Jaime Alguersuari, Toro Rosso, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011

Toro Rosso to announce sponsorship deal

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In the round-up: Toro Rosso are expected to announce a major new sponsorship deal.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Toro Rosso set for Cepsa cash boost (Autosport)

“Although the Cepsa sponsorship will provide a good tie-up with Jaime Alguersuari, sources suggest that the oil company’s support does not guarantee the youngster will remain a part of the team in 2012 ?ǣ with the outfit set to make a decision on its driver plans only after the end of this season.”

F1 fans deserve explanation over BBC and BSkyB deal, says MP (The Guardian)

“A BBC spokesperson said: ‘Ultimately it is the responsibility of FOM, who own the rights, to decide which broadcasters cover the sport. FOM must decide what is in the best interests of the sport, its employees, manufacturers, sponsors and viewers ?ǣ when choosing its broadcast partners. On this occasion, FOM decided that a broadcast partnership between BBC and Sky was in the best interest of the sport.'”

F1 2011 India Buddh International Circuit – 01 September 2011 (YouTube)

New F1 trophy with symbolic design (Asia One Motoring)

“SingTel and pewter manufacturer Royal Selangor yesterday unveiled a new trophy for this month’s Formula One [Singapore] Grand Prix.”

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Comment of the day

Time has passed and passions have cooled but most readers still feel Pastor Maldonado should have had a stronger penalty for his driving in qualifying at Spa. Here’s what HounslowBusGarage had to say:

If a driver impedes or baulks another driver during a qualifying session, what sanction can he expect from the Stewards ?ǣ a five place grid penalty?

So these stewards judged a deliberate act of aggression by one driver against another, whatever the cause and after the end of competition, as the same seriousness and deserving the same penalty.

Doesn?t stack up, does it?

I had thought it was a good idea to have an ex-F1 driver on the stewards panel, but I was really disappointed when so many different and varying drivers seemed to be selected to sit with these other amateur stewards. As a result we have amateur ??judges? taking decisions on professional sport, which is always going to lead to ridiculous variations in interpretation, judgement and punishments.

I think it?s time for a single set of trained, professional stewards (or maybe a panel of 12 from whom four are drawn for each race) to accompany the race series just like Charlie Whiting does.

From the forum

The new game may be coming out later this month but we’ve still got lots of people sharing their progress in F1 2010.

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Devotee and the lengthily-named Peugeot 905 92-93 Le Mans Winner lead the F1 Fanatic Quiz leaderboard, each having scored 91 points from a potential total of 100:

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On this day in F1

Stirling Moss won the non-championship Modena Grand Prix 50 years ago today.

Driving his Rob-Walker-run Lotus 18/21, Moss led the Porsches of Jo Bonnier and Dan Gurney home after 100 laps of the Italian autodrome.

Jim Clark, Jack Brabham, Tony Brooks and Graham Hill were the only other finishers as the home drivers all dropped out.

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images

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  • 77 comments on “Toro Rosso to announce sponsorship deal”

    1. Breaking News This Toro Rosso Sponsorship, very good for a team that seemed a bit lost after some years without Red Bull backing, anyway this means that Jaime Alguersuari will keep his sit for next season despite anything that might happen till the end of the season, and Buemi may find himself out despite leading the team in this last 2 season.

      1. It may be just like Alonso/Santander/Ferraris tie but more likely to be Senna/CruzeiroDoSul/Renault, very young driver but it doesnt impresses me, good 2010 season but Buemi was the one suffering with realibility tough call, keep feeling that there are 2 better rookies for those two spots

      2. If wonder if it really is foreshadowing a change in ownership as has been predicted.

        1. To an oil company?

          1. Ah wait, you meant the middle east link. It will be interesting to see if it happens.

            1. I’ve read that it might happen before Monza…haven’t been able to confirm that, though.

            2. I’m not sure about that. The idea seems to be that IPIC will start sponsoring the team through its subsidiaries before buying a controlling stake and renaming it once the season is over.

            3. PM- that sounds more realistic.

        2. Curious about that as well. It might be they are taking this in small steps, so as not to disrupt anything.

          First step a small sponsorship, being satisfied and having probalby finished some negotiatons now put sponsors on (replacing part of the RBR money funding the team so far?) and can then take over ownership in the future. That would make sense (how can that happen in F1?)

          1. Mmmm, that’s what I’m thinking – will Toro Rosso finally be competing under a new name in 2012?

            1. I think it would be great if they did, and got more of a personality as a team. So far they are still the Red Bull B team.

              But I hope their livery would be good, because currently its a lot better than what Red Bull uses on their A team. Maybe even the A team could take it as a good reason to redo their livery as well.

