Jenson Button, McLaren, Jerez, 2011

Jerez test day 2 in pictures

2011 F1 testing

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The second day of the F1 test at Jerez has begun.

Here are pictures from the second day of the test at Jerez:

More pictures will be added here throughout the test.

2011 F1 testing

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83 comments on “Jerez test day 2 in pictures”

  1. Good to see FI are now running the get well soon message for Robert Kubica as well, must have been the photo shooting yesterday.

    1. I imagine thats the only reason they didn’t run it sooner, and fair enough, its not a normal aspect of the livery and so shouldn’t be in the photo shoot.

      1. Just think of that message being on all their materials this year. I can understand the PR problems in that.
        Only for Renault it would be understandable and possibly a great idea.

        1. I hope Renault keep it on the car until Kubica returns.

  2. What do those contraptions around the Renault’s wheels/tyres measure?

    1. I suspect it’s tyre temperature.

    2. It’s the new wheel tethers to keep the tyres on…. would be funny if it was.

      But as Keith said, probably to do with tyre temperature

      1. Nah – its a prototype bumper for when he runs into things. The full version to be revealed in Bahrain will be a complete wrap-around version like you get on kids go-karts!!

        1. this is the right answer

        2. gaah! i was just gonna say that and i saw your comment!

    3. They measure forces across the tyre.

      1. Yep, @ScarbsF1 was tweeting about that earlier:!/ScarbsF1/status/36029715647041536

  3. Is that a photo of Jenson with some front locking. ;-)

    (I kid, I kid) :D

    1. I know, I nearly fell over…

      1. Chalk dust.. Cement… Surely?

        1. I think Keith was burning me for my terrible sense of humour. :D

          1. An when Ketih burns you….

            Incidentally, is it really legit for Virgin to use flow vis? Surley looking at flow vis patterns is just a bit too windtunnel.

          2. @Scribe
            I was thinking the exact same thing!
            Hardly a cfd only car anymore!

          3. Flow viz is used to correlate a model to real-life. It doesn’t much matter if the that model came from the metalwork shop or from the water-cooled server rack.

            I appreciate you were being light-hearted, but on all sorts of boards, people still seem to be labouring under the gross misapprehension that because it hurts if you drop it on your toe, a wind tunnel model is somehow the real thing.
            It is only ever an approximation, an eye-wateringly expensive approximation, and in many cases a surprisingly misleading approximation, but even on a good day, it’s never the real thing. Neither is a CFD model.

            Flow viz isn’t much to do with wind tunnels per se, it is meant for corelating models and clarifying assumptions, and clearly none of that excludes CFD models.

            All simulations require validation, calibration of model to track, and in this case, both shall always (or for a good healthy chunk of Moore’s Law) require equal and generous application of flow-viz and pitot tube sensor arrays. Throwing wind and smoke at a toy car, or more blades and cpu cores, only ever gets you so far.

          4. *looks around*

            I don’t see a tunnel here…..

            The fact that they can keep their car within three seconds of the mid field is testament to how far CFD has come.

          5. I appreciate you were being light-hearted,

            i feel cruel but ya know.

            this. take me seriously at your own perril

    1. It certainly looks like its flexing slightly :|

    2. It could be last years wing. But I expect everyone will do something like that to their wings now that RB showed it is legal.

      1. Has the load test for the front wing been changed for this year?

        1. I think a lot of the loading regulations have, but even if they haven’t, everyone, now that the avenue of development is clear, will be seing what they can get to bend within the regulations.

          THe tea trays have certainly had their regs modified.

  4. Can someone elighten me on what’s this?
    exhaust finn?

    1. It’s the missile launcher – only featured on Webber’s car, should Vettel get close enough to overtake…

      1. Shame the missiles’ll be launched at his own rear wing. Perhaps it’s Marks own doing, can’t imagine Newey get that wrong ;)

    2. @MondoL

      WHen you see something funny on the cars during the tests, odds are it’s some sort of sensor.

      1. Anyone else think that the little circular thing below his diffuser looks like the Batman symbol?

  5. Have to say.. I am…. LOVING the cars this season. I can’t remember seeing so much raw, clever focused innovation in the sport. I know we went through that period of sticking all kind of aero accessories on the cars, but this year, they’ve all dropped the hammer and gone for it.

