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Review the Bahrain Grand Prix live blog below.

Pre-race notes

  • Both Ferraris have had precautionary engine changes. They will not lose places on the grid.
  • Weather expected to remain hot and dry, air temperature in the mid-30s.

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9 comments on “Bahrain Grand Prix Live Blog”

  1. precautionary engine changes for both Ferraris??? After the Quali?

  2. personally, i prefer mclaren. or the safety car :)

  3. How do I get my blogs to show up in dark lettering, and with my log-on name at the start?
    (As opposed to the: “comment from …” thing)?

  4. Become a mod

  5. I really enyojed following the live blog.

    nice comments and up to date info. Following the McLaren site was cool as well.

  6. Sorry I couldn’t join the live blog my laptop battery has broken so until a new one arrvies I won’t be able to join in :(

  7. First up may I yet again extend my sincere thanks and appreciations to the moderators and others concerned with the live blog. I would however like to ask that they consider being a little less editorial or censorious as I would have said nearly half of my comments, and there were not that many, were not posted during the live blog and all bar one comment were pretty much on topic (the only slightly off topic remark being when someone asked what Schumacher was wearing during a pre-race interview and I jokingly replied I thought it was a kaftan). I hope and trust this constitutes a constructive comment.

  8. F1 Bahrain…yawn…boring,did I say boring,I meant…excuse me…yawn,comatose boring.A dead leaf fluttering in the breeze would have been vastly more interesting…yawn.
    I think the drivers may have to install CD players to while away each….yawn,boring lap…yawn.
    I sincerely hope this was a one off and get down to what F1 is all about…racing.Otherwise I will find something a little more exciting,like watching paint dry.

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