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Michael Schumacher says yes to £20m Mercedes return to Formula One (Daily Mirror)

"Contrary to reports that the sport's most successful racer would be earning just £6million, the German will actually rake in the biggest salary in F1 next season, totalling nearly £20m."

Lotus F1 Racing Driver Announcement Q&As (Lotus)

Jarno Trulli: "We have to set realistic targets for the first year. We are one of the new teams, so we have to prove ourselves and to gain respect in the paddock. We have to establish ourselves as the best of the new teams and see what gap we have between us and the rest."

Max Mosley: how I helped broker deal to keep the peace in F1 and prevent breakaway series (Daily Telegraph)

Mosley’s second article for the Daily Telegraph covers the FOTA breakaway threat which he lambasts the teams for despite being the one who suggested it: "Mistakes? There was perhaps one major error on my part. During the period between the two WMSC decisions in March and April, I should have taken the trouble to visit each of the car company CEOs individually and explain exactly what we were doing and why. Had I done this I think BMW would still be with us and, just possibly, Toyota. It would have been easy to demonstrate that with the cost cap, they could have had the same for far less. But this was never a message their team principals were going to give them."

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31 comments on “F1 links: More Schumacher return rumours”

  1. Obviously you have to take anything written by the Mirror as totally air tight, it is just a matter of days then!!! Sorry for my Cynisism but really what do they know?!?!

    1. The Daily Mirror, what is it good for? absolutely nothing!!! Low grade toilet paper perhaps.

  2. While I still think it would be a major surprise if Schumacher returned to F1 with Mercedes next year, and also that I would be unlikely to believe the Mirror, Schumacher being paid £20m seems a lot more realistic to me than some of the rumours saying he would earn just £6m.

  3. In June 2008 the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) announced it was going to run its own breakaway series.

    I thought it was in 2009.

    Obviously you have to take anything written by the Mirror as totally air tight, it is just a matter of days then!!! Sorry for my Cynisism but really what do they know?!?!

    I can’t wait to read the retaliation by The Sun, being bigger and brasher and claiming he’ll be getting paid one billion dollars!

    1. one Billion, a race, with a bonus scheme for every point!

      1. And with the FIA’s new points scheme… :D

  4. The last time a former champion returned to drive for a mercedes powered team, he couldn’t fit his buttocks into the car’s cockpit. Hope the same doesn’t happen to Schumi. I want to see him humiliated by Nico Rosberg :D :D

    1. Terry Fabulous
      15th December 2009, 1:45


      Humiliated by Nico Rosberg?

      Considering Nico’s track record so far the only person he could possible humiliate is a former member of Take That for being jealous of his awesome boyband hairdo.

      I hope you were being ironic.

  5. On the other hand, I want to see Schumacher humiliating the Ferrari team, especially for keeping him off the track for the shake of Massa.

    1. This just gets wierder and wierder. I can understand Mercedes wanting German drivers, but to be willing to pay so much? For someone who hasn’t fully recovered from an injury? And, in the light of all the ‘Spygate’ revivals here, isn’t Old Schuey going to take lots of Ferrari ‘intellectual property’ with him, wherever he goes?

      1. Surely Brawn will know most of that anyway? Schumacher won’t know that much about the recent Ferrari cars because he hasn’t driven them.

        1. Aaaah, but I have always wondered how Ross had been able to walk away from Ferrari with so much knowledge about the team (especially how to make the different aspects work together), and not suffer any penalisation from them……
          So, if you think about how much Old Schuey is seen sitting on the Ferrari Pit Wall, surely he is there to help make it work? So he must know lots about how it should work…. If he isn’t, what the **** has he been doing all these years? And why then, would someone like Mercedes want him?

          1. There’s nothing wrong with walking away from a team with knowledge of the team structure and recent designs. It just has to be the knowledge in your brain and not some 700 pages full of it ;)

          2. I thought an employee was allowed to take some information with them on a few of computer disks, just not for a team to have an active mole within another team and be challenging for titles at the time.

          3. I doubt that he would be allowed to take anything with him, especially since you propably could store a complete car design on a USB stick…but I don’t know if they can control it that well.

          4. I was just cheekily referring to Renault who were found guilty by the FIA of having McLaren data but escaped punishment in 2007, after a former McLaren employee took some disks with him to Renault, and it only seemed to come to light when McLaren were checking their systems during the FIA investigation.

  6. James Allen is still a little sceptical about the Schumacher Mercedes move http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2009/12/schumacher-its-the-moment-of-truth/

  7. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo says his company would not prevent Michael Schumacher from racing for Mercedes in Formula 1 if he wished to do so – but added that the German had not yet discussed any such situation with him.


  8. I’ve just heard that Schumacher will not be taking part in any capacity in the 2010 F1 Season.

    1. Do you have a link?

  9. This would be great news, if there want a hint of truth in it.

    To be honest lads, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    The disappointment when he pulled out last year was dreadful.

    It would be great but Quick Nick sounds more likely.

  10. New are that Mercedes are kite flying with Schumacher.

  11. News just in!, Ferrari have parted ways with Schumacher.

    It was just on BBC news 24, actually it was on at 5.20am, but my internet wasn’t working, trying to find links but once again the rest of the internet is being wonky.

    1. If this news is true then yes Schumi is returning in F1

      1. Pretty much, Rosberg got a grilling in Abu Dhabi about 2 hours ago with regards to Schumi being his team mate.

        Poor Rosberg, he thought he was just there to drive Merc’s new motor.

    2. The news says:

      Schumacher is free to join other teams after breaking contract with Ferrari

      Substantially different than “Schumacher has parted ways with Ferrari”..

      But still, it is only a matter of time before this thing becomes official..

      1. I did my comment in my style, BBC has there’s.

        Clearly they are the more professional, what with being professionals and all.

  12. oh and an added edit, this is BBC news 24 that I saw the report on, which is normally reliable.

  13. If Schumi does sign with Mercedes I wonder how Montezemolo will feel. If he can drive for Mercedes he could drive for Ferrari. What would be better? Massa and Schumi, Alonso and Schumi or Massa and Alonso?

  14. Well the return of the dark prince – part 2? – why would someone return to a sport he dominated with ross brawn – ross brawn? – I think there are times when people who can do something should be told they cant – and this is one of them.
    When shumi was at his peak even if you didnt like him you could not deny the mans determination and will to win(are they the same thing?) – any way he is older he has known what its like to relax and watch the rest do it, he should keep on doing that and enjoy his family and the goodwill he has to keep in touch but at a elderly distance from racing next year.

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