            2. Well, speculation suggests Toro Rosso might run a crimson, gold and (possibly) white livery.

            3. if Cepsa is going to take major sponsoring role, we may see a motogp repsol alike livery.

            4. Except that aside from being in the same industry as the other, Cepsa and Repsol have nothing to do with one another.

            5. I’m seeing something along the lines of Helio Castroneves’ Shell V-Power Baltimore Grand Prix livery in my mind’s eye.

    2. I wish these new circuts were open and hosting races for at least a year before F1 visits. Seems silly that that building site will be hosting a Formula One race a in a few weeks time.

      1. yeh, it seems like a bit of a concern for me. Was Korea this under-developed this far out from the race last year? Good luck getting that done in time… Perhaps we’ll just race in India on F12011…

        1. lol, the Korean track seemed to be in a worse state. This was taken less than a month before the Grand Prix:


          1. To be honest, the facilities in those pictures are far more completed than those seen in this small video of India.

            Now, India is still about 8 weeks away, and I am sure a lot of work will get done. But what is seen in that footage would normally take at least 3 months to finish off completely.

            The big difference, as I understand, is that in India they do have the track itself prepared, something that was the biggest worry in Korea.

            1. We had a great race in Korea last year. Just goes to show that you don’t need world-class facilities, just tarmac arranged in an exciting fashion :D

            2. As jake said on the following video, something like “there is a lot of people working, but still a lot of work to be done”.

            3. I wonder what would happen if there were a cow on the track during the race. Red flag and just wait for it to go away?

        2. Sadly, many of the traditional F1 rules have been swept aside.

          Time was, that a track was not approved for F1 use, until after it had hosted a World Championship event in one form or another.

          Also, all races went off at 14:00 local time. And the petrol used in the cars? It had to be commercially available in the country of the race.

          The ‘Rocket Fuel’ now? Sheesh. Or, Bernie’s money-grubbing sojourns to second-rate markets and changing time-zones for the European market’s sensibilities?

          Time was, when I looked forward to watching a race from a decent market on a proven track at the oddest hours of the day ….

    3. The new quiz this weekend cannot come fast enough! I am currently in joint 65th place with 22 points from all 5 quizzes; the quizzes are just highlighting how little I know about F1 history >.<

    4. FOM must decide what is in the best interests of the sport, its employees, manufacturers, sponsors and viewers

      He forgot to mention the owners, CVC Capital.

      1. I gather that by mentioning FOM he alludes to both its management (with Bernie in a prominent role) and their owners, who are CVC.

        As CVC will be having some important stakeholder meetings soon, the MP asking questions will surely add to the heat put on at that meeting by the investors in the CVC funds.

    5. I will still prefer the previous version of the trophy for Singapore GP.

      The new one looks “pixelated”

      1. Thank god it’s not another Santander logo.

      2. I honestly can’t remember what the previous version even looked like!

        Fair enough, this is a distinct design, and the pictures are beautifull (of the grid girls :-P that is). Its good to see they want to put in something that is not just a stylized sponsor logo.

    6. to my untrained eyes, the india track looks barely farther ahead in construction than austin does. obviously, the difference is austin isn’t scheduled for another 14 months.

      1. I wouldnt be so extreme but youre right they look very very late.

      2. Charlie Whiting was satisfied with the progress of the circuit when he visited a few days ago. If anyone would know if a circuit was fit or unfit to hold a race, it’s him.

        1. Charlie Whiting is a yes-man that does exactly what he is told by his bosses. They say “Charlie pass this circuit”, that’s what Charlie does.

          1. Charlie Whiting is a yes-man that does exactly what he is told by his bosses.

            No, he’s not. He’s the most senior sporting delegate for the FIA. He’s the one who has to make all the decisions about whether or not a facility can be used.

            1. He is the most senior sporting delegate that folds like a deck-chair every-time the big red phone goes, and always does exactly what his FIA superiors tell him to do, as required, when required.

      3. The track itself is pretty good prepared, I gather. Nothing like Korea was last year.

        But normally I would expect them to have about 3 months of work to do on the pit building and grandstand to completely finish those. They will have to do that in some 7-8 weeks, so it will be a bit ragged edges probably.

    7. Less then a month to go for the Indian GP,I hope the work complete on time.
      When I heard of Modena what do comes in mind?

    8. This might be interesting.


      A chance to ‘race’ DC.

      1. Time to start practicing :D

    9. So these stewards judged a deliberate act of aggression by one driver against another, whatever the cause and after the end of competition, as the same seriousness and deserving the same penalty.

