Historic Ferraris at the Finali Mondiali

Alonso and Massa sample classic Ferraris in Spain

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Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa got behind the wheel of some classic Ferraris at the team’s annual Finali Mondiali event, held in Valencia.

Alonso drove the 1954 Monoposto Corsa Indianapolis, one of the single-seaters built for the Indianapolis 500 back when the race used to count towards the world championship. Ferrari completed restoration of the car at the end of last year.

Massa drove a 1957 500 TRC sports car and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo was at the wheel of a 1961 250 California.

The race drivers also did demonstration runs in this year’s F10s and were joined by reserve drivers Giancarlo Fisichella and Luca Badoer.

See below for video and pictures from the event.

Ferrari Finali Mondiali 2010 video

Ferrari Finali Mondiali 2010 pictures

Image ?? Ferrari spa

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45 comments on “Alonso and Massa sample classic Ferraris in Spain”

  1. Steffan Harries
    29th November 2010, 13:24

    Every time I see one Ferrari alongside another I just think “Fernando…is faster…than you.”

    1. Everytime I read one of these posts .. I think that there are no ore original jokes out there.

    2. I think that also… I was more thinking in this case:

      “Despite being in car that’s 3 years older than yours, and waving to the crowd as if he’s the Queen or something, Fernando. Is. Faster. Than… You. Can you confirm you understand this message?”

  2. Don’t even want to think about the insurance!…..

    1. Why don’t people like stop bringing this up with every Ferrari related article??
      Honestly mate stop it its getting pathetic.

      You would not say that if Mclaren had team orders would you????

      1. Umm, I think you replied to the wrong post here, insurance premiums have nothing to do with team orders.

        1. “Swinton is cheaper than .. you… confirm you understand?”

  3. Did Alonso sample the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Ferrari’s to see if they drove better than his cars in years he fought with them over the WDC?

  4. Ah beautiful machinery

  5. Ferrari 250 California…so beautiful. Words just can’t explain!

  6. All the anti-Ferrari fans out there must also see why so many of us support this team. As GeeMac said is there a better car than the 250 California. Only the sound of it compares with it’s looks.

    1. My appreciation of the 250 California has nothing to do with the fact that I support Ferrari…just showing my appreciation for a beautiful car!

    2. The cars are lovely, who you support is irrelevant. You don’t have to support Ferrari because you like the cars and you don’t have to be a Ferrari fan to like them. Neither is, what is the phrase, necessary nor sufficient. I love the Exige, ambivalent towards the F1 team though.

      Besides, give me the 250 Testarossa anyday!

  7. So the current Ferraris demoed were two F10s and an F60 in this year’s livery?

    1. Looks like it. Pity there isn’t a good shot of the 412T4 there….really pretty F1 car that.

    2. Yes. Massa and Alonso drove the F10s, Badoer the F60 and some other people drove Corse Clienti cars. Wonder why neither Fisichella nor Gené had a chance to drive.

      1. Because Badoer is faster than Fisichella.

  8. Once again, Ferrari are upto their dirty tricks. It is obvious they are testing parts of 2011 car during this ‘demonstration run’. Otherwise they could have done this run in ths streets like Vettel did at Berlin. But they chose a race-track.
    I am saddened that Jean Todt still finds ways of helping his old team. F1 is corrupted. We are being lied to under the pretext of a ‘demonstration run’. Arrogant Ferrari’s arrogant tactics. They think they are above the sport.
    And look closely, the new 2011 parts are only on Fernando’s car. What blatant team orders yet again. I think formula one would be lot better off without Ferrari.

    Its off-season, I am bored :( :(

    1. Oh, come on! Stop this nonsense aimed at inventing an excuse for why Ferrari is the best team!

      1. a very biased comment! who says what?

      2. I think he’s joking…

        1. Ferrari really is the best team!
          I’m not biased! How can I possibly be biased because I support Ferrari? :D

    2. Sumedh gets my COTD. Perfect illustration of the repetitive posts I see (even in the Approval Rating thread right now, can you believe).

    3. I observed very closely both F10s and found nothing different, Why can’t Ferrari simply enjoy a day of fun with fans? Yours is a stereotype that Ferrari always cheat. I’d read closely the history of Ferrari to see how many efforts were put to bring this team to a top level.

      1. um mate he was joking. read the last line.

        1. Really, it could have been done. Maybe Ferrari tried a different front wing.
          It’s off-season, I am bored :( :(

  9. Would like to see the return of doughnuts in F1.

    Does anyone know if they were banned because of Bridgestone, was it so they could check the tyres afterwards for wear? Perhaps Pirelli could change this, they have plenty of tyres to inspect, at the very least let the winner have a bit of fun eh!

  10. How incredibly strange Alonso looks in the F60 in smoking!

  11. Does anyone else think that the main picture of Alonso make him look like Dick Dastidly from the Whacky Races, made me laugh!!

    1. Did you catch the little bit where Massa was doing his helmet up for him?

      I hope the team gave Massa enough time to finish shining Alonso’s dress shoes and polishing his helmet before dinner.

  12. i wanted to see Fisi driving the F60 since january, but no pictures leaked from the straight line tests or promotional shootings, and i thought this Ferrari World Final would be “my day”, but haven’t even touched any of these cars :(

    other thing: is that a blown capillary in Massas left (injured) eye? i know it doesn’t mean too much, but considering his accident, it scares me a bit.

    1. The red spot in his eye? I’ve never noticed that before this year so hopefully it’s just an eye infection or something. He’ll have had to have passed tests to be able to race so it shouldn’t be anything that hurts his driving but it doesn’t look that nice!

    2. Yes, I know you mean the F10 and it’s strange no photos were shown. These test are limited, aren’t done hiding from FIA so why hide them? I don’t think to hide new components from othe teams because it would have been RBR that would have had something to hide. Ferrari were behind, so nobody would have copied them rather than Red Bull.
      I don’t know if my opnion is clear. In the last period I think nobody could understand my comments. :)

  13. edit: F10, i mean of course, the 2010 model…

  14. Luca, Fernando is much faster than you.

    1. Any one deny this is a possibility?

      Luca, Yamamoto is faster than you

    2. At least Luca did not park it in the gravel this year.

      Those cars are great to see on track.

  15. quick question; are my eyes going all wrong here or am i right that i see a Kimi Räikkönen helmet on one of the older F1 cars???

    1. Well done! This is the photo you’re referring to. But these drivers I think are people who pay to drive a Ferrari at Corse Clienti, so don’t have a racing career and therefore a helmet. People wear helmets invented, with fake or real sponsors, or based or identical to real drivers’ helmets.

      1. I would think that providing each customer with a personalized helmet in Ferrari-themed colors would come as part of the Corse Clienti package, given the amounts those lucky souls must have forked over to own an F1 car and have Ferrari run it for them!

  16. ohh so in other words Replica helmets…theres a bunch of those on ebay lol!! if your information is correct then im pretty sure them guys paid a pretty big chunk of money to get on drive those babies.

    1. I believe these helmets are real, because I think replica helmets aren’t done with safety materials. But the liveries are replicas or modifications.

  17. Why don’t other team do this type of annual show down, as for Mclaren if they do they will have good number of people coming in the stand, A funny question, does Bernie gets money from a event like this?

    1. I would hope he doesn’t!

  18. I hate when they drive these old cars because they never let them drive at more than about 5mph.

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