Cosworth 4WD, Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2011

1960s F1 cars at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Cosworth’s experimental four-wheel-drive car from 1969 is among the unusual machines on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Here are pictures of the radical, angular car plus more machines from the same decade built by Ferrari, Lotus, Brabham and others.

More images of these cars will be added here through the weekend.

See here for pictures of the Ferguson P99 and a history of the car:

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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19 comments on “1960s F1 cars at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed”

  1. The Cosworth 4WD is certainly a … Unique looking car! :D

    1. I’m glad it was unique…!

    2. Bigbadderboom
      2nd July 2011, 11:09

      Looks like it would do well on Robot Wars though!!

      1. I don’t know, it doesn’t look like it has a self-righting mechanism.

        1. I bet you that Batman would drive that thing. And fast.

    3. And it has the U shaped sidepods of the current McLaren.

      Really something exraordinary.

      1. Lol, it looks like a DeLorean to me.

    4. @Alex-white Certainly! It looks like something i’d make out of old egg boxes and cereal boxes if I was making my own F1 car.

  2. Cosworth 4WD: Wow, how goofy is that design?? Amazing that they didn’t even consider moving the radiators into sidepods to minimize the front end area and free up space for the front drivetrain components.

    Ferrari: Again, wow. What a tiny car.
    And the wing downforce is transferred via the engine valve covers! Not sure how much downforce total, but that’s still some serious stress on and between the valve covers/gaskets and the cylinder heads. (Seems strange, but maybe not much stranger than the early roll hoop supports bolted to the engine valve covers.)

  3. If wings ever get banned, please mandate updated Brabham-style cars!

  4. This is real F1 porn. I will study all the pictures again. The Brabham BT24 is just… just…. gorgeous…

    1. From back in the days when you could apply the KISS principle and win a world championship!

    2. DeadManWoking
      2nd July 2011, 18:12

      It’s amazing to compare the 1957 Lotus 12, with it’s huge ground clearance displaying it’s Trial’s car heritage, to the monocoque 1962 Lotus 25. In just 5 years Chapman totally revolutionized the design of the F1 car, laying down principles that are still followed today. And despite it’s kit-car appearance, the 12 was pretty revolutionary in 1957 with it’s multitube space frame, Chapman Strut rear suspension, wobbly-web wheels and low driver seating position.

  5. HounslowBusGarage
    2nd July 2011, 12:59

    Fabulous pics, but I think one of them is mis-labelled. The dark one with the orange nose – car 9 – isn’t a Brabham BT24, I think it’s a Cooper.

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      2nd July 2011, 13:14

      Sorry, not a Cooper. It’s a BRM.

    2. Changed it, thanks!

  6. IMHO, this was a decade with best looking F1 cars (I’ll choose to ignore that Cosworth 4WD thank you very much).

  7. So nice to see so much history.Does things like this only happens in UK<meet up of all the classic sports cars?

  8. When I look at those pictures, it amazes me the huge amount of human intelligence and engineering and good ideas and silly ideas that goes into developing a good F1 car. Those pictures of the Cosworth 4WD are just amazing.
    Take for example this video : Alan Jones testing a Williams with NO SUSPENSIONS…. Ok, his “oh, faaak” is hilarious, and his dialog with Frank Williams is epic, but the idea to send to the track a car without suspensions is just astonishing.
    I’m in an awe with the Cosworth’s pictures.

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