      You have to consider that Mucke and Maldonado are competing in different series. GT1 might have very different rules about driver conduct compared to Formula 1.

      I suspect most people are unhappy about the Maldonado situation because it affected Hamilton. If Maldonado had carved up Kovalainen or Buemi or Perez, I doubt there would be nearly as much outrage.

      1. Both series are sanctioned by the FIA. Therefore there should be some level of consistency with the enforcement of driving standards.

        I don’t think the fact that hamilton is involved is resulting in more outrage. I would have reacted in the same way regardless of who was involved in this. To be honest, I’m getting tired of reading ‘You like this driver any way, so your opinion is skewed’ type comments. I’m not a hamilton fan, but to me the it’s clear that deliberate acts of aggression, regardless of the reasons, should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

      2. HounslowBusGarage
        3rd September 2011, 8:35

        No, I don’t. My comments were nothing to do with the Mucke incident – I don’t even know if they have grid-place penalties at all in GT racing.
        I’m only commenting on the Maldonado/Hamilton incident and pointing out that the Stewards seem to have confused the penalty for accidental baulking in qualifying with the penalty for deliberate aggression – whether Maldonado meant to hit Hamilton or not.
        I feel your suggestion that some people are only concerned because it involved Hamilton is specious. It’s irrelevant which drivers were involved. The act itself was stupid, dangerous to those involved plus marshalls other drivers and spectators,and utterly reprehensible no matter who was involved.
        It’s the Stewards and their use of sanctions or penalties that we are discussing, not personalities or allegiancies.

      3. But the COTD did not compare Mucke and Maldonado there.

        HBG compares it to the penalty given for impeding someone in setting a fast time to show how insufficient this penalty for Maldonado was.

        I must say its a good comparison to make and I fully agree, that a harsher penalty should have been handed out there.

      4. Not at all, after all it barely affected Hamilton. The issue is he crashed into another driver, in a non-racing situation, possibly deliberately, and certainly recklessly. And even if the COTD was about Mucke, that it was advised for him to lose his licence shows that in that situation the contact rules are the same- no deliberate contact.

      5. Weren’t you the same person who was castigating people for “suspecting” things in the BBC/Sky debate.

        Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

        1. That was directed at Prisoner Monkey’s comment above.

      6. @PM I suspect most people are just like me in this case. I would be just as outraged if Mark Webber had finally lost his rag and carved up Vettel in that manor. I think you know where my sympathies lye in the RB team.

    10. Ok Keith and PM now to you believe my sources, and branded this yesterday and said about the French Belgium alternation before it was released and you still branded the website rubbish!! Now to you believe me.

      1. Keith you don’t update us enough your sooo behind, I’ll elswhere for my news.

      2. Now to you believe me.

        Because now a website that I know to be reliable is reporting it.

      3. I think Keith only asked ppl how reliable that site was, as he did not know it and have no previous experience to judge on it.

        The fact the news is now included proves it was based on good sources, thank you for pointing to it yesterday Avada.

      4. Oh please. It’s not as if you’d just got off the phone with Franz Tost, is it?

        Your ‘source’ was a tatty-looking website I’ve never heard of with un-bylined articles. Of course I wasn’t going to take it at face value.

        Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate people sending in tips, but there’s an awful lot of rubbish out there and it’s better to be cautious.

        1. Well your website is a 5 days late website, you should not judge a book by its cover, you said that because it does not look completly modern so the articles are not going to be true, that’s Prejudice Ketih and I think you’ll find I have more F1 connections than you so I know things that you don’t!!!

          1. And before you say no you don’t I’ll list them:
            – I went to two of the same schools as Christian Horner.
            – I know 3/4 of the Red Bull mechanics
            – Michael Schumachers race engineer is my neighbour, so how many of them do you know PERSONALLY!!!

            1. To be fair Aavada this is the internet and people can say anything they want behind their websites or usernames. Keith and PM were right to be cautious when they had no idea of the credibility of the website. It’s not a personal insult.

            2. I highly doubt that Keith has fewer than 6 F1 contacts…

          2. Hey, don’t get all racked up!

            Its just ist hard to judge who just makes up things, copies them from other sources without making proper reference etc. and who really gets interesting genuine news.

            Therefore, before putting something here in the roundup, Keith needs to be convinced its reliable info.

            If you have access to interesting things (as this seems to be), we all will be happy to hear them. But a proper journalist making a quality blog will always check before taking things at face value.

          3. I think there’s a difference between ‘modern’ and ‘professional’.

            1. What I mean Tanner is, not layed out in a nice style with a good colour scheme.

            2. But that is a private website (so they are all written by one or a group) so they are all as likely to be true as to be a pack of lies. But they all come from other sources and the website dosen’t obviously dosen’t check enough and posts whatever they find.

