Short odds on Schumacher for 2010 F1 title

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Michael Schumacher only announced his F1 comeback a few minutes ago but already bookmakers are giving him short odds to win the championship next year.

Paddy Power and Bet365 already have him at 5/1 to win the championship – much shorter odds than team mate Nico Rosberg, who’s at 10/1. William Hill have Schumacher at 6/1.

And if his Mercedes F1 car proves competitive in testing you can expect the odds on him winning the 2010 F1 title to get even shorter.

At this early stage Lewis Hamilton is the bookmakers’ favourite for next year’s title followed by Fernando Alonso.

Are you betting on Schumacher to add a record eighth title to his haul?

Schumacher and Mercedes

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53 comments on “Short odds on Schumacher for 2010 F1 title”

  1. I don’t think Schuey will win but he’ll put up a fight. My head says Alonso but I’m still very confident for Felipe (I know that may sound mad).

    1. Let’s be honest here people. It all depends in the car. They all must have good cars next year for the fight to be equal. If someone has a car that’s a lot better then he will be the champion easily. He will only have to worry about his team mate. First lets see what the cars are saying.

      1. Let’s be honest here people. It all depends in the car. They all must have good cars next year for the fight to be equal

        Beautifully said, my heart would like to say Mark Webber if the advantages of the Red Bull stay.

        But my head says there are too many conflicting variables right now, such as how good the “MacLarvit MP25-p48-alpha tango6” will be?

        remember how the big Ronald McDennis fans said that the “Marclarvit MP23-ProjectFourBarred” was being sandbagged in testing this year… before it was found to be using Chris Hoy’s Shimano Derailler as a gearbox.

        But I’m pretty sure it used Chris Hoy’s huge legs to power its KERS.

        Look at that I said something nonsensical that will probably be ignored. Hooray for the internet!

        1. I nored it.

  2. If anyone is going to win it, it’ll be Alonso, Hamilton or Schumacher. Massa, Rosberg and Button will get destroyed by their new teammates I feel.

    But hey, what do I know. I can’t wait for Bahrain.

    1. And it’s because so many people think this that you should be placing your bets on Massa, Rosberg and Button as they represent great value ;)

      1. I think Mercedes is gonna have a great car. Brawn didn’t just lost it at the end of 2009, he was giving more attention to 2010.
        So i will place my bet on Rosberg in hope that Schumi won’t be on top form and that the kid might get a chance. Anyone knows the odds?

  3. I can’t see him winning but it’s so difficult to call! I think Schumi, Alonso, Massa, Hamilton and Vettel all have a great chance of being champion. Even Button, Kubica, Rosberg and Webber must see an outside chance of mounting a challenge.

    Then again, is there a potential for any other teams to ‘do a Brawn’ next year? Apparently the refuelling ban could well shake the order up again…

    1. hardly, no one will be doing a brawn on the scale of this year,

      the rule changes are not big enough for that to happen

  4. Ferrari just let Kimi and Michael go. What losers?? Those are sort of bests of MODERN era.

    1. Kimi showed little commitment and Ferrari clearly think Alonso fits best with the team and is a long term driver. Schuey is only back for a year maybe a couple but he is in his 40s now. Alonso has a good efw years in him and is one of the best on the grid. I think Ferrari have made the right choice personally.

      1. Kimi won a drivers championship though.

        1. Ferrari didn’t just allow Kimi to go, they paid him off to bring Alonso there a year early. That’s how much they want/need him. Sure Kimi could drive quick (whether he always gave 100% is another matter) but he was useless at giving feedback to the team.

          Alonso and Massa are definately the right choice for the Scuderia, not Schumacher and Kimi. After all, you could argue one of the main reasons Schu left in the first place was because Kimi was coming into the team…

          1. Agree with Dan

          2. Schumacher & Kimi would be some fun.

    2. José Baudaier
      26th December 2009, 5:20

      Plus Massa drove much better than Kimi in the last two years.

  5. I wouldn’t predict which driver will win the title in 2010 at the moment.

    Hopefully Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari and possibly some other teams will all be evenly matched at the front next year, but any team could spring a surprise and have a significant car advantage, we just don’t know yet.

    I wouldn’t rule Schumacher out of the title race, but he wouldn’t be my choice at this stage.

