrrlease let it be Kimi….

    Anything else is sooo boringly second rate…

    Plus I so desperately want it…

  43. I couldn’t in all honesty vote for either Schumacher or Raikkonen. Michael would be a dream but I worry if it would be for the right reasons, or if he’d really be ready. Kimi because although he’d the be the next best candidate, I’ve had enough of him really. So my vote went to Heidfeld; Sutil needs a consistent year in a midfield team first, and Kubica has made his own bed with Renault.

  44. Kimi will be unable, even if offered, to take the seat. He has already comitted to a strict drinking regimen for the next 12 months. The extended bender is scheduled to commence imminently. Rumour has it, it may have already commenced.

  45. Ahhh…

    But look at Seb Vettel’s interview in F1 mag.. he says Kimi is the F1 drinking king…

    No probs… he’ll drive as well…

    And Mercedes will have a PR black hole if they go with Heidi and Nico… a bit like Toyota…

  46. I would say…….Nick Heidfeld.

    But then again: Who am I to decide. It’s my personal favourite F1 driver, together with Button and Vettel.

  47. Michael Schumacher is a dream, Robert Kubica has already been signed by Renault. And to be honest I don’t like neither Heidfeld and Sutil. About Kimi: it doesn’t bother to me what he does. But if you ask me a name for the second Mercedes, I say Jarno Trulli. He deserves a good car, let’s give him a chance and I think you will be rewarded.

    1. I like Jarno but at times he is very frustrating. He puts in these amazing qualifying laps which could make him faster than any other driver on earth but then come race day he’s too fragile and it all falls apart.
      He reminds me of Kimi by that he has all potential to deliver but doesn’t. Although Kimi can be spectacular in races more often than Trulli and I rate him as one of the top there is that frustration as at times, for whatever reason, he just doesn’t deliver.

  48. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
    24th November 2009, 20:19

    Heidfeld deserves it more than anyone, but i’d like to see schumi back

  49. give it to heidfeld, personally i dnt think kimi deservse it because he was being to greedy.. and pretty much has been in a quick car all his career. I wld say heidfeld bcoz he deserves it as he was passed for rakionen in 20002 with mclaren.

  50. Ok, i said Kimi, but if he¡s not avalaible i would bet for Kobayashi, at least he has some blood and B***s :-)

  51. If Schumacher wants to return go for him … of course!

    But else I would go for Heidfeld, he’s underrated, as he has beaten many high profile teammates except for 2008.
    He had the measure of Webber at Williams when he was doing a good season, but he was unable to complete the season.

  52. Pedro de la Rosa is the best option. He’s better than Heidfeld.

    1. Embellish please.

  53. The surprise is…..and i have my sources…….JPM…….!!

    1. that’s a sweet baddad131 impression

  54. I think Nick Heidfeld goes on. But Heikki Kovalainen is on the table!!!

  55. Heidfeld definitly merits the second seat at MercF1. He has done well in fast cars and been competitive with teamates in slow cars.

    After being dropped for Kimi back in the day – its time for Nick to go back home to Mercedes! (lets try and forget his time with BMW)

  56. Many fans are talking about Kobayashi,but I don’t think that’s happening but I guess Koba can look an opportunity in Lotus F1 a team in Asia.

  57. If Sato comes back next year and doesn’t drive for Lotus, I think he’ll be in the Mercedes.

    but my money is still on him in a Lotus with Trulli.

  58. Kobayashi. I agree it would be a huge gamble considering the fact that Nico Rosberg is yet to make his mark in F1, but if Mercedes are serious about their investment then ‘young blood’ in their cars must be considered.
    Schumacher or Raikkonen would certainly suffice, but in Michael’s case age goes against him. I know alot of people rate Nick Heidfeld but he, as with Rosberg, is not a driver who has won races, and is far more experienced.

  59. If Mercedes are serious about F1, then they need to sign Raikkonen asap.
    The competition next year will be harder then ever, they will have to go up against Alonso, Massa, Hamilton, Button and Vettel. There will be a lot of expectations and pressure on them because they would have to defend their WCC status and at the same time Mercedes have just invested a lot of money in the team. Everyone will be looking for results.
    Therefore, what Mercedes really needs right now is a WDC, and a driver who can challenge the others. Kimi also have lots of fans, so his PR value or star status is high, which should also be an extra advantage for Mercedes right now. They somehow need to get this deal done.

    But failing that Heidfeld is the obvious choice he is a very capable driver often underrated, and like many people have already mentioned, he does deserve a shot. It is a shame he didn’t just go for the seat when it was offered to him last year. Who knows he could very well get another shot at it, he is obviously currently the favourite.

  60. If Mercedes are willing to end their ties with Mclaren then they must be serious. There’s no reason to do a soft launch and have a soft driver lineup with it. No Heidfeld and no lazy Raikkonen. Just get Mike. Wear the Schu for one year. He comes in as driver/ consultant for a team with new factory backing. Wins or not, he’ll get them off the launch pad in a big way. In 2011 he gets jettisoned for Vettel. He stays on as racing consultant/ coach to the young German lions. Go big or go home. That’s it.

  61. If Haug really meant a Surprise it has ti be Kimi RAikkonen or Schumacher

  62. @ V

    If Mercedes are serious about F1, then they need to sign Raikkonen asap.
    The competition next year will be harder then ever, they will have to go up against Alonso, Massa, Hamilton, Button and Vettel. There will be a lot of expectations and pressure on them because they would have to defend their WCC status and at the same time Mercedes have just invested a lot of money in the team. Everyone will be looking for results.
    Therefore, what Mercedes really needs right now is a WDC, and a driver who can challenge the others. Kimi also have lots of fans, so his PR value or star status is high, which should also be an extra advantage for Mercedes right now. They somehow need to get this deal done.

