F1 testing pictures: 19th February

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Mark Webber has his third day in the Red Bull RB6
Mark Webber has his third day in the Red Bull RB6

Fairer weather greeted the teams at Jerez today and the drivers have been able to complete more running in dry conditions. See below for pictures of the cars in action.

More to follow

Images (C) Ferrari spa, Force India F1 Team, Red Bull / Getty Images

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27 comments on “F1 testing pictures: 19th February”

  1. Hi Keith

    Just wanted to know where youu get the pictures from please?

    1. anyone notice the aero device on front of the mercedes tyres ? on one of the shumachers pics it was visible some rubber stuck on it

      1. Thats the airintake for the brakes.

  2. You have been getting some fantastic pictures during the testing Keith!

  3. Keith….I really appreciate the photo connection to the test sessions. They add another level of identification with what is going on, but I have a question.

    Are you doing some (all…none)of the photography yourself? I have done racing photos (small business) and continue in sports photography today; so I would be interested in details concerning the photography…if it is being done by you or someone who could comment.

    In any case, you have added a nice element to your site, and I’m very glad to see you attending events in person. Keep up the great work.

    1. Keith only took the pictures of the test he attended. All other pictures are from the team sites or sites that sell those pictures. Below the pictures Keith always gives credit to the source. The ones he took were copyrighted as “F1Fanatic”.

  4. Keith, why is there never any pics of Mclaren???

    1. The don’t show up in pics…maybe it’s coz of the flow-viz they smeared on the car :|

      1. Like vampires you mean?

        Maybe they just don’t have a reflection. Would a non DSLR camera (with no mirror) capture their image?

    2. Too fast for the camera.

  5. worried about Merc,

    everyday, redbull or mclaren or ferrari is ahead of them…..

    the guys who built the terrible bar and honda cars….. have built this car…

    remember, the 2008 car was soo bad, they gave up on it almost immediately and started the 2009 car… ,,, and then had the DDD working the best out of everything,

    but during 2009, mclaren completely outdeveloped these guys…

    now its 2010, and i think without them hiring new top guys, they’re in trouble

    1. These guys built the Brawn which was initialy amazing!

      1. Also Brawn is notorious for sand bagging.

    2. Interesting point, the BAR cars really weren’t bad though. In ’04 they had the second best car and ’06 as Honda was pretty good, they just had two terrible years after that.

    3. I´m getting that impression, too: Merc is maybe the fourth best car! Testing isn´t a valid way of measuring where all the teams are, but I´m also perceiving that the other three teams are better… let´s hope they´re not!

  6. To early to say Mercedes are in trouble, we’ll find out on Sat 13th of March :)

  7. Brawn and Schumacher are both sand-baggers from way back and they do go way back. Lets see when the red lights go off and the red mist descends – at Bahrain.

  8. That is a really big smile on Alonso’s face there!
    Looks a little bit like early pictures of Vettel smiling after getting to drive in F1.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that too. I was wondering if it was just because he heard a joke or because he’s genuinly happy with the car.

    2. haha yes indeed, although he races for ferrari in formula one… id be smiling too

  9. Keith, could you look into getting McLaren pictures? Your current photographer seems to have a phobia of them! Must be scared of how they are going to dominate :-D

  10. Prisoner Monkeys
    20th February 2010, 1:35

    Why no shots of the T127?

    1. My thought exactly! Some great pictures of the Lotus, please, Keith?

  11. Superb Pictures! I’m trully surprised. If you are behind the lenses Keith Hats Off!

    Great Site, I’m already hooked!

  12. all is great pictures!


  13. hiii….

    can any1 tell me for which team ALONSO took himself in LINE?

  14. I do so enjoy the action photo’s in general…

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