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Alonso and Massa appear at Ferrari’s media event

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Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have made their first official appearance for Ferrari in 2011 at the team’s annual media event, “Wrooom”.

They were joined by GP2 driver Jules Bianchi, who is the team’s new test driver for the 2011 season.

Another of the team’s reserve drivers, Marc Gene, was in attendance. As was Valentino Rossi following his move to the Ducati Moto GP team who are also sponsored by Marlboro.

Outgoing test driver Luca Badoer will join the team tomorrow and drive a specially-liveried F60 marking his 13 years with Ferrari.

However the opening ceremony for the event yesterday had to be cancelled due to bad weather at the venue.

Here are pictures of the drivers at the first day of the event.



Here’s a video clip from the event today (no sound):

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54 comments on “Alonso and Massa appear at Ferrari’s media event”

  1. I don´t know if I really like that mustache or just hate it. Either way, it´s cool seeing Alonso and Rossi in the same pic.

    1. He looks like Captain Morgan :P

    2. I like the moustache, I just think he needs a bit of a haircut!

      This is rather ironic, as in real life I have longer hair.

    3. Looks like Mario ready to use his rear wing

    4. He looks like Dave Grohl from the foo fighters/nirvana….

    5. I think the best pic of the bunch is Alonso posing with that Fiat Panda! haha he must be so pleased with that one. Maybe its Ferrari’s inspiration for next years car…

  2. http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/alon_ferr_wrooom_2011-3.jpg

    Ha!!! He would look better in a waiters uniform.

    Cool Ferrari coat though, I might buy one of those.

  3. Hey, I’ve seen that guy with the moustache before…it’s Mario, isn’t it?

  4. James Whiteley
    11th January 2011, 20:35

    Looks like Mansell’s got competition…!

  5. It’saaah meeah, Mario!
    This season Super Alonso will throw banana shells and shoot turtle shells at his competitors ;)

    1. Hahahaha, I was going to post that!

      1. It will work perfectly with his Mario kart-style rearwing too! :D
        And also, I think this one is in order http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IAj-G1A_pI

    2. I was going to say Wario!

    3. and hell, Rosberg can play princess peach.

      1. Don’t be so sure, Nico had a bit of stubble and shorter hair in that video he did with Mercedes. He must not have shaved since Abu Dhabi…

  6. I wonder why Felipe did not get this new front wing, yet.

    1. May be, he isn’t matured enough ;)

      P.S: just for fun!

  7. Oh oh… I don’t like his moustache!

    Alonso, please restore factory settings before 2011 car’s shakedown ;) In LDM’s words, we don’t need your brother on the car for 2011.

  8. How sad, two days ago I was there but then school called me back to Milan :(

  9. Ferrari and Ducati logos are similar again! This is a certain prove that their common sponsor Marlobro has got to do with the designs.

  10. Why has Alonso grown a moustache? :s it’s silly in my opinion. At least Rossi Massa and Bianchi are there.

  11. Why has Alonso got the number 10 on his car despite being No. 5? Last year he had the 8 he would carry all season.

    1. Oh, in the video Fisichella (also there) appears with number 13, Alonso with number 8. I guess he didn’t bother looking which car he was taking a photo with!

      1. No, sorry again, Gené has number 8 and Alonso number 10. Might have confused cars.

  12. Alonso now looks like a cross between William Shakespeare and Jonathon Ross maybe his beard was so thick before his razor was blunt and he couldn’t finish the job. Jules looks like he’s just copying Fernando and Massa as always looks like Super Mario.

    I have to say I love Wrooom though. It’s such a fun event and quite a surprise that the drivers are actually allowed to have a little fun and ski etc

  13. Does anyone know who Alonso is giving the “I’m not worthy” to at about 46 seconds in??

    1. Yeah it was Valentino Rossi. To be recognised by his Ducati outfit.

  14. I think I know where he’ll look first to shave 500’s of a second off his lap time… ;)

  15. I think I know where he’ll look first to shave 5 hundreth of a second off his lap time… ;)

  16. Did anyone else think this when they seen Fernando’s new beard?

    1. It’sa me, Fernando! /bad Italian accent

  17. Poor Fisi….bad career move… he could have easily erazed Adrian Sutil in that Force India after Spa 2009 success.

    1. He is living his dream to drive the red car …. :(

      Nah, really a bad move.

  18. here’s another thubs-up pic

  19. What about Fisichella? Is he part of the team now…?

  20. good spot fixy
    there is a definite similarity with the new designed scuderia ferrari/ducati logos and the marlboro one! at least not as blatant as the barcode!
    so who thinks jules bianchi will be in a ferrari seat before the end of the season?

    1. I actually really like the new Ferrari team logo. I like how its not a just a box and also how the white line at the top right of the design doesn’t connect to the white area. To me it now looks nothing linked to marlboro.

      The Ducatti team logo does still look like Marlboro though, with its white outlined box with a large white area and smaller red area ontop. The slight curve and odd red line doesn’t hide it.

      Bianchi? Not unless either Alonso or Massa are unfit for any reason.

  21. Ron Burgundy me thinks.

    How much longer do we have to put up with this rubbish! I want races! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  22. lol. Alonso is really bad at doing a convincing forced smile.

    notice the new Pirelli logos on the uniform too.

  23. Not sure whether Alonso will keep his mustache, but he looks funny when he smiles with it?

  24. Santa’s still in town!

  25. Still working out if it’s D’Artagnan, Porthos or Athos?

  26. That pic of Alonso and Rossi has to be staged right? The forced smiles and such, they are not known to be friendly with each other…

    1. Really? I hadn’t heard that.

      1. I remember some barbs traded between both of them (2006?) when Rossi was thinking about a switch to F1. They may have already gotten over it since…

  27. I don’t see the similarity to Mario. Alonso looks more like Michael Palin in the Spanish Inquisition sketches.

  28. Outgoing test driver Luca Badoer will join the team tomorrow and drive a specially-liveried F60 marking his 13 years with Ferrari.

    How do they plan to run an F60 at a ski resort?

      1. That’s pretty amazing. It might not be a high speed run, but driving an F1 car on ice is very cool (pun intended) :D Are those metal studded tyres?

  29. Oooo I wonder what Mark Webber will respond with? They were having a good beard-off but Alonso is trouncing him!

  30. We just need to find a policeman, a sailor and a builder!

  31. Raikkonen_Biggest_Fan (@)
    12th January 2011, 21:17


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