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The teams have unpacked at the Hungaroring and spent the day walking the track, signing autographs for the fans and various other engagements ahead of the first day of serious action tomorrow.

Have a look at what some of their drivers have been up to today in the selection of pictures below – including Fernando Alonso’s birthday celebrations.

2010 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team

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19 comments on “Hungarian Grand Prix Thursday pictures”

  1. These faces Alonso has to put reminds me of his 2007 faces.

    1. I don’t see why as he should be much happier now. He now has a teammate who gave him the victory and will be in his pocket when he needs it for the title, the team behind him and is back in the hunt. He should be much happier than in 07

      1. I think he had better chance of the champ in 07 only now his team mate won’t be a problem, but thats not what the faces are for, they’re for all the media and stuff for obvious reasons.

  2. That cake is incredible

    1. i know! what do you think a ferrari cake costs?

    2. I recall Kimi having his birthday at last year’s Brazilian GP and his cake was much smaller than Alonso’s here…

      Or perhaps Gino ate most of it! :D

  3. I thought at first it was a BIG Pizza!!!

  4. Definitely the biggest birthday cake I’ve ever seen!

    Based on the size of the cake, Alonso must be the chosen one for Ferrari.

    1. I remember watching (not live as I wasn’t born) Senna get a cake in 1990 from Mclaren possibly for how many races he did. It was fairly big but once he got the first slice he just rubbed it on Joe Ramirez’s head. I would have just ate it myself…

  5. I think you’ll find it was actually Felipe Massa’s birthday… but Alonso wasn’t happy so they switched it round.

    1. Oh man, you cracked me up, very nice !! :)

    2. Pure genius, dude !

  6. Poor old Massa, he looks as if he’s just gatecrashed doesn’t he?

    1. If Massa hadn’t let Alonso pass in germany, he wouldn’t have been invited to the party. I think that would be a great coded message from Rob Smedley – “Felipe Baby, Alonso has a party, do you understand?”

  7. Poor Massa wasn’t even allowed to help blow out the candles.

    1. Nope! He wanted to, but got the instruction to let Alonso pass…

      1. I suspect, these jokes might last a while, and I like it :D

        … For the amount Ferrari spent on that cake, HRT could have ensured both cars would have 4 wheels next race…

        … And yes I’m jealous.

  8. Well atleast i will say Happy Birthday Alonso. And keep the jokes coming i love them.

  9. Alonso – You know Stefano, when i was a kid my mom always brought clowns to my birthday parties. Where is my clown?

    Domenicali – Felipe do you understand?

    Massa – I knew it! Damn it!

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