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Both of Britain’s active F1 world champions will appear at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed as part of its celebration of 60 years of Formula 1.

According to the event organisers Jenson Button will drive a 2010-specification MP4-25.

Lewis Hamilton will go up the hill in last year’s MP4-24 with which he won the Hungarian and Singapore Grands Prix.

Two other McLaren champions will be at this year’s Festival – Mika Hakkinen and Emerson Fittipaldi. A McLaren M23 will be driven up the hill by GP2 racer Sam Bird.

Several other current F1 teams will be represented at the Festival. Marc Gene will attend on behalf of Ferrari and Nico H???lkenberg will drive last year’s Williams FW31.

Nick Heidfeld, who holds the record for the fastest time on the hill, will be present for Mercedes. But don’t expect any record-beating feats as fast runs up the hill by F1 cars are generally discouraged on safety grounds.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner will be present and it’s likely the team’s show car will be at the Festival as well.

Other former F1 drivers already confirmed to appear at this year’s Festival are Jackie Stewart, Stirling Moss, Richard Attwood, Derek Bell, Nicola Larini, Patrick Tambay and Jochen Mass.

Highlights outside of F1 include an appearance from multiple motorcycling world champion Giacomo Agostini, world rally star Ken Block and NASCAR’s Michael Waltrip.

See the Goodwood Festival of Speed website to buy tickets for this year’s festival.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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15 comments on “Hamilton and Button to drive at Goodwood”

  1. Sigh, I wish the headline was ” Hamilton and Button to drive at Knockhill” at least then I would have a chance of being able to go there.

    1. Marc Connell
      21st May 2010, 20:44

      or “hamilton and button to drive at doune hill climb” lmao :) or knockhill just as good :D

  2. UneedAFinn2Win
    21st May 2010, 21:49

    “world rally star Ken Block”

    Who ?

    1. GO on youtube and search for “Ken Block Gymkhana”

      It is worth a watch.

      1. UneedAFinn2Win
        22nd May 2010, 11:26

        So, stunt driver Ken Block then.
        Apparently he can throw a car around a vacant lot and has good film crews to stitch together the footage to make a stunningly good looking video. Nothing to do with rallying. Certainly not a “star”.

        1. Yeah, nothing to do with rallying, except for taking part in the Rally America Championship since 2005, and doing WRC with a Focus run by M-Sport this year and next.

          1. and showing some good form and talent as well, but hey, it’s always easier to shoot someone down.

          2. UneedAFinn2Win
            22nd May 2010, 12:43

            Nobody’s shooting nobody down, just saying if making it to the starting line on WRC makes you a rally star…
            Look, in Finland we have umpteen World Champions, maybe our standards are just a little higher.


            I fear We’ve stepped into the Evil Hyperbolean Trap.

          3. Ohh he’s Finnish, that explains it!
            I am right in assuming everyone else’s rally star is equivalent of the average Finnish toddler yes?

  3. East Londoner
    21st May 2010, 22:47

    Both of Britain’s active F1 World Championship? Bit of a typo there, I’m afraid to say

    1. Fixed, ta.

  4. I assume DC will be driving the Red Bull show car?

    Would love to see Lewis drive Senna’s car which he missed out on doing last time.

  5. Having not been for 11 years, I’m very much looking forward to going this year. 100 years of Alfa Romeo and a general celebration of Italian motor racing? It’s gotta be good!

  6. Presumably the tyres on the MP4-25 will be demonstration tyres or something similiar. They’re allowed do demonstrations during the year aren’t they??

    1. I think they’re limited on the number of miles they can do, but yes they are allowed to do demonstrations and promotional events…

      …not sure about the tyres, I wouldn’t have thought there’s that much to be gained from any data gathered going up the hill…but they could always use GP2 rubber instead…

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