The "Silverstone Wing"

Silverstone’s new pit and paddock called the “Wing”

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The "Silverstone Wing"

After 4,000 suggestions from fans Silverstone has decided to name its new pit and paddock complex the “Silverstone Wing”.


Silverstone names pit complex The Wing (ITV-F1)

The 2010 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship winner Jimfaekillie will be sat opposite the Silverstone Wing at next year’s race.

Lotus to start 2011 without KERS (ESPN)

Mike Gacoyne: “At the start of the year, KERS is not going to be the thing that gives us the step up. It’s all the other things, and we’ve taken the choice to concentrate on all those because if we don’t get them right, KERS isn’t going to make a difference.”

Spring-Less Rear Suspension ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ A Quiet Revolution (Scarbs F1)

“An early sign springs were being removed was the I-Racing game, which accurately modeled the FW31 with the Williams teams assistance, the game provided no scope for rear springs. Equally comments made by Anthony Davidson over the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend suggested that McLaren?σΤιΌΤδσs extreme stiff front\soft rear was due to this set up.”

Horner: Title tension was good for F1 ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ if not for us! (Crash)

“Coming back from Korea was obviously one of the toughest races to pick ourselves up from. Having qualified on the front row and been in a commanding position for 90 per cent of the race, to lose that grand prix was particularly difficult and to couple that with Mark’s retirement earlier on ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ which resulted in him losing the lead of the drivers’ championship ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ made it a very, very tough day for the team.”

Comment of the day

It’s always great to hear from fans who saw memorable moments in the flesh. Here’s Maciek:

I was there and on the next lap when Sato drove past the stands there was huge roar from the crowd, including me. Still, Kobayashi?σΤιΌΤδσs move [on Alonso in Valencia] was much more impressive.

From the forum

Now the off-season is well and truly upon us lots of people are making progress with their “F1 2010” careers. Update us on your progress here.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Noel!

On this day in F1

The eighth Rand Grand Prix, a non-championship race, was held on this day 45 years ago at Kyalami in South Africa.

Jack Brabham won the race driving one of his own cars, finishing just a few seconds ahead of local driver Peter de Klerk.

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  • 31 comments on “Silverstone’s new pit and paddock called the “Wing””

    1. Lotus not doing kers initially, hmm I wonder what vigin will concentrate on….

      …I sense another virgin cock-up

      “we decided to concentrate on KERS but somehow completely forgot the wheels”

      1. Haha! I was just thinking Lotus is definitely making the right choice. I hadn’t thought about Virgin though. You’re probably right. They’ll have a great KERS system and no fuel tank. “We didn’t think we’d need as much fuel because the electric motor would do the work.”

      2. True to Brand Values when the driver calls upon KERS it will charge Β£1.50 a minute, and not work after 3 laps because it was only an introductory offer.

      3. Virgins never have any ‘wheels’


      I’d like to rename it “The Paddle” after reading the above link. If this story is anything to go by, Silverstone, going by where they are located (geographically and metaphorically) could surely use one.

      1. A) That’s pitpass, Don’t ever, ever take what they say seriously.

        B) Seeing as the BRDC just got a 17 year deal, I don’t see why they should cave to Bernie now.

        1. Funny that. They just reported a story that this website did also. Care to elaborate…..

    3. Prisoner Monkeys
      4th December 2010, 1:35

      “Silverstone Wing”?

      What, was “The Mike Hawthorn Wing” (named for Britain’s first World Champion) taken? Or how about naming it after Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill or John Surtees?

      1. Silverstone Wing?

        They could have went down the route of promoting eco freindlyness by finishing the pit building in a cladding of sustainable sourced wood panels.

        Wait, was “The Green Wing” taken……..

      2. It doesn’t really fit into the naming scheme at Silverstone, bit disappointed

        1. Well, it was an airfield and Wing is just as appropriate as Hangar. At least it has a name!

          1. Ah you’re right, I got preoccupied thinking about birds. Really shouldn’t make posts in the morning :P

      3. I actually suggested that, its a shame the BRDC didnt choose to honour one of briatins World Champions.

    4. 1. Ummm… I wonder how much it flexes?

      2. I can see Red Bull eating up some P.R. with this one.

      3. Much better name then Vettels suggestion of “The Finger”, but not as good as calling it “Alex” :)

    5. So just like 2009 KERS is not mandatory to all the car, they can use it if they want to.That will promote some teams not to use it at all as they would love to have a better weight distribution.

      1. Regulations have been amended regarding weight distribution to avoid this situation.

        Don’t know the specifics however, too hungoover to find them

        1. One constant across teams, however, will be front-rear weight distribution, which is expected to be regulated to 46.5% front, 53.5% rear.

        2. you’re still hungover at 2:14am??? that is one loooong hangover. lol

          1. I wish, in Sydney, would have been around 12pm

    6. It’s a typo. It’s actually called, “The Whinge,” as a tribute to the BRDC’s attitude over the last ten years.

      1. That was brilliant :)

    7. hopefully, with these updates, next year silverstone will be a truly great f1 circuit, like bahrain or yas marina.

      1. facility-wise yeah, track wise siilverstone s*ts on those two tracks anyway. lol

      2. I would like to twin Silverstone with Yas Marina, we could help them with their track improvements, they can supply us with money to help improve facilities!!

      3. I wouldn’t hope for any circuit to be as “great” as Bahrain, Yas Marina or Valencia…

    8. Thanks for picking up on that, Keith. Actually it might not be obvious there that I was following up on comments about Sato’s pass on Alonso in Montreal. We (my dad and my sister and me) were at the hairpin, so we didn’t see the pass happen, but we did the see the lead-up when Sato was all over Alonso coming out of the hairpin onto the straight and we all went “Oh, yeah he’s gonna pass” so when we saw him in front the next time around there was this great reaction all around. Nice moment. That was also the same race where Kubica had his absolutely unbelievable crash, which did happen right in front of us. So yeah, a memorable race it was.

    9. GT1 at portrero de los funes tomorrow, season finale.

    10. I’m into my 4th season of F1 2010. It’s a fantastic game. I’ve won at each race track now, apart from Spain and Monaco. I can’t get anywhere near the pack and finished 24th in my McLaren for both races a couple of laps down. The rest of the time I’m right at the front.

      I’m starting to feel like the AI is too hard on those tracks as I’ve noticed other people having the exact same issue.

      It appears to be less of a problem if you play with the driving aids turned on. I don’t like that though.

      1. Spain is the only track I can ever do properly, with no driver aids, I’d put that down to ALWAYS going on it on older F1 games, and learning it off by heart, I feel I’ve done more laps of Barcelona than an F1 test driver!!

        1. From the comments made by Hamilton and that video of Maldonado, I would think all F1 drivers are now raking up the simulator laps just has much as you are Calum.
          Would be fun to meet some of them for some online testing, wouldn’t it? ;-)

    11. And we name this hospital ward/wing the ‘Silverstone Wing’…….

      That’s all I can keep thinking about when I read this.

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