Start, Nurburgring, 2011

Circuit of the Americas welcomes November date

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Start, Nurburgring, 2011
Start, Nurburgring, 2011

United States Grand Prix chairman Tavo Hellmund says he is pleased the date of next year’s race has been moved back.

The first race at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin will take place on November 18th instead of in June, according to Bernie Ecclestone.

Hellmund said: “I have been hoping for a late season race date since this project began and see this as a very positive sign from Formula 1 that it wants its US event to be an over-the-top success.

“Mr Ecclestone has dozens of competing issues to consider when it comes to the race calendar. He has to balance the interests of the teams with those of the promoters and even consider the unique situation of each host country.

“To put our race near the end of the schedule puts us in a prime spot to welcome the world next year ?ǣ and I could not be more personally and professionally appreciative.”

Steve Sexton, president of Circuit of the Americas, added: “The Mayor?s input regarding Central Texas’s air quality during the summer months was obviously important to Formula One management, and to their credit, they listened and have responded.”

2012 F1 calendar

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42 comments on “Circuit of the Americas welcomes November date”

  1. I kind of prefer to see the race in June. Just about every new race since 2005 has been run at the end of the summer or after it. I also prefer the season to end at the end of October/start of November rather than the end of November.

    1. Think about Texas in July with highs at or above 100. I’ll take november.

      1. I can’t help but say that Formula One drivers are the best at what they do, and should be able to handle such temperatures. I’m probably talking out of my backside however.

        1. I wasn’t worried about the drivers. They are indeed the best. The second most important component of a successful race is the fans. I am planning on going but not in July. 100 plus weather everyday is just dangerous. Those kind of temps for the average person are not attractive or healthy.

        2. I agree with Jim, its not the drivers we are worried about most, but the visitors in the grandstands.

          That said, they should still have a look at India, as having that in April would mean just about the same kind of weather as its in Austin in June/July apparently

        3. We’ve had 26 days striaght of 100+ temps here in Austin. It’s Hot, It’s damn hot. I’ve been in Austin since 1967 and this is one of the hottest summers I can remember and it has been dry. I’d rather have the race in June but I understand that not everybody can stand the heat like us Texans. November will work fine…

          1. Hey Steve, what do you think about it being too cold on Nov. 18? My Dad and I were just discussing this and comparing it to Atlanta where we are (My Dad lived in Austin for 8 years and I was born there – hook em horns).

            Anyway, I think Atlanta is a bit colder at that point, but it would potentially be too cold if the weather was bad.

            I foresee a F1fanatic meet up!

          2. TheScuderia (@)
            11th August 2011, 19:13


            The average high in Austin during the month of November is 70 °F.

          3. @ mfDB

            Your fellow Atlantan here.I would love to meet some f1fanatics there.I forgot you and your father lived in the same city as me.

            I know I wouldn’t want to sit in 100 degree temps to watch the race.I am glad it is November next year.It has been in the mid 90’s most of the summer here but,with terrible humidity.I don’t believe the humidity is nearly as bad in Texas.

    2. I hope the new races won’t shake the calendar about, I want Monza to stya on the second Sunday of September and the other races to stay in the same order as they are now.

    3. I also prefer the season to end at the end of October/start of November rather than the end of November.

      I don’t! I’m still waiting for the day a Grand Prix falls on my birthday!

      1. I’m happy, it’s too hot here in June, and in November, it’s perfect!! And, the race will be right after my Birthday!!

  2. I’m really looking forward to the race, simply because the people behind it are genuinely enthusiastic about it. They’re not hosting the race to boost a city’s or a country’s profile; they’re doing it in the spirit of the racing first and foremost. If Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Shanghai, Bahrain and Valencia had all been organised by these people rather than the faceless bureaucrats looking for some Instant Publicity (TM, patent pending), then those races would be fantastic (that said, add a little rain and the Chinese Grand Prix becomes a free-for-all).

    1. Yea, they do seem to be genuinely interested and I hope it goes well for them.

    2. While I agree with most of your post, I do think Singapore is doing a fantastic job of running the race. Not the best layout ever, true, but then they are working with what the city’s streets can give them.

  3. I preferred June because then the race wouldn’t have to compete with College Football. But that’s partially selfish because as an Auburn grad I don’t want to miss a game. The argument that in June it was going to be too hot is a little ridiculous.