          4. you said that because it does not look completly modern so the articles are not going to be true

            That’s an exaggeration and a corruption of what I actually wrote.

            1. Keith, I admit a percentage is worthless tat but by saying it is not by-lined etc. it makes the impression that because it dosen’t look great it’s not a great source as it’s not a well known public website.

            2. No, my problem with articles not being bylined is you have no idea who’s written them and therefore no way of judging whether they’re likely to be reliable.

            3. Is it really so important that Keith publishes absolutely everything that gets heard as soon as he hears it? F1 Fanatic is perhaps the finest Formula 1-related blog on the internet. I know ScarbsF1 got voted the best in a recent poll, but that has a very narrow focus; by comparison, Keith covers a much broader spectrum. And the thing that makes the blog so good is Keith’s professionalism in the way he runs it. He’s not like Joe Saward, who simply posts everything that crosses his desk. Now, Saward might be the journalist who breaks stories the most often, but for every article he gets right, there’s at least one that he gets completely wrong. And then there’s his bias, which is no small matter. Why should Keith compromise everything about his blog that works for the sake of running a story sooner than anyone else? Why should he risk his reputation and everything he has worked for simply because an article with no byline and no verifiable content appears somewhere else? If Keith does not like the article you send him, it’s not a reflection on you. It’s simply a case of him upholding the standards he adheres to. Attacking him because he does not want to compromise himself is a very poor way to repay him for all the work he does around here.

    11. I was hoping Mag or HBG would get COTD as they were the two comments I read that I felt were spot on. Congrats HBG :)

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        3rd September 2011, 13:48

        Ta very much! (bit embarassed.)

    12. Here’s another guy hoping for a new livery (and name!) for Scuderia Torro Rosso. I can assure you one of the main reasons Buemi and Algersuari are not looked upon as talented racing drivers is because of the team they drive for. No matter how good they perform, we’ll always have the feeling that if they were good ENOUGH they’d be driving for Red Bull Racing instead. I think both drivers could have gotten a better chance at any other team on the grid… It’s as if other teams are not interested in drivers from the Red Bull b-team either, or do not want to interfere with Red Bull’s business. It’s either being promoted to RBR (Vettel) or being kicked out never to be seen again in Formula 1 (Speed, Bourdais)… guess Liuzzi is the only one that was lucky to escape so far. However, I do not think either Buemi or Algersuari will ever get to race for RBR, so I don’t have much hope for their further careers… Which I think is a shame, I kind of like Buemi in particular.

      1. No! Toro Rosso is great as a team! Probably you’re right that other teams don’t look at STR for new drivers, but if they were good enough for a top team Red Bull would hire them, and when they run out of their contract I’m sure if RB doesn’t renew it the other teams will try to get them if they need drivers.
        Liuzzi was F3000 Champion, therefore a talented driver and Force India thought he had still more to show, but still he became test driver. Buemi didn’t win GP2, and Alguersuari didn’t even reach it. Red Bull has a young driver development different from the other teams, and interfering can prove actually harming for the drivers.

        1. Meh… imagine Ferrari and McLaren following the trend and buying out the likes of Sauber and Williams to form b-teams… I find it ridiculous and 4 cars on the grid in similiar livery is a big NO. It’s worse enough we’re stuck with 4 engine suppliers, I don’t want to end up with 4 teams as well…

      2. I’ve never liked Toro Rosso, either. Because they’re the Red Bull junior team, they automatically cannot compete with everyone else, because as soon as someone starts showing an iota of real potential, they’re whisked away to Red Bull.

    13. Can this be confirmed that the bbc will show the full race delayed because that would make me a bit happier

        1. This was covered here yesterday:

          MP demands answers over BBC/Sky F1 deal

          From what I’ve seen Autosport ran a story in their magazine saying there would be full length reruns. Then The Guardian ran this saying there might be but using a quote from a BBC person saying it wasn’t confirmed (last paragraph). Then Autosport ran an article on their site saying the BBC ‘hoped’ (or words to that effect) to show full length reruns. In short, it’s not confirmed.

          1. thanks Keith just saw the article now missed it somehow, hopefully it is true though

    14. If someone tackled me in footbal game and the player who tackle get yellow card or even red card, well that’s just the game. But if someone tackled me AFTER the game is over, well.. War is the province of men.. ;)

    15. I wonder if both drivers are going to keep their seats?

      Buemi – sponsored by Swiss bank Falcon Investments
      Alguersuari – sponsored by Cepsa

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