Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Montreal, 2011

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Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Montreal, 2011
Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Montreal, 2011

Who was the most impressive driver throughout the Canadian Grand Prix weekend?

See below for my pick of the best drivers in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Review each driver’s race weekend in detail below and vote for who you thought was the most impressive driver.

For your consideration

Here are some of the drivers who impressed me during the Grand Prix weekend:

Jenson Button – Stunning pace at the end of the race and level-headed overtaking moves put him in a position to score a remarkable win.

Mark Webber – Fought back well from his early setback, but made hard work of overtaking Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher – His best race since his comeback, deserved a podium finish.

Jaime Alguersuari – Impressive comeback drive having started in the pits for the best result of his career.

Vitantonio Liuzzi – Single-handedly beat the Lotuses and Virgins to give HRT their highest finish.

Compare all the drivers

Review what happened to each driver over the race weekend and compare their performances with their team mates using the links below:

Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Renault: Nick Heidfeld and Vitaly Petrov
Williams: Rubens Barrichello and Pastor Maldonado
Force India: Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta
Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi and Pedro de la Rosa
Toro Rosso: Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen
HRT: Narain Karthikeyan and Vitantonio Liuzzi
Virgin: Timo Glock and Jerome d’Ambrosio

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver impressed you the most throughout the Canadian Grand Prix weekend? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the Canadian Grand Prix weekend?

  • Jerome d'Ambrosio (0%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (2%)
  • Narain Karthikeyan (0%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (0%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (1%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Pedro de la Rosa (0%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (1%)
  • Paul di Resta (0%)
  • Adrian Sutil (0%)
  • Pastor Maldonado (0%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (0%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (0%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (0%)
  • Nico Rosberg (0%)
  • Michael Schumacher (28%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (0%)
  • Jenson Button (61%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (2%)
  • Mark Webber (2%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (2%)

Total Voters: 644

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Monaco Grand Prix result

Jenson Button was voted the best driver of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend:

1. Jenson Button – 33.1%
2. Fernando Alonso – 18.8%
3. Sebastian Vettel – 17.0%

Rate the Race: Canadian Grand Prix

Don’t forget to cast your vote in the ‘rate the race’ poll as well:

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181 comments on “Vote for your Canadian GP driver of the weekend”

  1. Jenson Button

    1. Jenson. Michael second.

      1. Interesting, the polling seems to concur with James Allen’s, but Michael is running a closer second here

      2. seconded.

      3. Yes, Jenson! No doubt. Can we surmise that this the Drive of the year so far?

    2. definately JB
      Michael in my opinion could be DOW only when winning

      1. I would agree with you if I thought there was a legitimate chance of that car winning outside of a pure random draw mostly wet qualifying and full wet race. Unfortunatly, that Mercedes isn’t a winning car and unless Red Bull, Ferrari, AND McLaren ALL have an awful lot of bad luck, that’s NOT going to happen.

    3. I’d say 50/50 for Button and Micheal. MSC had a very much slower car, so you really have to give him credit. He destroyed his team mate as well.

      Button was stunning at the end.

      I’d like them to finish tied, so I looked at who was winning and voted for the other one.

      1. kind of 50/50 Schumi Button too. Button’s was classic win from behind but the car was way better than Schumi’s.

      2. He destroyed his team mate as well.

        Wasn’t that button? :-D

        1. LOL, litteraly (see what I did there?)

          I am not sure who, Button for the best win in years or Schu for showing its still this amazing driver in there somewhere.
          Or Liuzzi for proving that in the wet its more about he driver than the car and he is really pretty good.

          1. Nice one.

    4. If you didn’t vote Button then you’re just being a homeboy. It’s Button hands down.

      1. If you voted for Button then you were only watching the last 10 laps of the race.

        1. If you didn’t vote Button then you’re just being a homeboy. It’s Button hands down.

          If you voted for Button then you were only watching the last 10 laps of the race.