    I’m particularly impressed by the Williams gear box, who seemed to have cleared enough space for a passenger seat on top of it. What an incredible sight.

    So many different approaches.. with what I’m sure will be different benefits for different tracks.

    I can’t wait. I’m going to savour it this season :)

    1. Yeah it is an engineering marvel – apparently for other teams to copy they would have to re-homologise the rear of their cars.

      1. I don’t really understand the “compact rear end” stuff on F1 cars. I’m not sure what I should be looking at, or why it’s important or difficult to achieve.

        I’d love a technical article on it at some point. It would be very appreciated.

        1. Check out Craig Scarborough’s blog:

          His latest article is a discussion of the Williams rear end.

          ps. Keith, hope it’s okay with you to post that link.

          1. That is such a good article I’d be surprised if it didn’t end up in the round up!

          2. Yup, that’s where I spent some time pondering it.. love both the article and the subject of the article :)

    2. I think it’s a mix of budget cuts, the slightly fluid and still fairly new regs, an possiby the RRA. If the teams can’t just throw endless money at wind tunnels, they have to find performance from other areas. THe regulations wouldn’t initially appear to support that, but because all the winglets and various other blah’s are ban’d, performance increases require fairly major changes, an thats just on the outside of the car. As Williams McLaren and Redbull have proven, boosting aerodynamics within a limited frame requires major thinking to find the space to improve flow.

    3. the williams gearbox must be the design of the year already. It’s mad! Love it!

      1. I know… I’ve never been so excited about.. A GEARBOX! Sounds very strange saying that out loud.

  6. I may be alone in this… but I love the new Renault – it looks menacing!

  7. I wish MSC’s pace was for real! He’d be great to see up front again! It’d be weird, but pretty exciting to see Vettel looking over his shoulder… not to mention another Alonso/Schumi rivalry

    1. Well it was real because it was not a computer simulation, but its funny that people cant resist compeering the times when you consider the different factors contributing to the lap times differences.

      Such as:
      Fuel loads (more than 150kg possible difference)
      Tyre compounds
      Tyre condition, age
      Weather conditions, track temp
      Test program
      and so on…

      Each of these factors on their own can affect the lap time by more than a second and combined its just a mess, so I don’t think we should start compeering the teams performances until the 12th of March.

      1. Thank you! It’s amazing just how chomping at the bit so many F1 fans are that they feel the need to endlessly analyze the times for these sessions. While some of those top times may indeed be indicative of raw pace you’d never know because the teams aren’t especially open about the setups they’re running or what test program they have planned. Bahrain quali will be the first true look, no sooner. This is just an opportunity to ooooo and aaaahhhh at the purty cars.

        If you really want to root for something root that your team puts in a bunch of laps because that kind of thing usually bodes well, where short and frequently interrupted running does not. I’m not even very long into F1 and I know this, so let’s all just take a moment and enjoy what we have so far. It’s only 4 weeks away from the season opener.

  8. Has anyone noticed that the green bit behind Petronas on the Mercedes changes colour drastically in different light and angles? It actually looks like the sheen you get when petrol spills onto water, I absolutely love it

    1. It actually looks like the sheen you get when petrol spills onto water

      Wouldn’t it be ironic if BP was the sponsor instead of Petronas?

      1. I do think Mercedes used Exxon Mobile on their engines (Brawn had it, McLaren off course to), not sure weather they still do.

        1. Mobil 1? I think they do.

          1. Incedently Mclaren extended their Mobil 1 partnership to a further 5 years today.

  9. I like the Lotus-Renault too, the MP4-26 looks a bit odd on track.

  10. Why are the pictures now such poor quality?? They are really good shots otherwise…..

    1. I suppose that is the difference between an amateur photographer with a good camera (Keith) and a pro with special equipment (Julien) making the pictures.

      1. That’s exactly it BasCB. I would have been very happy to call on Julien’s services for this test but photographers cost money.

        Anyone who wants to contribute towards paying for better-quality photographs can find the ‘Donate’ button at the top of the page.

        1. I’ll try to get another one goin your way Keith, great job your doing.
          With most new cars getting out first time in Jerez, it makes sense to have had him there.

          This test seems to be less frantic with new finds, but your still very fast on the good pictures on your own, for example those Mclaren ducts/openings in the front.