    1. But they will cooperate with the Longhorns College Football to avoid a clash in dates, that was confirmed earlier.

      1. The Longhorns are playing Kansas State on Sat, Nov 19th in Austin!!!

        The time is TBA and they will likely do it later or in the evening so they don’t clash.

        Which is awesome because we can catch Qualy and the football game on Sat, then the race on Sun!

        1. oops, I got too excited….that’s in 2011 not 2012…derr….hopefully this is how they do it though!!

        2. That’s assuming that the Longhorns don’t grab the TV money and run to independent status, dissolving the Big 12 ;)

    2. I’m in Austin and we’re currently at 57 days of 100+ degrees and 26 straight. Wide open spapecs without a lot of shade in that kind of heat is very stressful on ones body. Of course, water sales would be good…

      1. I would rather think beer sales would do great, and then emergency help posts to clean up the sick people.

    3. Yeah but in November it will be perfect outside.

  4. Not sure about the weather in Montreal but is it possible to have both Canada & USA back to back GP in November then move to Brazil for the season finale to save time & money.

    1. No, Canada in November would have to have real snow plough wings! And studded tyres.

      1. That would be great.

        1. Something quite novel, I think :-D

          1. Someone put BasCD in charge of F1, I want a Snow GP.

          2. Button: I had almost no grip, driving on ice; Reporter: but you kept it together when the snow fell and then won!

  5. It makes sense to run it before or after either Canada or Brazil. June means Canada, November means Brazil. That leaves June free for a street race round Manhatten or something on the West coast.

  6. silverstone should be moved to november. rain!

    1. Far too cold! If it didn’t rain they would never get the tyres up to temperature.

  7. I don’t know why they aren’t just staging the race at Indianapolis. I would LOVE to see an oval race in F1 – just one per year. It would be a great challenge for the car designers, engine manufacturers and teams to come up with a car that could compete in a totally different environment.

    1. Well it’s not like they haven’t tried. I think it’s wise to start fresh after the disaster they had with the tyres in 2005.

    2. Tony George, the owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation, was tired of putting up with Bernie’s ever-increasing race fees and of bending over backwards for silly FOM requirements. IMS hosts dozens of other high-profile events during the year, and the others are much more accomodating and appreciative of the circuit owners. FOM’s tone was much more “you must do this and do it now; we don’t care about you”. Simply put, IMS didn’t need F1. It has plenty of success with the Indy 500, the Brickyard 400, etc. which are also much cheaper to host.

      That said, I’m glad there seems to be such enthusiasm in Austin. I’m really looking forward to the race, especially now that it will be in November but especially because I’ll be going. :)

  8. November 18th isn’t the greatest date. It’s the week before the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, and typically one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. The weather might be better than in June, but a lot of people won’t want to take vacations, pull kids out of school, etc. that time of year.

    I get the feeling that Bernie could set the race at midnight, the 45th of Neveruary and Tavo Hellmund would wag his tail and roll over.

  9. HounslowBusGarage
    11th August 2011, 16:58

    Sunday in November; that would be an NFL match day, wouldn’t it?

    1. Put up big screens and have the fans watch sunday night while enjoying a nice BBQ after race party. Sounds like it might work.

  10. The benefit of a later date is not only a more friendly environment for humans but one where the sum of all parts of having a Grand Prix weekend will be in place and ready for the world to see how Americans do it.

    I thought Korea was a good event but it seemed as if they were barely ready. Like Korea I have concerns about India and whether they will have all of it done before the circus comes to town.

    COTA needs to be ready to go as the world is watching.

  11. I absolutely support this change of date. A race in the middle of a Texas summer sounded like insanity to me!

  12. It has been brutally hot in Texas this summer, with over 33 days of +100 degrees F weather-this accompanied by high humidity.
    There is no way I would be outside to watch a race in this stuff-especially if it were on TV.
    True, the November date is close to the Thanksgiving Holiday, and the hugely popular American Football season is in progress, but F1 fans are very devoted, and I think they will largely support the event.
    Good move.

  13. Mxed feelings about this one. There goes my plan of a Montreal/Austin double holiday next year (although Montreal is still a goer), but I understand the concerns about the heat. Still, I think it’ll work when paired up with Brazil and I look forward to seeing the final track layout.

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