Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2010

Picture gallery: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix pictures

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Ferrari assembled several top names in anticipation of Fernando Alonso winning the world championship in Abu Dhabi, including Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo, and Enzo Ferrari’s son Piero.

But it was Sebastian Vettel driver who snatched the championship title and the parties began in the Red Bull garage.

See more in this collection of pictures from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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18 comments on “Picture gallery: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

  1. Congratulations to Red Bull!
    Fantastic F1 season.

  2. Damn it, he didn’t take the title.

  3. I hate Helmut Marko so much…

    1. T thought I was the only one..

    2. He is the ONLY reason why Webber thinks he is the no.2 driver.

  4. sebastian, you are world champion
    but i don`t like you ;)

    1. lol, i think i feel the same way…

      1. ditto

        (comment too short)

  5. Great compilation of pics as usual. :)

  6. What I can say… Congratulations to the team (Red Bull)

  7. Wow..great pics..have saved to home computer, laptop, cellphone, so excited for Seb, truly deserved! Thanks for the wonderful pics!!!

  8. Judith McDowell
    14th November 2010, 23:14

    Congratulations to Sebastian!!! We saw him in the paddock at Silverstone and he seemed a really nice guy. Was really friendly to fans where another possible champion pushed people out of his way!!

    From a huge Lewis Hamilton Fan

  9. Uh oh, those S.Vettel 2010 World Champion shirts will get the Webber conspiracy theorists going… “Did they make shirts for Webber too?”

    1. Lol, probably, but they’ve more than likely been shipped off to some small village somewhere so you’ll never get to see them.

  10. Can I get a high resolution copy of this image anywhere?

  11. Great Pictures but still no Senna ones, almost every other driver though. Congratulations to RedBull and Vettel! :D

  12. Say what you want about the quality of the Yas Marina circuit, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t produce some of the best photos of the year. Especially the ones of Kobayashi, Sutil and Heidfeld at dusk with that red sun.

  13. Great Picture Galerry!

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