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Mercedes Grand Prix Petronas artwork concept (click to enlarge)
Mercedes Grand Prix Petronas artwork concept (click to enlarge)

Former BMW and Sauber sponsor Petronas will switch its backing to Mercedes next year.

The team’s official title will be the Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team.

The Malaysian state-owned petroleum company has passed up the opportunity to renew its association with Sauber or join up with the new Malaysian-run Lotus team.

Vice-President of Mercedes-Benz motorsports Norbert Haug said:

We are very pleased to begin our long-term partnership with our new title partner Petronas. Daimler, our premium brand Mercedes-Benz and Petronas will work together both on and off the track and I am sure that everybody involved will guarantee their absolute dedication to success. Petronas? home base in Kuala Lumpur is located in the middle of a fast-growing region for the automotive industry which makes this new partnership even more valuable.

Within the limits of the new Formula One resource restrictions, the Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team will be well positioned to achieve our goals. We will all strive to present efficient success in the future knowing at the same time that the new Formula One season with some fundamental rule changes will be a particularly challenging one.

Mercedes had previously been backed by ExxonMobil lubricants brand Mobil 1. With much interest in Michael Schumacher potentially joining the team it coukd be significant that Mercedes has not signed a deal with Shell, who Schumacher has been associated with in the past.

Mercedes have issued some revised concept artwork of their 2010 F1 car livery which includes the Petronas branding as well as Aabar, MIG and Graham logos. Merging the Petronas turquoise in with the classic Mercedes silver is going to be a tricky job.

The final livery will be seen for the first time on February 1st at the Valencia circuit, which looks like another indication the teams’ plans for a joint launch have failed.

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  • 78 comments on “Petronas to be Mercedes title sponsor”

    1. thats odd, i read a couple of days ago they wern’t being with any team, only the Malaysian GP

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        21st December 2009, 9:54

        They said they weren’t going to be with any new team after people saw a Malaysian oil company and a Malaysian racing team, and then put two and two together and got five.

    2. Now that‘s a surprise…

    3. That’s a bit of a surprise, I thought Petronas would either go back to Sauber or with Lotus, I hope Sauber don’t have any trouble attracting major sponsors.

      1. I hope Sauber don’t have any trouble attracting major sponsors.

        Second that. Bagging Petronas was quite a coup for Mercedes. Or rather for both sides.

        Just one more challenge for Peter Sauber. Hope he gets the team back in shape.

        1. I think with the recent signing of Kobayashi to Sauber i think he will bring Panasonic sponsors there.

    4. whatever, but that silver with green is one ugly thing, bring on the orange!!!

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        21st December 2009, 10:11

        What green? Brawn was white, black and yellow. Ross Brawn said it himself at the beginning of the year: they chose yellow.

        1. Arun was clearly referring to the silver merc picture in this article, nothing was mentioned about the Brawn colours :-S

          1. Prisoner Monkeys
            21st December 2009, 10:27

            He said “silver with green” … I’m at a loss to work out what “green” he was referring to, unless he thinks the grass in the background should be pulled out to mae he car look better …

            1. It’s quite obvious he meant the turquoise, it’s commonly called green or blue as it’s somewhere between the two. No need to be deliberately awkward.

            2. Prisoner Monkeys
              21st December 2009, 10:40

              Deliberately awkward?

              The only thing this mock-up does is add Petronas logos to a mock-up that was pitched back when Mercedes bought Brawn. That original design also included turquoise, and didn’t receive any complaints at the time.

            3. I agree, the car looks hideous with the combination of grey / silver and turquoise / blue / green (whatever you may call those colours).

              Even the Malaysian team had some rainbow colors, + we have Renault’s vomit livery. Formula 1 is getting uglier by the day

              Bernie, what happened to “improving the show”!! :P

            4. I think she means the fact you don’t understand what colours people are saying unless it is refered to in the exact name. We all get what Arun meant

            5. PM, everyone seems to get exactly what he means except you. Stop being a prat

            6. A 9 comment arguement that turqoise can be refured to as green or blue.

              For the best F1 discussion come to

            7. I think that the Black of the carbon fibre, the Silver, and then that beautiful shade of turquoise look great together.

            8. haha, kids, grow up… its just a guess.

            9. Besides all of which, some us here are slightly colour-blind – if nobody told me that was turquoise, I wouldn’t know what to call it, but I still see that it looks ugly as hell on this picture.

            10. pm, since when did the original Mercedes GP livery contain turquoise? I remember it only had silver and carbon fibre…

            11. lol, u r arguing about a colour…

    5. Well that’s a surprise!!

      I think the colours would work if they just had the name in turquoise, that’d look well nice :)

    6. Now that is one ugly livery, at least they will be easy to spot from distance…

    7. So what’s the McLaren going to look like next year if Mercedes concentrate on Brawn?

      Will they stay in Mercedes Silver or will they look like a Vodaphone phone box?

      1. When McLaren and Mercedes annouced they would be seperating, McLaren said they would be keeping their current livery.

      2. I have a horrible feeling they’re going to look like they’re sponsored by Dyno-Rod…

        New McLaren Livery

        Current McLaren shirt…

    8. Here’s a different angle for the Mercedes in its concept livery:

      (Hope the image works, otherwise, here’s the link.)

    9. Silver, turquoise, probably Schuey’s red helmet – might as well have some Brawn yellow on it too.
      It’ll still look better than the Hondas did – remember the green trousers?

      Petronas’ll get more exposure this way but I’d rather see their name in big letters on a Sauber, I don’t like to see sponsors switching to the big teams. Similarly I’ve read about Campos struggling for backing, with all the big sponsors in the Spanish market clamouring to be associated with Alonso and Ferrari. Anyone heard anything about this?