          If you voted for Hamilton you weren’t watching the race at all.

        2. Yes. It is driver of the weekend. Button wouldn’t have been anywhere if the field didn’t keep getting bunched up so he could catch up.

          Two of those pace cars were partly his fault, don’t see how you could possibly vote for Button. He was just lucky.

    5. Jenson just had hotter tyres that’s all. Anybody decent driver could have done what he did.

      1. spankythewondermonkey (@spankythewondermonkey)
        14th June 2011, 10:17

        and just why did jenson have hotter tyres? he took the chance and reaped the reward. until the safety car.
        after the last safety car, all the tyre temps of all the runners would have cooled to about the same. he still did the job.

      2. And yet, they didn’t.

      3. He didn’t have any possible tire advantage after the safety car, yet was still way faster than everyone else.
        Also, Webber pitted for slicks before everyone and still only narrowly beat Schumacher, so I don’t think the hotter tire theory carries much weight.

      4. bytorr2112 (@)
        21st June 2011, 13:41

        sod off jb slaugherted them all

    6. Jenson Button for worst, no doubt for me. This was a F1 race, not a demolition derby. The

      level-headed overtaking

      part (besides a pic of the FA ramming) is beyond me. This is 00Macca, with license to kill. Who needs Alonso or Hamilton in a race, anyway?

      The best for me: Schumacher. Talking about level-headded overtaking of anybody else is ridiculous. And with a mightily deserved black flag for JB, he would have been on the podium.

        1. So… black flag everyone who has incidents…..


  2. Michael did well

    1. Yeah, with that slow car, silly strategy before red flag, Schumacher show who’s the boss!! That drive reminds me Catalunya ’96

    2. he would have won if it kept raining

      1. Haha, what a great joke!

        1. He was quickest on track for a while.

      2. @ Ben Dover: Yes, It was possible..

      3. Most likely…that was a 7 times champion drive

  3. Narain – 0 at this time, why of why, ;-)
    Hamilton – 1 ????

    1. Prisoner Monkeys always votes for Lewis. That is a guarantee.

      1. I find it vaguely amusing Lewis has 100% more votes than Webber at this stage (2 vs 1), compared to Button’s 82.

        1. @infy, also, PM’s a JB fan. Nice try.

          1. 7 votes for Liuzzi. WOW

          2. Well to be honest, those 7 are possibly less than he deserves, given that Hamilton is now on 5 votes (as is Webber).

          3. I voted for Liuzzi. Thought he did brilliantly well. Although to be honest I thought JB should have got it, but didn’t vote for him ‘cos I know he already has plenty.

  4. Between Button and MSC, Button for me.

    1. Between Button and MSC, MSC for me.
      Too many things worked in favour of Jenson after the restart to choose his performance over Michael’s.

      1. PS. And MSC’s qualifying time was more impressive than Jenson’s.

  5. Didn’t know who to vote for, so i decided to go for Liuzzi, I didn’t see much of him but he beat the other new teams so he must have had a hell of a drive.

    1. I’d love to vote him, but how can I when Michael and Jenson have been so good? If he had finished in the points, I’d certainly have done it.

      1. There’s no doubting Button and Schumacher drove incredible races, Michael was a little lucky with the lap he chose to put inters on and Button got everything out of the car.

        To be honest I couldn’t care less if the Lotus’ were “broken”, Lizzui’s the one usually driving the broken car. Isn’t that just the same as saying “Button only won because of a mistaker from Vettel”? No, Liuzzi got everything out of his car this weekend, and although I didn’t see much of him on the TV, I think he deserves some recognition.

        But I think despite everything, most of the field got everything out of their cars.

    2. I went for liuzzi as well. Although button was exciting and schumacher finally started to show the skills of old, liuzzi has always been pretty average. For him to beat a lotus was a HUGE achievement. A few races ago the HRT was so bad that it was being lapped by everyone.

