F1 Fanatic round-up: 13/1/2010

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Tomorrow I’m heading up to Birmingham for the start of the Autosport International show. If there’s anything you’re particularly interested in going on at the show let me know and I’ll try to report back. In the meantime, here’s today’s round-up:


We will be on the grid – Campos (BBC)

Adrian Campos tells the BBC “we are very near a budget”. However Corriere dello Sport believes Bruno Senna is on on his way to Toro Rosso.

Comment of the day

On the article about Nelson Piquet Jnr heading to NASCAR, PJA asked a series of questions I’d like to hear some more answers to:

Could anyone please tell me how the NASCAR community in general view the events of Singapore 2008, was the race fixing scandal even big news in America other than with F1 fans?

Also what is the opinion on Piquet Jnr himself with NASCAR followers, will he be just another former F1 driver, and is that generally a positive or a negative, I know a few F1 fans make jokes about NASCAR such as only turning left and seem to look down on it so I wondered what NASCAR thought of F1?

If he came back to F1 I wouldn?t be surprised if he received a hostile reception from spectators, what are the chances of a response like this from NASCAR fans?

From the forum

I’m hugely impressed by some of the Photoshopping skills on display in the forum. Have a look at this Repsol-liveried Toro Rosso. Will have to do an article later to round up some of the best efforts.

Site updates

Got one update going on the site today, will have an article up explaining all in a few hours’ time.

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Remember when F1 teams were allowed to test when they pleased? Three years ago Renault took their new F1 car secretly to Silverstone and a few spy pictures leaked out.

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  • 23 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 13/1/2010”

    1. Will the 2009 cars be at autosport or some old cars in the new liveries. When we went last year, the Ferrari was a good 5 years old painted in the 2008 livery!

      1. would have looked better in the metallic red.

    2. wow, thats nothing like the 2008 one!! why did they do that?
      they couldnt of actually thought that it would of fooled the fans did they?

    3. how about John Booth becoming team principle of Virgin racing? news to me!

      1. I think that’s fantastic for both Booth and the Virgin (Manor) team!

    4. also here’s a picture of Glock’s new helmet design-
      (go to the second photo)

    5. All the best Keith for the Autosport International show,hope you will have some pictures.

    6. Let me start by saying – I am not a fan of NASCAR. Here is my take on PJA’s questions. Also, I have not heard any news in the US of Piquet, I’ve only heard it here.

      1) There was a brief article on Yahoo sports when the Singapore events unfolded, but it was brief and didn’t last long. No one outside of F1 cared.

      2) Former F1 drivers are not viewed negatively by NASCAR, but the view is always spun slightly against them, as though they are not as good of drivers as NASCAR drivers. When Montoya got to NASCAR, I heard comments like “he can win the Indy 500 and Monaco and other F1 races, but he can’t win NASCAR….therefore NASCAR is the pinnacle of motorsport” (complete B#$%SH#$)

      3) He will not get a hostile reception from the general fans. When they here of the news, there will be fans that hate him for obvious reasons and then there will be fans that love him because he is the “bad guy” and if his PR people spin it right, he’ll be the bay boy of NASCAR….and there are idiots that think that is cool.

      1. In the last comment in my post…I am referring to anyone who would be a fan of Piquet because he is the bad guy….

        1. They don’t think NASCAR is the pinnacle of motorsport, the driver just needs a completly different skill set.

    7. Here in the US I heard of the Piquet Jr. story here first but within in a few days or so it was on ESPN (major sports tv network). It was just a little side story and nothing big like I guess it would be in Europe. As far as fans go, NASCAR fans will make fun of an F1 driver just like F1 fans make fun of NASCAR drivers. They’ll say that since there’s not much overtaking in F1 then he won’t be able to race side by side and makes passes. But of course if you don’t know much about F1 then I can see how you might say that. Just like people on this site who don’t know crap about NASCAR try to say its all left turns. To each his own, I watch both.

      1. Also, people have crashed on purpose in NASCAR for its entire history. Not from team orders, but if a guy ****** you off then he’ll be getting moved towards the wall or the infield courtesy of your bumper. Which usually results in one or more cars wrecked if someone can’t hang on to their ride.

    8. Classic BBC mistake…
      “Schumacher test drives new F1 Mercedes”


      Err, no actually BBC, it’s a GP2 car.

      1. Wow, that’s one hell of an error.

        1. Haha, epic fail!

    9. I am going to Autosport too :) If I get any good pictures I shall post them in the forum.

    10. Ferrari are doing a live chat with Stefano Domenicali on their website later today: http://nfw-app.weebo.it/ferrari-chat/

    11. Woohoo, I was chosen as the comment of the day.

    12. However Corriere dello Sport believes Bruno Senna is on on his way to Toro Rosso.

      I’ve talked with Press Officer of Senna and he said:

      “There are not anything between Bruno and Toro Rosso. That is one more fool story which always is on web.
      Campos staying in search of investors or sponsors. They will have news soon.

      Bruno is at Sao Paulo to intensify his physical conditions. He stays very calm about his debut in Formula 1 and, safely, he will be driving car #21 at Bahrain in start of the new Season.”

      1. That’s great thanks Willian.

    13. PJA:
      “Could anyone please tell me how the NASCAR community in general view the events of Singapore 2008, was the race fixing scandal even big news in America other than with F1 fans?”

      NASCAR Community:
      “What the hell is ‘Singapore’?!”

      1. “Must be one of dem funny Yooroopiiiin countries”

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