    10. Prisoner Monkeys
      21st December 2009, 10:38

      Side-view rendering. Looks way better:

      1. Yeah I assumed it would look more like that anyway. Not too much Turqoise on the car just having Petronas written in Black.

    11. At least it’s better than the ghastly Brawn colours, especially with the clashing yellows in Brazil

      1. I know that made the Renault livery look great compared to that hideous Brawn :P

      2. Brawn in Brazil was bad, but this has the potential to be much, much worse. Silver and turquoise simply don’t go

        1. Aw I think silver goes with anything, it’s one of those colours that doesn’t clash. I’m looking forward to the new liveries :)

    12. I agree that this has the potential to be a very bad livery. But remember, Petronas sponsored BMW for 4 years without ever using their corporate turquoise on the car. Perhaps they’ll do the same with Mercedes

      1. Yeah I agree. Shame they didn’t stick with Sauber – a turqoise car like the old Sauber would have looked cool in my opinion

        1. The best-looking cars in turqoise would have to be the late 80s, early 90s Leyton House March’s. :)

    13. Am i the only one who likes it?

      I think it looks great… especially the side view. Oh well i guess its like the renault 09 livery, you either hate it or love it.

    14. How many more times will we see that same image photoshoped before the 2010 season starts? :D

    15. That’s a big shock. I had assumed that Petronas would do the patriotic thing and back Lotus and/or would re-establish its relationship with Sauber.

      Silver and turquoise … that’s just sif as we South Africans would say.

      1. I sincerely hope not…

      2. I seriously doubt McLaren will go back to their orange livery while their title sponsor is Vodafone, as in here in the UK at least Orange are one of Vodafone’s main rivals in the mobile phone market, and I would have thought an all Vodafone red car would be ruled out also because it would be too similar to Ferrari for McLarens liking.

        McLaren have already said they are not changing their current silver/red livery, and as it is one of my all time favourites I am glad.

      3. I reckon the McLaren’s would sooner be black with red than orange. I would like them to be orange, though…

      4. Thats ghastly…

      5. Last I heard, McLaren would be running the same livery as they did last year.

    16. Am I the only one that likes the combination of turquoise and silver? I think it looks cool…

    17. “The Turquoise Arrows returns to F1!”

    18. I am very surprised.

      This will boost the Petronas brand a lot.


      1. Now we’re talkin’! That’d almost make me wanna be a McLaren fan. Reminds me of the A Team van. :)

        1. That would be frikkin sexy! And if they really really laquer the black as well! Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

      2. Icthyes

        YES, YES, this SHOULD be the new MP4-?? livery – though Mercedes would probably like some silver in it. The Mclaren is really the Mercedes number 1 – The Brawn name change is just that a name change. Mclaren have worked as the mercedes number 1 for so many years.
        Mclaren is the English Mercedes team
        Brawn / Mercedes F1 will be the German Team
        Watch Mercedes have 2 German drivers. Heidfield is Mercedes’ Hamilton.
        It will be an all British Mercedes team – Mclaren Mercedes
        Versus – A German Mercedes team

        1. what????

      3. That’s absolute cr*p

        1. I like it. F1 needs a black car, too much white at the moment!

    19. Petronas wants to be associated with a proven championship car with master tactician and engineering genius Ross Brawn. Mercedes GP will win at least a few races in 2010 and possibly one championship title if Michael Schumacher join Mercedes and he proved his worth. Lotus F1 is not Malaysian Govt linked, so why should Petronas(govt linked) sponsor Lotus, a new and unproven team with mediocre drivers.

    20. I think the name of this color would be TEAL :P

    21. I far prefer to be excited about the liveries and shapes of the car than all the boring nuts and bolts underneath that you never see. If I was a mechanic, then maybe it would be the other way around.

    22. This will feel like 2 McLaren-Mercedes teams in the field.

    23. F1 is a design [colours,shapes,theme] , engineering, drivers, sponsors, nuts & bolts, manufacturers [ engine and tyres], computer system, merchandising- it is HUGE business – commercial,marketing and branding, confidence, trust and lists go on. Acclaim to be a sport that is being watched by billions of people around the world at one time, the most expensive yet great companies like Petronas, Shell and Exxon are scrambles to be part of this “glamorous business”.
      Why ? You all F1 fans know better than I do :)

    24. I was hoping for the return of the great looking liverys of the Sauber Petronas years.

    25. I just hope that the Petronas oil and fuel works well in that Mercedes engine.

      1. Hopefully they’ll go bang like the Beamers did and leave Button to carry the Merc flag again :)

    26. One things for sure, ex-Brawn will be flush with cash, so no worries there. Wow, how things have turned around…

    27. I have to say, I like it a lot!

    28. I remember when it was Sauber Mercedes, in the early 90s.

    29. Looks like Bar of Aero :)

    30. Maybe the Works Merc lumps will go bang with Petronas oil in ’em like the Beamers did and leave Button to carry the Merc flag again ;)

    31. I’ve seen a lot worse than this

    32. wow i think it looks HOT love the combination its very stylish great for mercedes and a big coup for petronas.

    33. Mercedes is taking sponsorship away from many teams,first they did it from Mclaren now Sauber.Petronas was a part of that Sauber squad,so I think they may find it a bit tougher to arrange money in 2010.

    34. The rich get richer. Sauber has always been a survivor, he’ll manage his finances and bring a good car and drivers as well. He’s already got Kobayashi.

      As for the livery, untwist your knickers folks, it’s an illustration. I’ll reserve judgment until the real car is shown.

    35. I LIKE IT! I think that color works with gray. And the image is much much better than the first concept art from a few weeks ago. This one is not so dull as the boring all gray one. If that´s the scheme they´ll go, it´ll look good.

    36. Btw what has happened to the avatars?

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