    1. I totally agree. I don’t think anyone can say Schumi will win the championship until we actually see him race – and also see what cars are the most competitive in testing.

      1. Since when has testing been any indication?
        I think we will have to wait for the first race, and schumacher will probably break the lap record straight out of the box, just like all those years ago in Melbourne

        1. Since this year? Do you not remember that Brawn won the world title, and absolutely decimated the field in preseason testing?

          1. I thought that was because of a few mods that Brawn and Toyota used in the first races that the other teams didnt use. After they were legalised and it was a fair playing field again, the other teams were right up there and towards the end of the season actualy much quicker. Lucky for Brawn they had a good start to the season, unlucky for Red Bull and Vettel. Anyway GO SCHUEY!!!!

    2. I’m putting $50 on Nico Hulkenberg. :-)

      1. that wouldnt be a bad idea as Nico Hulkenberg is an A1GP champion.
        A1GP is the elite of motorsport, as all vehicles are exactly the same it tests the real skill of driving F1 in a 2004 car(which were actually faster), this boy has it, & in the williams… its looking even better

  6. I’m a little disappointing with how Kubica ended up. I don’t think Renault, or whatever it may be, is going to be competitive. Now Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, and Redbull are full.

    If Shumi dominates next season then he will outright be superman. There has been so much speculation over this and now we get to see. I’m not surprised about the short odds either. He is the most successful F1 driver in a reining champion constructor’s car.

  7. It more depends on whether Mercedes will have a dominating car rather then if Schumi is up to the task. Because he is.

    If he scores a couple of wins and PPs I’ll be pleased.

  8. I think there will be five drivers struggling: Hamilton, Alonso, Massa, Schumacher and Vettel. I’m really expecting an exciting season.

    1. Those five are “struggling”, which means that Button’s going to run away with it again? LOL

      At the moment, I wouldn’t put any money on any of the usual suspects until a bit of testing has been done. Rumour has it that the Virgin car will be a leap ahead with regard to aerodynamics.

      1. I almost spill my coffee with your joke about Virgin. Please tell me it was a joke.

        1. No, it’s no joke. Apparently the ‘numbers’ are “unreal”.

        2. Those five are “struggling”, which means that Button’s going to run away with it again? LOL


          No, it’s gonna be Bubens this time!!

  9. I’m an ardent Mc fan..but i’m tossing it up for Felipe next year!

  10. I think Vettel could be worth a cheeky bet. He’s 7.8 on Betfair (about 7/1), but he’s the only one of the ‘top’ runners who is in a settled team with no big changes.

    Hamilton and Massa have both had a change of team-mate (and Massa has other potential issues to overcome). The Ferrari and McLaren drivers will be fighting to be team no.1 and taking points off each other; Mercedes may or may not have a good car; I expect Schumacher to take a few races to really get settled, but Rosberg will be driving his backside off to try and beat his illustrious compatriot and probably making a few mistakes in the process.

    Meanwhile Webber may be slowing down and won’t be much of a challenge; all Vettel has to do is cut down on the mistakes, sort out his strategy and learn to overtake a bit more ruthlessly – give him a DVD of Hamilton’s moves last year and Button at Interlagos and it’s his to lose.

    1. “Webber may be slowing down and won’t be much of a challenge”
      How do you figure? He is getting old but his last season has been his best and he made some spectacular passes. Passing will be the key next year more then ever with ‘potentially’ such tight competition at the front. I would put money on Webber doing better in that situation (wheel to wheel racing) then Vettel.

      1. My thoughts exactly AG.

  11. Hamilton, all the way. The way he made the most of the upgrades for the car surely make him the favourite! If Hamilton isn’t there i would expect it to be Alonso!

  12. F1 is not a sport to bet on. I can’t understand the British obsession with putting a bet on sports, it is quite unique. How can you bet on a driver to win a race when his team don’t? There is more to life than winning a few pounds.

    1. Winning lots of pounds!!

    2. Well if you betted on Vettel at Italy ’08 you would have won a bit more than a few pounds. What I find silly, is that bookmakers are giving out odds, when they don’t know how good the cars will be, in comparison to each other. You might as well bet on the 2011 championship.

    3. ahem, click me name.