      1. He beat two broken Lotuses.

        1. And two normally-functioning Virgins.

          1. Old_boy_racer (@)
            14th June 2011, 13:33

            I think the HRT is potentially a better car than the Virgin. It looks a better design. I think they’ll be beating them regularly by the end of the season.

    3. I was impressed that Liuzzi beat all the other “new teams,” but certainly not driver of the weekend for me.

  6. Michael Schumacher. Gutted he didn’t get a podium, I think he would have finished second if it wasn’t for DRS. He defended extremely well but with Button and Webber in the DRS zones he didn’t have a chance.

    Whilst Button drove a brilliant race he was part of two collisions which ended drivers races (not saying they were fully his fault) and he sped behind the safety car.

    Schumacher, Button then Kobayashi.

      1. Yep. If we’re considering driver/car combos then I’d have given Button a thought, but for what he did in a car that’s clearly not on the pace, Schumacher impressed. He also outperformed his team mate by a convincing margin. Oh, wait. I guess Button did that as well, but I digress, Schumacher. I was really looking forward to seeing him in the press conference. Maybe there’ll be more chances after the off-throttle ban goes into effect.

        1. He also outperformed his team mate by a convincing margin. Oh, wait. I guess Button did that as well,

          Not at all.
          Hamilton outperformed him in the qualy, and had he finished the race, he would’ve be in front of Button as well (as he was when he retired).

          1. It could be argued that by NOT having retirement-inducing contact, Button out-performed Hamilton. i.e. He knew when the time to be aggressive was and when not to. Or maybe he just got incredibly lucky that neither his contact with Hamilton nor his contact with Alonso resulted in his retirement.

    1. Yes I think Tom has it right, Button was involved in a lot of incidents each of which had the potential to destroy his race. He was awesome at the end but I too voted for Schumi.

    2. Mostly agree. I couldn’t go with Kobayashi though because I wasn’t exactly inspired by his qualifying performance but he would be a great candidate for driver of the race. Absolutely agree with everything else though.

      1. his race only fell into place as a result of the flag coming out when he hadn’t pitted so his position was not as a result of brilliant overtaking, and then lost many places… not DOTD IMHO

    3. Yup, I agree with Tommy too. Button drove exceptionally well to make up for lost time in a surplus of pitstops, but at least half of them were at least partly of his own doing.

      Schumacher wins it this time.

      Also, I wish Kobayashi nothing but the best, but he made a couple too many errors in the race. Perhaps his equipment wasn’t quite up to the antics of some of the other drivers’, but he did seem to be slithering quite a lot. One of those moments cost Heidfeld a good points finish, another meant he got overtaken by Schumacher and Massa in virtually one move and yet another meant he didn’t quite make it to the line ahead of Massa.

      1. Old_boy_racer (@)
        14th June 2011, 13:36

        You can’t blame Kobatashi for Heidfeld’s accident.

    4. Ok, I’ll start by saying I do think DRS is a bit artificial but I do agree with its overall purpose.

      Montreal is a track where it is possible to overtake. However even with DRS it took Webber many laps to get past. Whilst Button managed it much easier, he was faster still than Webber by all accounts.

      It sucks when your driver gets passed (I can understand why the Schumacher fans would have liked to see him on the podium) but both cars behind him were faster anyway. The lack of overtaking in F1 is a problem (e.g. still at Barcelona) and if you can hold cars behind you who can lap 2-3 seconds faster than you at Canada then we have a problem to solve.

      Put it another way, would Vettel have pushed so hard if it wasn’t for the threat of DRS?

      The cars are too aerodynamically sensitive, so they need something to help the car behind as the car in front has the advantage by putting out all the dirty air.

