Liuzzi happy after best qualifying result

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Vitantonio Liuzzi was happy with his progress after achieving his best qualifying result of the year , taking sixth on the grid for the Canadian Grand Prix.

He equalled the best qualifying result of his career – he also started sixth at Shanghai in 2007 for Toro Rosso.

Today Liuzzi beat team mate Adrian Sutil for only the second time this year. Liuzzi said:

It’s good to be back in business after Turkey! We understood a lot of things from there and also Monaco and pushed really hard to make things better. We changed the chassis and brought some new updates that we tested on Friday and then this morning and, so far, everything is great.

P6 is a good position to be in, but it won’t be easy tomorrow as the tyre wear will be high and I think it will make for a really crazy race. This circuit seems to suit us well, with our aero package and set-up, and we’ve seen a big step forward.

It’s a great team effort and if Adrian and I can both finish in the points tomorrow it would make a brilliant reward for the hard work we’ve done over the past few weeks.
Vitantonio Liuzzi

Liuzzi has reverted back to an earlier chassis after being a second behind Sutil in qualifying at Istanbul.

Team princiapl Vijay Mallya said:

I am delighted with this result and so happy to see Tonio back to his best again. We believed in him and wanted to give him the support he needed to realise the potential we knew was in there. He’s justified this belief today with a gritty performance.

Adrian likewise had a strong session to put both Force Indias into the top ten. As we all know it’s tomorrow that counts and Canada has a reputation as an unpredictable race so we have now got to refocus on converting this performance into a strong points haul, which I believe, should be very achievable.

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19 comments on “Liuzzi happy after best qualifying result”

  1. So it must have been the chassis then ?

  2. Um, Keith, I think you’re getting a bit mixed up there, he finished 6th in Shanghai 2007 but he started 11th…

    1. That’s right. Toro Rosso’s finished 6th and 4th in that race but didn’t Qualify that great.

  3. Liuzzi’s best quali effort is 7th in Monza last year.

    1. So now he made it 6th in Qualli in Canada, his best ever.

  4. I think this is a major statment towards those that doubted Liuzzi. He still has more to prove, but he isnt that bad compared to Sutil.

  5. I really don’t think it’s simply ‘oh it’s because of the chassis change, that’s why he’s quick’. I think he’s both upped his game and he likes the track.

  6. Charles Carroll
    12th June 2010, 21:55

    Tonio’s fighting for his career, and this was a good day for him. If he’s going to make it any longer, he needs a good race on Sunday and many more weekends like this.

  7. STRFerrari4Ever
    12th June 2010, 21:58

    What a performance by Liuzzi from looking like he wouldn’t make Q3 to outperforming Sutil, Massa & Kubica it was a brilliant day for Tonio. Lets hope he can have a strong race aswell to kill the rumours of him being replaced.

  8. With all the talk (here) about him last week,
    this is a great one by Tonio.
    But we have to wait for a better picture.

  9. Liuzzi proving the doubters wrong at last. He’s never going to be world champion, but he’s hardly the terminal failure he’s made out to be.

  10. It will be bad if they don’t finish in the points for their own fault.
    What tyres are they starting?

  11. Well, this is what happens when Keith runs a piece counting down the days until you are sacked. Lights a fire under you.

  12. Tonio will be quick on low downforce type circuits, i’d actually judge him on a normal race track than this…

    he should do well in Monza & Spa too…

  13. Go Tonio!
    Maybe he’s not a champion, but he has developed good skills. However he still remains a ‘taxi driver’, as Italian supporters called Fisichella.

  14. I’m pleased for Liuzzi. During the quali live blog I posed the question “How long will it be before he is out of a drive” and more than 50% of the F1F’s who voted in the poll thought he would be out in FP1. It was a big performance at the right time.

    Well done Tonio! Now don’t mess it up by getting involved in a first corner incident!

  15. Webber’s penalty has promoted Liuzzi to fifth on the grid, his best ever starting position:

    Webber loses second place on grid

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