      Although I don’t advocate gambling, trading is a whole new ball game.

    4. José Baudaier
      26th December 2009, 5:36

      Brits bet on everything, not just F1. It’s their actual national sport. It’s like Americans having guns, or Germans driving fast, or Italians speaking loud while making hand gestures.

      1. Err, the Brits don’t have the monopoly on betting, not at all.

        If I were a betting person (which luckily I am) I’d put my money on Nando winning next year. Just a feeling. I might even be tempted to back Hamilton, Schuey, Vettel & Webber as outside chances.

        And LewisC, Webber ain’t done yet, not by a long shot. He’s just getting started!

  13. Assuming Mercedes have a car capable of winning as often as the other main title contenders, I think Schumacher actually has a good chance. Next year is going to be about consistency more than outright wins, and Schumacher was always very consistent throughout his career. If he has the speed to mix it at the front, you never know…

  14. F1 today is more exciting than ever… or at least more than the past 15 years… so, do the math… Schumacher will be racing in conditions that are not exactly what he is used to, high competitive teams, a lot of talent distributed in powerful machines, a lot of thirsty young pilots… Honestly I think Vettel, Massa and Hamilton would be great 2010 Champions.

  15. with the new point system… the win does matter a bit. Having a pointless finish, when he rival wins or finishes top three would really damage the chances for one. But, somehow I think, Schumacher winning the title will be exceptional on his comeback but I think it’ll be very tough for him to do.

    If cars prove to be competitive, Alonso, Hamilton, and Vettel will be nightmares to his dream comeback. For some reason I think it is going to be another classic Schumacher, Alonso fight (at whatever position they are, even if it is not at the top) :) Because, they both are actually resuming their career after 2006.

    Simply, Alonso was on a real time Renault simulator on the real F1 tracks alongside other driver practicing F1 drive for all 3 yrs… and Schumacher has missed it, that is all the difference.

  16. wong chin kong
    24th December 2009, 4:13

    Schumacher and Brawn was the winning formula during the Ferrari days. Now the pair are working together and I bet Schumacher will click much better with Brawn than Button with Brawn. Schumacher in winning seven titles showed his consistency in winning battles, and the war using all tactics including questionable ones. With the ban on refuelling, one would want to see what innovative strategy the pair can come up with to win the constructors title and also WDC for Michael.

    As for Rosberg, he will be playing the second fiddle in the Mercedes GP Petronas team, just like Rubens playing the same fiddle in the Brawns GP.

  17. The two big changes in 2010 are the points system and the refuelling ban.

    The win orientated system will certainly disadvantage the mr conservatives button and alonso.

    With the refuelling ban, qualifying will be very influential to the race outcome. This is where I think Hamilton will be quite strong, being an excellent qualifier throughout his career.

    ..So.. my guess will be Ham V Schu for the title and alonso to KO massa atleast 5 times, attempting to prove he is the top hen at Ferrari.

  18. After two lean years, a hungry Alonso at Ferrari will show he is the F1 boss like Schumacher was in his day. He is now in his prime, driving for the most famous team in F1. Hamilton and also Vettel will challenge but both still make too many immature mistakes.

    I doubt Schumacher’s return will be as embarassing as Mansell or Jones, but it won’t be as glorious as Prost or Lauda. Sure he may win some races but he won’t be champion again, he will find he isn’t the force he once was.

  19. He’ll cheat his way to somewhere near the top of the points, as he always did.

  20. Uh…thou it’s a complete different sport, I remember a Michael of different race, profession and discipline to comeback and dominate for a further 3 seasons. And incidentally he also stopped for 3 years. It was only on his 3rd comeback that he found it hard to go against the guys half his age. He’s MICHAEL JORDAN. But when you are in a multi-million dollar machine, your physique is another thing. The only thing that you have over the rest is your perseverence and determination.
    ps. It’s not luck when 2 persons have worked together for 7 WDC, it’s PHENOMENON!

  21. My money is on Lewis, then Massa, Alonso, Vettel, Webber

  22. Vettel for WDC, the youngest ever :)

  23. @ VXR

    Rumour has it that the Virgin car will be a leap ahead with regard to aerodynamics.

    Got a link?

    1. hamilton is the best people face it

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