          By the way, I saw there might be some kind of sensor in those, just for testing. Got any new ideas on what it is for?

          1. Basically, we need to get Keith a decent camera.. Keith, why don’t you find the camera and the kit you need, then set up a fund for it. Fans can contribute specifically for the camera. Fans know what and how they’re contributing and helping you out. It would encourage me to donate more as I can see a goal, and how my donation has helped you reach that goal.. :)

            ( It’s like Blue Peter all over again? )

          2. BTW, I can recommend Sony a55v. HD video and photos, 15.2 megapixels etc etc.. but thats my camera, I’m not an expert :)

    2. I don’t know anything about photo quality, but I think the pics are still great… at least for my wallpaper needs.

      The Mercedes car is looking pretty good, both on the pics and on the time sheets. GO SCHUMI!.

  11. I rekon it could be Keith lowering the quality a little so he can take more images perhaps?

  12. I heard somewhere that renaming a ship brings bad luck. Hope this doesn’t apply to cars too after the Ferrari Pickup Truck fiasco!!

  13. Good stuff Keith, love ya work! Heard that Schumacher posted the best time…

    1. Schumi is flying again.Great news.

  14. that Mclaren looks so horrible in every angle except side pictures! :O had not realized about it until now!

    1. Yes it’s so ugly. It looks like the designers took bits from various cars and just stuck them all together. I can’t believe how many people are saying it is the best looking car this year. It’s anything but!

  15. Lotus Renault, two car manufacturers in one team name, sponsored by Rover! And when you view the Total logo from certain angles in becomes distorted due to the flaps on the end plate and looks like Toyota… Presumably Lada are going to be added to the car because of the involvement of Petrov.

    Who are we to complain about lack of manufacturers in F1 these days!

    1. Too bad we lost BMW Sauber Ferrari because together they could have taken the first 7 positions in the WCC ;)

    2. Lotus Renault GP: sponsored by… everybody!

    3. If you want a good one, today in GP2, the Ferrari junior driver in a Group Lotus sponsored car that has the same livery as the Team Lotus one beat Lotus-Renault GP’s third driver, who is for what was in 2010 the Renault Junior team.
      Talk about confusion…

  16. hi keith,would like to know the kers that force india will have this year is jointly developed by mclaren and merc or just merc and is it a part of the techincal partnership with mclaren or is it a separate deal alltogeter?

  17. Is it just me or does the central part of STR’s diffuser look awfully long? It reminds me a lot of the pre-2009 diffusers. I imagine it must be legal, makes me wonder why others are not being as aggressive with their approach or are possibly still hiding theirs till Bahrain.

    1. Quite possibly that. I think McLarens hiding their exhaust solution, quite possibly Redbull are going to spring something.

      I don’t think we’ve seen any of the top teams front wings yet. It’s all very exciting.

  18. Is the mclaren now running with a central support arm for its adjustable wing? it also seems like many of the teams have removed them for testing….what would the reasoning be for removing it? I originally thought a few teams had devised a way of adjusting the wing without this arm but it would appear not

  19. aren’t those McLaren sidepods directing too much air straight into the rear tyres?..I am curious to know if the advantages (whichever they might be) compensate for that

  20. K. Chandra Shekhar
    11th February 2011, 16:11

    The 2nd image Jenson Button, McLaren, Jerez, 2011 shows that the exhaust is at the rear blowing at the diffuser.

    1. so it does.. well spotted

    2. Ahh you beat me to it haha! Just noticed that before reading your comment.

  21. Are there any pics from HRT’s Monza session (not from keith and the team obviously, imagine the flight schedule!). I’d love to see that livery outside of a rendering.

    Also, that Williams looks great in those dark colours, I hope they keep that for their race livery.

  22. That lotus looks really nice. Definitely my favourite looking car now I’ve seen most of them on track.

    1. Lotus-Gascoigne that is.


  23. Hi, Keith

    I was wondering whether it is possible to integrate a download button into picture related posts so we don’t need to open and save each individual picture? I don’t believe this would be expensive to implement but it may not be possible based on how the photos are stored. If it is possible however I think it would be a great feature

  24. front of that force india looks too bulky, like the 2009 renault…not pretty

  25. What’s the story with those long black things mounted on some cars?

  26. The new Mclaren is starting to make sense in my mind. Starting….

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