      1. Webber did not have KERS. MIchael had KERS hence his exploits by DRS were neutralized.

        1. Webber did have KERS, Christian Horner said so.

        2. The video feeds showed Webber using KERS (maybe the cooler weather stopped it overheating?).

          Another site suggested Webber had down-shifting problems throughout the race and explained this as the reason he was having so much trouble at the hairpin. If so then he drove a fantastic race, if not then just a very good one.

    5. I would agree with you. MSC just could not hold onto the podium because of the DRS. Sometimes the DRS is great but sometimes it just makes things too easy.

    6. He got a penalty for speeding behind the safety car and suffered a puncture after the collision with Alonso. Both collisions were deemed racing accidents but he had the possibility of after race penalties hanging over him.
      Schmacher impressed but on the day was overshadowed by a driver who went from last to first in 30 laps.

    7. Although Button was the most impressive in the race, the fact Michael Schumacher showed he still has it (just) means he gets my vote.

      Jenson was the driver of the day, but I’m happy for Schumacher in a different way.

  7. Oh dear.. who voted for Lewis “Hamilnator”!!? :D

    1. You didn’t think they were the best seven laps of the weekend? :-D

    2. I’ve started calling him Lewis Bam!lton :P Lewis was looking very quick before the crash with Jense so it was a real shame for him. I do think he should get the award for ‘most sporting driver of the weekend’ as if I was him and my team mate had won after taking me out of the race (albeit by accident) I’d be beating up him and his car… :P

      1. if I was him and my team mate had won after taking me out of the race (albeit by accident) I’d be beating up him and his car…

        I bet he wanted to, behind that unconvincing grin. ;)

    3. Yeah, I really don´t get that either, not that I am hater, but his race consisted of 7 laps, 4 of them spent behind a SC, in one he collided with Webber, then he has gone off-track while fighting Schumi, and finally in lap 7 he ended his race by colliding with Button…

      As for Driver of the weekend…..its a though call this time, while Schumi drove really great and let us catch a glimpse of his old self, Button had a hell of a race, literally, after qualifying 7th, crashing twice, getting a drive-through for speeding under SC, he set an amazing race pace and won the race…fully deserved:)

      1. Nigelstash (@)
        13th June 2011, 22:39

        Arguably Schumacher made a change of line and forced him off. Webber will never deviate from his line even when he is beaten – wasn’t it Singapore last season where he nipped back in on Hamilton in the same way? – Interestingly I think it was Massa who got taken into turn 1 later in the race in a move very similar to Hamilton’s move on Webber, but this time Massa left enough room.
        Better stewarding this race though – the racing incidents were largely called as racing incidents.

        1. Webber left almost as much room as Massa did. The car overtaking Massa didn’t drive straight towards the apex of 2 though.

    4. You mean Lewis Ramilton?

      1. Lewis Ramilton, tatz good one!

      2. That`s great, but Jenson Brutton is learning fast

  8. You had to ask?

  9. Schumacher. He clearly outperformed the car, he was fastest in the worst track conditions with the interm, his moves were great, but not just the overtakes, particularly his defenses and braking.

    It’s a pity i can’t choose Button because i genuinely think there are no but and ifs this time: no way faster car like Branwn, absolutely no luck, unlike in his previous McLaren’s wins, and it’s the second time in a row that he’s the faster man on track, and in two very different circuits nonetheless.

    But you just have to go for Schumi this time.

    1. “He clearly outperformed the car, he was fastest in the worst track conditions with the interm, his moves were great, but not just the overtakes, particularly his defenses and braking.”
      Totally agreed with you, Rainmaster he is.

      1. Yep. That move on Massa and Kobi was fantastic!

        1. Yes, MSC still brilliant!! Nice to watch F1 with him around.

  10. no brainer really got to be JB! Kobayashi did a good job too, shame he couldn’t stay ahead on the restart.

  11. maybe it was lewis himself who voted…..that’s why there is only 1 :P

  12. William Wilgus
    13th June 2011, 21:02

    Worst: Hamilton.