    I like the way u think mate…..these words were utterly no nonsense……agreed!
    They Need Kimi

    1. Alex or Martin?
      Actually it doesn’t really matter, it won’t be.

  63. Everybody but not a second german’s driver.
    I think that two drivers of the same nationality it is a bad business idea ;)

  64. Remember Haug said its a Surprise.

    So it has to be either Kimi or Schumacher. Else it has to be Vettel. Some of u may argue that Vettel has a contract but “Contracts are there to be BROKEN”. Any other driver would not be a surprise and would be a disaster for Mercedes.

  65. Here’s another option – Gary Paffett. British, which they may not want, but he was DTM champion in a Merc, has lots of testing experience in the McLaren-Mercedes so knows the engine (and Nobby Haug).
    Rosberg is going to be the team leader, so why not have a junior with a lot of development experience as #2?

  66. How about Kamui Kobayashi

  67. I always liked Kimi and his style (as a driver and as a person), but I definitely agree with some people here that his attitude at this moment doesn’t appeal to me at all. “Only a winning car” and only for more then a lot of millions, I think that’s really the wrong mentality. Why did Ferrari replace him with Alonso in the first place? Know your place Kimi. You could have signed for I don’t know how many teams and try to build something up with your incredible talent. Now it’s waisted.

    I always had a soft spot for Heidfeld, I think he really (finally) deserves a go. I also think he’s far better then most people think, but that’s just my opinion. People discarding him because he’s boring… come on, then you could also say Schumi didn’t deserve it because he’s an *******. Or something.

    But I keep thinking about Haug’s comments, Nick and even Kimi are both not really a “big surpise” are they? So suddenly another Finnish name comes up, but maybe only because I still miss the guy: Hakkinen! Didn’t he say he was leaving on a sabbatical instead of quitting? Maybe the sabbatical has ended? That’ll be a surpise…

  68. If Brawn/Mercedes has a car that can challenge the front runners next year…

    Schumi – His comeback will be good for the sport. But will it be good for Merc? I think it will be a win-win move. With his experience and Ross Brawn’s technical prowess, it will help the development of the car season long. Rosberg as a young driver will learn from Schumi’s experience and leadership. The 7-time world champ can also bring sponsorship to the team and help it gain more in terms of publicity. Seeing him race in a Merc battling with Alonso and Massa in a Ferrari, Button and Ham in McLaren and Vettel in Red Bull would be fantastic.

    But Schumi’s too old already, maybe he could win his 8th title but I think it’s the young drivers’ time this time.

    Kimi – He only wants to win. That’s why when he’s not in contention for top places, he finds no point in going all out especially when his car doesn’t have the speed to overtake. Him being half asleep in races would not be a problem if Merc has a fast car next year. Kimi, as i know, has the largest fan base next to Schumi. That should help Merc in their F1 publicity. Only problem with Merc upping its brand exposure in F1 is Kimi not wanting to do PR stuff.

    Heidfeld – He is consistent as he is boring. He would just suck Mercedes down in terms of publicity. But that’s just me.

    1. @ Alex

      Did the fact that Kimi was completely out of contention for the WDC, in a car that had been described as ‘difficult’ by his team boss and abandoned in favour of the 2010 car, with a team mate in hospital prevent him from dragging that POS onto the podium time after time in 2009?

      What did he have to race for?

  69. I think it’s going to be Kubica, mercedes just waiting for Renault to annouce if they’re going to continue in F1 or not.

    1. It looks like Robert Kubica is the best choice! Surely the one (from the list) that has a HUGE potential.

      1. I also think that Mercedes waiting to 14th December for Renault decision. If they quit, doors for Mercedes should be open for Robert.

  70. Kimi Raikkonen

  71. What about Lewis?
    Hamilton should take a fresh clean start at Mercedes GP and leave McLaren with its scandals.
    This would be a very good surprise!

    1. Younger Hamilton
      27th November 2009, 19:07

      what are you talking about Lewis is Commited to Mclaren 100% no matter what happens there are why he is in f1 thanks to them. you must have some stupid imagination.Yes it will be shock if he left Mclaren but its Impossible.

  72. I really doubt schumi will make a come back. He made quite a fool of himself in 2005 and 2006 when he did not have a car that was a second a lap quicker than the others. I think Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso would eat him alive, and would make brawn’s car look uncompetitive.

    I hope kimi still reconsiders staying in f1 because he is the best driver available in the market right now, and I’m sure he’ll be looking for revenge against ferrari and mclaren.

  73. slr says ”Heidfeld should get the seat. Kubica’s over-rated, he never would won in Montreal if Nick had not let him through.
    what?????!!!!!everyone knows Kubica overtake Heidfield because hi was fastest than Nick!!!!
    For me the best choice is Kimi

  74. Kubica in Mercedes could be a champion!

  75. I think that Mercedes is waiting for Renault and what they decide abut their future in F1. If Renault aren`t going to continue F1 Kubica will be second driver in Mercedes. In my opinion Kubica is better than Heidfeld. He`s faster, his knowledge about car and settings is better than Heidfeld. In this year Kubica had a lot of problems with his car and it is not his fault. We must remember 2008 year when Kubica was great. Kubica is the best choice.

  76. F1 fans from Poland vote for their racer

  77. like f1 fans from britain votes for british drivers, germans for german drivers itc wake up!:)

  78. Younger Hamilton
    27th November 2009, 19:01

    i think Heikki Kovalainen should get the Second. Mercedes would probably be a Good Option for him

  79. GO !! KUBICA !! GO !!

  80. how about robert kubica??
    i vote for him

  81. Pedro de la Rosa.

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