    1. worst could be Sutil too. He is the most foolish driver I have ever seen


    No, just kidding. It has to be Schumi!

  14. I picked Schumacher. Noone was perfect this weekend. Jense’s last half of the race was magnificent but I didn’t vote Webber in China because it’s about the weekend and Mark’s Saturday had been abysmal so I’m sticking to the same principle. Jense was outqualified, was the cause of his team mate crashing out (I feel it was an accident and didn’t want a penalty) and was done for a very unButton mistake for speeding under the safety car. With all that in mine I couldn’t possibly pick him for driver of the weekend despite how delicious that latter part of the race was. He got out of his own mess in a glorious style but it was his own mess he was clearing up and as exciting as it was he gave himself a lot more work to do than needed.

    Nods to: Vettel it’s a shame he made that mistake in practice and at the end of the race because he’d driven perfectly to stick it on pole and kept a calm head with all the interuptions but he finally cracked with Button, Massa for such an upturn in pace that he made me forget about Fernando Alonso during the race (and made him queue in the pitlane to add insult to injury to the double champ) but had a silly error that cost him the podium but then again I wish Narain had moved. I also think Paul mostly did a stunning job; he beat Adrian Sutil by half a second in qualifying at a track he doesn’t know and his race was going just fine until that mistake but I don’t think it was even that bad a mistake.

    Thank you Mark for finally turning up this season too! 4th with no kers at that track not too bad at all :P

    Results wise this was a nightmare race for me it reminded me of that wall in ‘Total Wipeout’ as the further I got through the race the more it felt like I was being punched in the face. Fernando slow and bad strategy, Massa crashing, Heidfeld and Paul in the wars, MSC passed because of DRS which drives me crazy and then Seb finally having a nervous breakdown after 69 laps.

    1. It’s an interesting point but I’d say this, two of Buttons crashes were 50/50. Particularly the Alonso one were Alo was just too stubborn to see that the place was gone, an part of Buttons pace came from his and his teams set up gamble.

      1. The stewards said
        Button had the inside (racing) line
        Button was ahead at the key point of going into the corner
        Button tried to avoid contact with Alonso by going onto the kerbs
        Alonso had cold tyres after having just pitted.

        I saw the incident and the video on youtube and I concur with all of that. This coming together while I agree was a racing incident was not Button’s fault nor even 50/50.

        1. Which is why I didn’t mention the Alonso incident but referred to the Hamilton one.

          1. I agree with Steph. Whilst Button had a blinding finish, and ordinarily would be on par for DOTD, he was undoing messes (mostly) of his own making. I thought Schuey did an awesome job, qualified well and then just blitzed it during the race. It was a shame he didn’t get on the podium, but I’m hoping to see a few more flashes of the Schuey of old as the season progresses.

  15. Not that easy !
    Button, Schumacher, Webber, maybe even Kobayashi ?
    I think i won’t vote !

    1. I think Kamui deserved some votes… Keeping that Ferrari behind him for that many laps in the wet surely deserved to be at least mentioned in the candidates…

  16. Schumacher. Here we saw a demonstration of a seven times World Champion.

    Now, I do have a somewhat related question about fuel: are teams allowed to remove fuel during the red flag? I would say yes, no brainer. But maybe I’m wrong and only the clever ones (like Schumacher/Brawn, and or Button??) did remove fuel?

    Anyone knows this?

    1. Oh or maybe the opposite works better; keep the fuel and drive the rest of the race with a richer setting?

  17. Michael Schumacher.

    The clincher for me that this is driver of the weekend. Button messed up his lap by his own admission, whereas Schumacher was lower because of a car problem.

    1. Absolutely agree Icthyes. Button wasn’t the best throughout the entire weekend by far in my opinion.

      It would be so easy if there was a ‘like’ button then I’d just click whatever you, Dan, Ads and/or Red Andy say which would result in far less typos from me :P

  18. For me, clearly, Schumacher.

    Yes, Button was brilliant. But no one expected Michael to be sooo on the pace this weekend. He got his car up to second and defended superbly even if the DRS guys had such a long run on him.

    Button can be the driver of the race many times this year. For Schumacher, I think it was a one in a million opportunity this season!

  19. Schumacher. I feel that Button is to blame for the incident between him and Lewis. Looked similar to Hungary with Schumi/Barrichello to me, but not as rash I guess. He did know that Lewis was there and forced him to the side. He did indeed run a superb race and it was fortunate that Seb finally (after 8 races!!) finally cracked. Hats off to Vettel. Hats of to Button for an amazing recovery but Schumacher was on it for me!

  20. I’ll go for Jenson. Kudos to Jamie Alguersuari as well though. He had an embarrassing qualifying and really delivered under pressure here. And I agree that I was already looking forward to seeing Schumacher up there on the podium. I can’t really blame DRS though, given that had Button nailed Seb with it (if he hadn’t had the mistake) I probably would have been all for it.

    Just one further comment and I know most of you will agree with this one: Just how ordinary is Adrian Sutil been made to look this year alongside Di Resta?

  21. Driver of the day
    Michael Schumacher
    Jenson Buton
    Bernd Mayländer for leading most of the GP laps(for the moment I thought he could win this :))

  22. Bernd Maylander of course, did you see how he pulled away from the pack at each safety car restart? they were caught napping.

  23. JB by a street, but since he’ll win anyway, I’m voting for Schumi as I’d like to see him top 3 in something this weekend!

  24. It’s such a shame that Button had such a brilliant race, I’d really want to give my vote to Schumi or any of the other drivers out there… But Button drove so superbly over the last 30 laps that I can’t justify giving my vote to anyone other than him… Let’s hope I have a reason to vote for Schumi next time though…

  25. Gone for Jenson myself. Schumacher was brilliant, and it pleased me no end to see him up there, but Jenson shone on a weekend where his team mate was a let down. Also, we’re all talking about Jenson because he won, and he did that because he put enough pressure on Vettel to make him make a mistake. A brilliant drive, and a win despite making mistakes, and battling through traffic, because as we’ve seen so far this season, it’s easy to win from the front.

  26. Difficult choice, I’ve gone for Vettel because he monstered Webber yet again, drove a perfect race from the front including 4 safety car restarts, led all but two laps, unfortunately one of them was the final one.

    Oh, and I didn’t think anyone else would (2 other people so far!)

    Schumi and Button are equal second, and a mention for Petrov who managed to get a stealth 5th by staying out of trouble (cant believe I’m saying that about Petrov).

    1. Old_boy_racer (@)
      14th June 2011, 13:56

      Vettel was second after Schumacher for me. If we add together all the lead gaps that were stolen from him by the caution periods he’d have won by half a lap. The SC didn’t do MSC any favours either though and he showed good race craft with a car that wasn’t as quick as those of the drivers around him.

  27. Button. Has to be. He deserved what he got and finishing on the top spot just topped everything off nicely.

    He was driving like a man possessed down the back straight with DRS. I was in awe at just how quickly he caught up towards the end of the straight, incredible pace. OK, any driver could have been in a similar position but the sheer ferocity of his attack is what made it.

    Everything about his race went right. He did everything right.

    Other mentions go to Kobayashi (mainly for pulling off that move against Massa) and Schumacher for being within a hairs breadth of a podium.

  28. Clearly two people accidently hit the Hamilton button ;)

    1. Ironic when Hamilton and Button accidentally hit each other!

  29. Button was unbelievable, but I am going to give my vote to Jaime Algersuari

  30. There’s the famous F1 Fanatic anti-Webber jibe. “Fought back well, BUT…”

    1. “…made hard work of passing Schumacher”, which is apt since he slipped off the road and lost out to Button.

    2. How is giving him credit for a recovery drive a “jibe”?